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Reviews Of The Top Online Real Estate Courses

Last updated on November 16, 2022

Reviews Of The Top Online Real Estate Courses

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

If you’re searching for reviews of online real estate courses, that means you probably want to obtain your real estate license. The only problem is, you don’t want to complete your required real estate license training in a classroom and would much rather do it from home, online, during your own unique schedule. Fortunately for you, this is entirely possible!

We’ll get into some more detail, but first, here is a quick list and comparison of the most popular (and in our opinion the best) online real estate license courses.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

The Importance Of Doing Your Research

While it’s easy enough to head to sites like Colibri Real Estate and the others that we just listed, there’s something that you should be aware of. Specifically, you need to understand that as with anything else, not all online real estate courses are created equally.

There are numerous things that you’ll need to think about, but first and foremost is simply making sure that the course you’re looking at is a good fit for you and that it will actually qualify you for taking the licensing exam and earning your license.

This is where research comes in handy, and where reviews of online real estate courses become so important. When you begin to research and look at reviews, you can start to get a better idea as to what courses and what schools are the best ones for you to focus on.

In short, it’s vital that you do research and use reviews of online real estate courses to find out which programs are best for you, otherwise, you could be wasting valuable time and money on a program that just won’t work for you.

Online Real Estate License Course Reviews Can Help

When it comes to researching online real estate courses, one of the best tools out there will be the use of online reviews. While Colibri Real Estate could help you find different programs and even give you a clear overview of what they offer and which ones are worth looking at, there’s nothing like getting a deeper look at each program from someone who has completed it.

Since online reviews are written by people who enrolled in online real estate courses and – hopefully – completed them, they’re a great way to see for you to get firsthand accounts of the school. This lets you find out whether or not it’s a program that will really fit into your life and help you achieve the goals you have for your future. The best place to find unbiased reviews is on various real estate forums and social media sites like Reddit because those people have no financial incentive to say good or bad things.

What To Pay Attention To In Reviews

There are a few primary things that you’ll want to pay attention to when looking at reviews of online real estate courses. Depending on your current situation and your overall goals, the importance of some may be different from others, but all of the following points are important and worth paying attention to.

  • Accreditation – No matter your specific goals or situation, the importance of accreditation can’t be ignored. Be sure that a school is fully accredited, otherwise you may not qualify for licensure after completing the program. This is something that will usually be found on the website itself, but reviews may make mention of it as well.

  • Online Class Completion – Some online real estate courses may actually have offline components. It’s important to know ahead of time whether or not you’ll be required to complete some in-person courses. There are plenty of online options that are entirely online, however. Start by browsing resources like www.kapre.com and then use reviews to ensure there are no surprises.

  • Learning Experience – Do the reviews talk about the overall experience the student had? Did they get the knowledge that really prepared them for the exam? Were the courses easy to fit into a busy schedule? Get a clear picture of the overall experience offered by a course before enrolling in it.

  • After The Courses Are Finished – Another thing to pay attention to in reviews is what happened after the program was completed. Good online real estate courses should not only prepare you for the exam, but help connect you to the resources you need in order to take the exam as well. Look at reviews and ensure that the programs you’re thinking of enrolling in help to facilitate the exam process. Also, look at how the careers of the students went following completion – are they licensed now?

These simple points may seem like obvious things, but it’s very important to give them your attention when looking for online real estate programs. Reviews can tell you a lot about which programs to choose, so be sure to do your research.

While we believe the best online real estate courses are those we listed above, we also don’t want to get into big sales pitches and tell you exactly why. The best online real estate course will really depend on the individual, so be sure to vet each course as thoroughly as possible by researching on many sites.

Always Ask – What Is A Reviewers Agenda?

When you begin looking at reviews of the top online real estate courses, be sure to remember that these reviews are often subjective and could be written with agendas. Maybe someone didn’t pass their exam or didn’t put forth the work in their classes, but they want to blame the online real estate courses that they took, for example. Another example is someone who has a raving review due to some financial kickbacks or advertising agreement.

That’s not to say that reviews can’t be trusted. Instead, it only means that you should look at multiple reviews of each online course and do additional research. Then, you can use all the reviews to help yourself come to a general consensus about how good online real estate courses are.

If you’ll combine research and reviews and then use your best judgment, you should be able to determine which online real estate courses are the best for you. Resources like realestatetr.wpengine.com can certainly help, but in the end, it’s a decision you’ll have to make on your own. Get the most information you can before you make that decision, and you’ll make the right one.

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