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StreakCRM Review for Real Estate – Is StreakCRM Legit?

Last updated on November 14, 2021

StreakCRM Review for Real Estate

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Most of us DON’T want to switch programs when emailing clients and tracking their journey through our sales funnels. 

And if you’ve ever tried a CRM that requires you to open a different application separate from GSuite, then you know that it can be an inconvenience. 

Is there a CRM that can be integrated with Google?

Fortunately, StreakCRM is there to show you that a Google-integrated CRM is possible. 

With StreakCRM, everything is on Gmail and nowhere else. 

If this sounds like the CRM you are looking for, then read our StreakCRM review for real estate. Here, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about this CRM. 

So let’s begin! 

About StreakCRM

StreakCRM Review for Real Estate (Everything You Need to Know) StreakCRM

StreakCRM is a CRM plug-in that operates within Gmail. 

It comes with a free version that you can use the moment you download the plug-in to your browser. 

Once you enable the plug-in, StreakCRM integrates with Gmail for you to see your workflow and which contacts are under what part of your sales funnel.

The beauty of this concept is that it’s easy to see where your contacts fall into, whether they’re just prospects or they’re already a buyer. That way, you’re able to send customized emails to them. 

StreakCRM doubles as a project management tool

If you have a team and want to track your milestones, you can see which actions are being done and those that have yet to be worked on. 

As a real estate CRM, StreakCRM can calculate commissions and track all the details of your contacts found on your Google account. This way, you’re able to remember who’s who and what you and they have done during a transaction. 

StreakCRM Features

Let’s talk about the primary features that make StreakCRM a useful tool for real estate agents. 

Performance Tracking

There is a lot of time and effort done in nurturing leads and closing deals, but there isn’t enough time spent in identifying your big-ticket transactions and how much effort you should put into these transactions. 

StreakCRM does performance tracking in such a way that you see how much you’ll be earning per transaction. 

It can also calculate the probability of your contacts going through with the sale. 

That way, you identify the high-potential transactions. 

And speaking of commissions, StreakCRM can calculate your estimated potential earnings. If you have a salary goal in mind, this feature will help track your performance. 

Email Marketing and Analytics

Different types of emails have different success and open rates. And you won’t know which works when you don’t have the tools to track them. 

With StreakCRM, the software will help you identify improvements you can do to increase your open rates and responses. 

It aggregates the data from your contacts’ behavior to know what action will give the highest returns for you. 

That’s not all. 

As part of its marketing feature, StreakCRM notifies you when you should be following up with your contacts. Since it tracks behavior, it is also able to identify the right time you should follow up, offer something else, etc… 

GSuite Integrations

Of course, let’s not forget the Google Suite integrations that come with StreakCRM. 

Apart from a Gmail integration, StreakCRM automatically connects with your calendar, contacts, drive, and more. 

And if you want more integrations outside of Google, StreakCRM allows you to integrate with other apps through Zapier. 

StreakCRM Pricing

There are four types of plans StreakCRM offers. 

Here’s a table comparing them: 

Mail Merge per Day:5080015001500
Integrations:Google SuiteGoogle SuiteGoogle Suite and ZapierGoogle Suite and Zapier

StreakCRM has a free trial only for its Pro plan. Once the trial expires, you still get to use the program, but only with limited features. 

The most basic plan is a free plan which already has basic CRM features like private workflows, tasks and reminders, and email tracking. If you’re not keen on spending and you only need basic CRM support, then a free version is ideal. 

However, if you’re already working with a team and you want to assign tasks and receive reports about your progress, moving to a Pro plan will give you the features you need. 

StreakCRM Pros

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Has a free version that you can use without any trial period
  • Integrates well with Gmail

By far, the most-loved feature of StreakCRM is its integration with Gmail. 

Since a lot of real estate agents send their emails through this site, a plug-in built into Google Chrome reduces the time wasted from switching between programs. 

This also removes the hassle of syncing contacts to a separate place.

Another feature people love is the free plan. 

Unlike competitors that don’t offer free plans without end dates, StreakCRM lets you use their platform for basic CRM tasks. 

Sure, there are limited features to use, but if you just need a performance tracker, mail merge, and Google Suite integration, then the free version is worth it.

StreakCRM Cons

  • Gmail crashes when there are a lot of contacts synced
  • The interface looks very crowded once you have a lot of contacts
  • Limited marketing tools available

As a plug-in for Google Suite, the capabilities of StreakCRM are limited. 

For example, it does not have a lot of marketing tools integrated into Gmail. Rather, it focuses heavily on the sales process and the follow-ups that are included there.

So, if you need to build landing pages, send text messages, or get email templates, StreakCRM falls short. 

Moreover, it experiences crashes from time to time whenever you have a large list of contacts. 

Couple that with a very crowded interface and it might not be best for medium to large businesses. 

Final Thoughts

Based on our review, StreakCRM seems more ideal for single real estate agents rather than medium to large businesses. 

Despite its collaborative features, it falls short when it comes to marketing and analytics capabilities. 

Nonetheless, if you only want a basic CRM that is affordable or free, StreakCRM is a great option to choose. Of course, if you want a CRM that integrates well with Google, then this is your guy. 

But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide if StreakCRM is going to be the right CRM for you or not. 

So we hope that this review has helped you make the right decision!

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