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Should I Get My Real Estate License?

Last updated on November 16, 2022

Should I Get My Real Estate License?

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“Should I get my real estate license? It is impossible for one person to answer this question for another human being. Therefore, I am going to share insights and benefits of obtaining a real estate license so that people can decide for themselves if the career path is right for them. Joining the industry entails of far more than just selling houses, and agents must be prepared for whatever obstacles are thrown their way. Hence, one of the first steps in the process is finding a reputable school to teach you the legal aspects, responsibilities, and duties of partaking in the real estate business. So, if these things pique your interest, then perhaps the answer for, “Should I get my real estate license?” is yes.


Of course, any web search reveals countless numbers of institutions, and choosing one that is not a scam can be a difficult task. I have found two schools to put at the top of your list for consideration. Colibri Real Estate offers courses in over 30-states, has been doing business since 1996, and it has graduated more than 200,000 students. Meanwhile, AceableAgent is another name that deserves recognition for its modern course with pictures, videos, and interactive features, and a high passing rate. Both institutions have instructors with real estate backgrounds to provide pupils with relevant experiences that they can use in real-world situations. Online learning is often less expensive than attending class in a traditional setting, and it eliminates drivers from having to continually top of their vehicle tanks from driving back and forth.

The question, “Should I get my real estate license?” must never be taken lightly, and the interested party will need to consider things like the initial start-up and recurring expenses too.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

Costs Associated With Getting A Real Estate License

To offset some of the educational charges both institutions have guarantees in place. AceableAgent give the money back should the test taker fail the first test. However, Colibri Real Estate has a pass or don’t pay policy. Plus, each entity has a wide selection of courses to choose from with fair pricing. These no-risk, high-reward situations make people want to say yes to the question, “Should I get my real estate license?”. However, there are more investments required, so please, continue reading. After obtaining certification, agents must purchase professional headshots and insurance. Additional continuing education courses are also mandatory. These costs pile up quickly, but the commission-based pay often makes the expenses well worth the trouble. Agents receive a specified percentage of the amount that properties sell for, and their already decent paychecks get a considerable boost. At some point in time, the licensee may even want to upgrade their license. Exam and class fees will affect them in this area as well. There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer to, “Should I get my real estate license?” but taking such action can help you achieve a stable, lucrative career.

Should I Get My Real Estate License? If You Want To Be Your Own Boss, YES!

Living the 9 to 5 rat race is enough to make anyone want to pull out their hair. People that have peaked interest in entrepreneurship may want to seriously consider answering yes to, “Should I get my real estate license?”. Most states require new agents to work with a broker for the first couple years of their career. However, after this brief period, many folks attempt to venture out on their own. They become the boss, choose how many hours or what days to work, and live the American dream. Don’t take the time with the broker for granted though. The learning experience is equally important for building relationships and establishing a network. Previous clients or acquaintances met at past open houses can produce leads, which is vital to the success of a new business. Treating everyone that you come across with the utmost courtesy, respect, and friendliness is an essential part of achieving the optimal results in the new career. So, if you find yourself asking, “Should I get my real estate license?” consider the importance of becoming your own boss before deciding.

Should I Get My Real Estate License Even If I Don’t Want A New Career?

Once again, the only person that can answer this question is the individual asking it. However, many real estate investors choose to obtain their licenses for participating and viewing processes from a different perspective. Rather than feeling as if they are on the outside looking in, the person is able to learn about contracts, legal aspects, and responsibilities head-on. They also gain access to listings and investment opportunities that are only available to agents. People can earn extra income from just selling a property every once in a while. Regardless of whether you put a home on the market weekly, monthly, or even every six months, the sale will put additional funds in your bank account. This money can be utilized for advertising, which with any luck, will send more clients your way.

Colibri Real Estate Helps Launch Your Career

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Finding the right broker after getting a license is no easy task. Colibri Real Estate offers a career hub filled with tips and how-to guides. These elements make it easy to jumpstart your career and locate the perfect brokerage firm. Many of the things that I mentioned make the real estate industry sound like a dream come true for aspiring agents, but they should keep a few things in mind. Receiving commissions will take some getting used to as people may go for months between sales. Meeting people and viewing properties are great, but workers may find themselves putting in long hours in an attempt to accommodate client schedules. There are many other questions that a person needs to ask, aside from, “Should I get my real estate license?” before making a decision. A lot of people wash out of the system within a year or two because their hopes of making fast, easy money are thrown out the window. Know what you are getting into by researching accordingly, and don’t just flush your money down the drain.

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