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San Diego Real Estate License Course Reviews

Last updated on November 16, 2022


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If you’re anything like me, then you probably spent a lot of time just “following the program” and doing the things that were expected of you because that was just easier. I followed the wishes of my parents, got the schooling I needed, found a good, salaried job that didn’t pay great, but had “job security,” and then proceeded to spend years doing not much of anything but trying to relax after work, so I could be rested for the next day and the paycheck at the end of the month.

Quick Picks: Top Online Real Estate License Schools Approved In California

It wasn’t until I really stopped and looked at my life and what I’d done with it—or how little, if we’re being honest—that I started to think about what I really wanted to do, and what I really wanted out of life. Once I started thinking about what really mattered to me, I realized that maybe just being a salaried employee on a fixed paycheck, with fixed hours wasn’t what I wanted. Maybe the employee benefits really weren’t worth it, because what I really wanted was more control and more time. I got that when I started thinking about real estate, and if you’re thinking of getting a San Diego real estate license, here’s what I found out.

What To Know Before Getting Your San Diego Real Estate License

Getting your San Diego real estate license can be a double edged sword, and, like any occupation, this isn’t something that’s going to be for everybody. You have to have a certain personality type and predisposition for this industry to be a good fit for you. Everybody likes, in theory, the idea of being your own boss. But that means that without a set schedule, a supervisor watching over you, or management to answer to, you really have to exercise a lot of self-discipline, once you get your San Diego real estate license.

Even getting your San Diego real estate license itself is going to require some decisions right off the bat. I didn’t want to sacrifice the stability of a steady, monthly salary by attending a classroom, although some people may prefer that. So I looked for something that had a decent online program.

The important thing to understand is that when it comes to real estate, you’re not just submitting a resume and hoping a company hires you.

You need to learn how to market, you need to learn how to set your own goals and, most importantly, you need an actual San Diego real estate license. This occupation means that you’ll be working with transactions involving big amounts of money. You need to be legally cleared and certified to work these deals.

So part of getting your San Diego real estate license means going back to school, studying up on the required materials for your state, and then taking an exam. Once you pass the exam, you get your license and you’re now legal and certified to work in the real estate industry. The rest is up to you.

For me, this meant being very careful about the online school I picked to get my real estate license. I needed to make sure the courses available were in my state. I also needed to make sure that the content was available whenever I had the time to study it. I was still holding on to my full-time job, so the flexibility of the schedule was important. I found a few good choices for online schools to attend, and these are the ones I think make good options for people

Serious Pre-License Coverage

I think for people that are really concerned about getting the best possible chance to pass their San Diego real estate license exam, Colibri Real Estate might be a good one to consider. Of course, everyone wants to pass their exam, but for some, there’s a high level of confidence that they can just read the minimal amount of content, take a test, and pass. Others may want a lot more coaching, reinforcement, and practice before taking the test, and Real Estate

Express caters to that type of student.

I like that they have different tiers of service, so if you’re on a bit more of a budget, or you just want a “no-frills experience,” they have basic courses that cover all the fundamentals. But as you go up the tiers, you get more additional materials, live Q&A sessions, even a real estate membership, and best of all, a “pass or don’t pay” policy that means that if you’ve done your best and still don’t get your license, there’s no charge for the course. The real confidence booster for me, though, is the fact that if you’re looking to get your San Diego real estate license or license in the other states they teach, the school has a pretty decent success rate for people passing their test for the first time. The refund if you don’t make it despite trying is just icing on the cake for that.

Lots Of Choice

The other school that I really like is Mbition. This school provides a lot of options, and if you’re into expanding your education, they even have courses that go beyond just getting your San Diego real estate license and branching into other real estate-related areas, like an appraisal, or even home inspection. Even within real estate itself, they break up the courses they have available, for people that are new to getting a San Diego real estate license, continuing courses for real estate professionals that want continuing education, and even courses specifically tailored to prep students for their license exam.

Career Web School has a lot of choices for courses offered, and a lot of different pricing options as well. So depending on what you want, and the depth of additional support, you can pay basic prices for just the content that counts. Or, if you’re looking for more help, pay a bit more to take part in webinars where you can ask a live instructor the specific questions you have. How much additional material, or how little you get is entirely up to you and your budget.

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