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Reviews Of Online California Real Estate Courses

Last updated on November 16, 2022

Reviews Of Online California Real Estate Courses

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For anyone that is interested in having a career where there’s more control over your hours and your income, real estate is a great option. This is especially true if you decide to work in California, which is one of the most prosperous states in the country and has a dynamic, wide-ranging real estate market that goes from first-time homeowners to vast luxury properties, to investment properties and everything in between. There’s a lot of opportunity in California real estate, and it’s a market that’s always on the move.

However, real estate, like a lot of other professions, is something that involves a lot of effort and official recognition if you wish to truly succeed. You need to be professionally licensed in order to deal with clients and handle the complex—and very substantial—transactions of funds that are required for sales and purchases at this level. That license is acquired by writing and passing an exam, which means that studying and knowing the required materials is essential, as is completing the required amount of training hours before you’re even allowed to attempt the licensing exam. Today, you have a much easier way to learn what you need to by attending online California real estate courses. Here are some of the most popular courses you can use in the state of California.

Quick Picks: Top Online Real Estate License Schools Approved In California

Customize Your Learning Schedule

Online California real estate courses are merely the logical evolution of the older classes previously available only at physical locations. The subject matter was the same, but, in the pre-Internet era, the only way to reliably get the education you wanted was if you could reach the building the classes were taught, and have the free time during the day or evening when the material would be covered.

With online California real estate courses, all that has changed. The material isn’t any easier to learn—which is why not everyone in California is in real estate—but for people with the drive but not the time, it’s easier to gain access to these courses. Online California real estate courses let you make your own schedule and learn the material in your ideal location. You can study up in your home office in the evenings, or take your laptop to the café and sip an afternoon coffee while reading your course. It’s all up to you, but you have to make sure you’ve picked the right school. There are a lot of online courses out there, but not all of them are officially licensed online California real estate courses. That means if you don’t do your research and sign on for the wrong course, you won’t be able to deal in real estate in California.

We’ve compiled a list of professional evaluations of some of the better online California real estate courses. Each of these has already been confirmed to service the state, so you don’t have to worry about legal validation. More importantly, however, is what qualities these different schools bring to the table. This quick summary will help you get started, but we recommend you look at each individual in-depth review of these online California real estate courses in order to get as much detail and information as you can to make your decision.

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate may be one of the online California real estate courses you’ll want to consider. They have also been around for many years and have helped literally hundreds of thousands of students obtain their real estate license without ever having to step foot in a classroom.

Colibri Real Estate has proven to be a fantastic school with all of its positive online reviews. Colibri Real Estate has already enjoyed a lot of success in online learning with additional professional training services and has proven to be so popular in that area that it is rapidly expanding. It looks like that same commitment to quality and detail is being brought to their online California real estate courses. This probably means that not only is the material going to be everything you need in order to get your license, but it’s also going to be organized, packaged, and presented in a way that will promote maximum retention so you’ll remember everything you need to when it’s time to write your test, and walk away with all the right lessons to follow in order to have a successful career.

Check Out Colibri Real Estate Here

Career Webschool

Career Webschool

Career Webschool is another set of online California real estate courses that gives you everything you need to learn, but they take a decidedly more “text” approach. For people that don’t want to interact directly with teachers, but would still like clarification, e-mail correspondence is available for direct questions or elaboration on any topic you might be concerned about. In addition to real estate, they offer courses for people interested in becoming real estate brokers as well. They have a range of material for both pre-licensing and post-licensing education if you’re interested in more professional development even after you’ve started working.

Career Webschool also has accreditations with important organizations. The Better Business Bureau has recognized the quality of the school, and Arello, a professional real estate association, has also validated this school. They even have contingencies if you write and fail your licensing exam the first time, offering to pay for your second exam.

Check Out Career Webschool Here


Rockwell Institute

Rockwell Institute has been in business since 1974. That’s a long time to master their trade. While all online California real estate courses let you learn from home—or anywhere else you prefer—some schools go the extra mile for people that want a semblance of a classroom atmosphere. If you can work it into your schedule and prefer having the ability to talk directly to an expert when you have a question, and want an immediate answer, Rockwell may be for you.

Unlike many more “bare bones” online California real estate courses, Rockwell Institute offers a “virtual classroom,” where, at certain appointed times, live instructors will be available for online chats. This means that instead of simply reading material and trying to understand, you have the option to get clarification from teachers on points you want more detail on. This is definitely a big selling point for some people that still prefer actual interaction with knowledgeable people rather than just reading material and watching videos.

Check Out Rockwell Institute Here

Maximize Your Opportunities

Picking the right online California real estate courses can make a big difference early on in your career. It’s not just about getting the material you need in order to pass your license exam, it’s also about learning the lessons that will make you a better business person. Take your lessons to heart, but always remember that just because you’ve now got your license, that doesn’t mean the learning and self-improvement stop.

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