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Texas Online Real Estate License Renewal Course Reviews

Last updated on November 16, 2022


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I’ve always found the real estate market in Texas to be fascinating. The Texan property dynamic is a good reflection of the changes that are happening in the state itself. Texas is still the biggest state in the lower 48 states, so in one sense, there’s always going to be plenty of real estate available, provided you’re willing to live in the locations on the market. On the other hand, Texas also has a handful of urban centers that are driving up prices on the property as demand to live in these areas increases. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Austin are prime examples of cities in Texas that are on the world stage in terms of real estate. And that’s why Texas online real estate license renewal isn’t such a bad idea.

If you’re like me, and you’re already in the real estate industry, then you know that time is an important factor. All of your time is precious, whether you’re working with clients to secure properties, or just organizing your business to make sure your numbers on yearly revenue are still healthy. With all the things that you have to do while running your business, it’s easy for the time to fly by, especially when you’re micro-managing. But eventually, you’re going to have to put on the brakes, and, if you’re a Texas real estate agent, you’re going to have to think about when you will start on your Texas online real estate license renewal. If you’re not yet familiar with how this works, I’ll explain it now.

Basics Of Renewing Your Texas Real Estate License Online

Texas online real estate license renewal is a mandatory part of the real estate industry in Texas. That’s because, as with all the other states in the USA, participation in the real estate industry is something that requires state approval. I didn’t just open up an office and put a sign on it that said “real estate agent,” and immediately start selling homes. No one does that because you need an actual state-issued license from your state of residence in order to legally work in the industry.

And there’s a very good reason for that. Once you decide to get into real estate, you’re not just moving property around into other people’s possession. You’re part of a very complex transaction of finances that, for the majority of people, will be the biggest expense of their lives. And they are counting on you to handle that transaction responsibly. That’s why Texas—and every other state—requires people in the real estate industry to be certified with a license, and that’s why that license—just like a driver’s license—needs to be renewed every few years.

How Renewing Your Texas Real Estate License Works

Your Texas online real estate license renewal is something you’ll need to think about every two years. That might not seem like a lot of time to operate between renewal periods, but the industry moves fast. There are new trends, new developments in the market, and sometimes even changes to property law that you need to stay on top of. Because of that, the Texas real estate commission as set two years as the period for your Texas online real estate license renewal.

Your Texas online real estate license renewal consists almost entirely of courses. It’s a total of 18 hours. Eight of those hours are in what is called TREC Legal Update 1 and TREC Legal Update 2, which are simply the latest changes to property law as outlined by the Texas Real Estate Commission. The remaining 10 hours of your Texas online real estate license renewal can be any approved continuing education—or CE—topics that you like. I’ve got two schools in particular that I think people should look at when it’s time to undertake their Texas online real estate license renewal.

Aceable Agent

AceableAgent Real Estate License Training

My favorite option that Texas realtors should really look into for Texas online real estate license renewal is Aceable Agent. This one is particularly promising for Texan realtors because they are 100% local. In fact, right now, Texas is the only state that is school specializes in, so you know that when it comes to Texas online real estate renewal, they know exactly what they are talking about.

This school is one to keep an eye on for different reasons. Right now, the continuing education and Texas online real estate license renewal courses are the only classes they have available, which is perfect for the topic I’m discussing right now. However, they are still working on their pre-licensing courses, which they are developing in conjunction with Harvard-trained learning experts. Once those courses are refined and ready to go, I’m very interested to see exactly what kind of pre-license to continuing education experience Aceable Agent will have for their students. The website itself is already very mobile-friendly, and their past efforts at online schools for driving have gotten rave reviews. With that kind of expertise, Aceable Agent is definitely one school to keep an eye on although right now, they only service Texas, and only handle Texas online real estate license renewal.

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Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

I always like to recommend Colibri Real Estate as a good, baseline choice in a lot of different situations. Texas online real estate license renewal is definitely one of those situations. They are good enough for beginners to study in this school while getting their license, thanks, thanks to the many different tiers of service. They also have a “don’t pass, don’t pay” policy for students that fail their licensing exam despite doing well in the course.

But for the purposes of Texas online real estate license renewal, they maintain their high quality. This is why, if you already studied with them to get your Texas license, it’s not a bad idea to continue that momentum and study with them for renewal purposes. They have the courses that you’ll need in order to legally continue, including your TREC 1 and TREC 2 courses, plus a nice array of different topics for your elective courses. This is a consistent, safe choice that I always stand behind.

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