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A List Of All Texas Real Estate Schools Online

Last updated on March 10, 2023

A List Of All Texas Real Estate Schools Online

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Texas real estate schools are abundant. Whether you want to take your Texas real estate school online or in a traditional classroom environment, you have lots of choices. In this article, I’ll be discussing the best Texas real estate schools online that you can sign up for, along with a full list of every online real estate license school certified in the state of Texas. I will also give you a list of every classroom-based real estate license school in Texas.

How To Find The Best Texas Real Estate Schools Online?

There is one big issue you need to know about when looking at Texas real estate schools online. The problem plaguing online real estate schools is how outdated most of them have become. The majority of online real estate schools in Texas were created 20 years ago. While that sounds like a good thing on the surface (more experience is better, right?), this is actually a huge problem.

Over the past 20 years, a lot has changed both with technology as well as in the real estate industry specifically. Most online real estate courses have been patched up and updated over time, but they still show their age. They are clunky, don’t work well on mobile devices, and most courses are simply walls of text followed by some crude quizzes. It’s amazing just how outdated these courses have become.

If you look at reviews for online real estate license courses, most of them are negative and the biggest negative complaint is that information was so outdated they actually got questions wrong on their licensing exam. That is totally unacceptable, and so the negative reviews really are understandable.

The key to finding the best Texas real estate schools online is to find one that isn’t just updated but completely overhauled. As long as the online real estate course you’re looking at is certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, you know the course is legit and 100% certified in Texas. What I recommend is finding one of the newer online real estate courses that have been approved in Texas. That way, you know it has been recently reviewed by a state official, and if it is a new course, chances are it is going to be far less outdated than other courses.

The Online Texas Real Estate School I Personally Recommend

AceableAgent Real Estate License Training

While there are a few pretty high quality Texas real estate schools online, the one I recommend most is AceableAgent. This is the latest online real estate school to be certified in Texas and it just so happens to be the best.

In my opinion, no other online real estate school even comes close to the quality of AceableAgent. From virtual classrooms to informative videos from high profile real estate experts to interactive features and more, it’s just in an entirely different class of product from all the other real estate courses you can sign up for in Texas.

AceableAgent is the official partner of the Texas Association of Realtors for pre-licensing. They also guarantee that you’ll pass your real estate license exam or you get your money back. They even have programs where they guarantee that you’ll sell a house in 3 months. I don’t know of any other online real estate school in Texas that does that.

The biggest thing I like about AceableAgent is how well the course works on mobile devices using their dedicated apps. If you plan on studying while on the go, there really is no other option for you besides AceableAgent. The other Texas real estate schools online may work on your smartphone, but it might now. The ones that do work are typically clunky and don’t work all that well. So, if you want to take your real estate training with you as you’re out and about, definitely sign up for AceableAgent

Check Out AceableAgent Here

Additional Texas Real Estate Schools Online That I Can Recommend

While I personally believe AceableAgent is hands down the absolute best online real estate license school online in Texas, there are a couple other pretty good options as well.

One school that I can recommend is Colibri Real Estate. This is the online real estate course I personally signed up for back when I was studying for my real estate license. Colibri Real Estate is definitely a bit more outdated than AceableAgent, but depending on your learning style this could be a beneficial thing for you. Colibri Real Estate is mostly a text-based course without all the frills like videos, animations, interactive features, etc. If you’re just looking for something pretty basic, Colibri Real Estate could be a great option for you.

Another good option is The CE Shop. This product is a bit cheaper than some of the other options in Texas, but it is still of great quality. We say The CE Shop is “cheaper” because it actually offers a monthly payment plan. How great is that? 

With low price rates, you might be expecting the bare-minimum services, but you’d be wrong there! The CE Shop includes relevant and interactive images, illustrations, videos, and even real-life examples.

They even keep their programs up to date with all the changes that happen frequently in the real estate industry. Yes, this includes new client-attraction techniques, business advice, and other valuable resources to help you succeed as a future real estate agent in Texas.

And with a 90% national pass rate, The CE Shop has a proven track record of real estate licensing exam success. Rest assured, you’ll be in great hands. 

Is Taking A Texas Real Estate School Online Better Than A Classroom?

There really is no right or wrong answer here. A lot of this really comes down to personal preference and your own specific learning style. Taking a Texas real estate school online has quickly become the most popular option for most people going through a career change. I know for me, getting my real estate license by going to a classroom-based course just wasn’t an option. Even if it was my preference, it just wasn’t possible. Being able to study for your real estate license exam online is a gift that many of us take for grated. Just 20 or 30 years ago that wasn’t an option, but now we can study on our own time, from anywhere, and around our busy schedules.

With that said, classroom real estate courses do have their pros. Online real estate courses can offer all the “virtual classrooms” and instructors they want, but physically having access to other students and an instructor in an actual classroom can really help you learn the things that are the hardest to learn.

What I’ll do now is provide you with a list of all the Texas real estate schools online, then I’ll also provide a list of classroom-based real estate schools in Texas. I got these lists of Texas state certified real estate license schools from this government site.

How to Choose a Good Online Real Estate School In Texas

While I do believe that AceableAgent is hands-down one of the best online real estate schools in Texas, each person will have their own needs and preferences that AceableAgent may not be able to meet. 

There are hundreds of other real estate schools that either specialize in online content or offer online class options. I’m here to give you some tips I found helpful in finding a good real estate school in Texas for YOU. 

Let’s get started!

Ask for Recommendations

One of the most reliable ways to find a good program to pursue a career is to look for someone who works in the field. They’ll know which real estate schools offer the best value for money!

Look at the School’s List of Instructors

If you happen upon a good real estate school while doing your research, I suggest you check if they have any experienced realtors in their roster. It is imperative that the school you end up with employs experts that can answer your questions and guide you to becoming a successful real estate agent.

Look into the History of Each Real Estate School You Come Across

If you have a list of real estate schools that you are interested in, make sure to check their reviews and their pass rates. Know how they deliver their lessons, and see if the way they set up their courses can fit your learning style.

Full List Of All Certified Texas Real Estate Schools Online & Classroom

Name of Provider Telephone Number
123CE Inc. (877) 550-5808
360Training.com (855) 236-6077
!AYPOREALESTATE.COM! (877) 724-6150
A Better School Of Building Inspection (888) 466-4677
Absolute Ce (800) 833-1884
Academy of Real Estate of El Paso (915) 779-0096
Accelerated Professional Education (915) 834-4141
AceableAgent 512-645-1081
Allied Business Schools, Inc. (949) 598-0875
American Dream Real Estate School (844) 223-7326
American Home Inspectors Training Institute (800) 441-9411
Colibri Real Estate (314) 205-1685
Arms Length Education (713) 882-8262
Austin Institute of Real Estate (512) 453-0900
Brightwood College (877) 731-5068
Builder’s Academy, Inc. (281) 558-4100
Capital Real Estate Training Center (512) 451-9883
Capstone Technical Institute (832) 779-2006
Champions School of Real Estate (281) 893-4484
Continuing Education For Licensing, Inc. (903) 567-1309
Dearborn Real Estate Education (608) 779-5599
DFW Real Estate Academy (972) 751-9935
Kaplan Professional Schools (877) 731-5068
Learn Texas Real Estate Online (877) 847-7493
Legends Real Estate School (469) 916-2080
Lone Star Real Estate Academy (469) 609-7564
McKissock, LLC (800) 328-2008
Metrotex Association Of Realtors (214) 637-6660
NAMA (National Association of Master Appraisers) (800) 531-5333
Oncourse Learning Corporation (770) 218-9000
Onward School Of Real Estate (800) 438-8863
Pioneer School of Real Estate, LLC 281-777-0869
Purvis Real Estate Training Institute (817) 738-4669
Real Estate Career Training (888) 782-2300
Real Estate Training and Technology Licensing School (972) 948-2860
Real Estate Training Systems (817) 861-9998
Real Estate U Online LLC (866) 634-1044
San Antonio Board of Realtors  (210) 593-1200
Southwest College of Real Estate (800) 369-4546
TARREC (806) 797-0769
Texas Association of Realtors (512) 480-8200
Texas State Online Real Estate, LLC (713) 503-8958
The CE Shop (888) 827-0777
The Real Estate Business School  (512) 453-0900
Train Agents, Inc. (866) 948-7246
Van Education Center (303) 245-0258
Young D Lane Learning Inc. (512) 814-6540

The following Colleges and Universities offer qualifying education.

Name of College or University Telephone Number
Alamo Colleges: Northwest Vista College (210) 486-4415
Austin Community College 512-223-2199
College of the Mainland (713) 280-3991
Collin County Community College (214) 985-3711
Del Mar College (361) 698-1329
El Paso Community College 915-831-2346
Kilgore College (903) 983-8661
Midland College (915) 685-4723
Midwestern State University (800) 943-5573
North Central Texas College (940) 498-6433
Richland College (972) 238-6008
South Texas College (956) 872-8311
Tarrant County College (817) 515-6399
Temple College (800) 745-0025
Texas A & M University-Commerce (903) 886-5089
Trinity Valley Community College (903) 675-6212
Tyler Junior College (903) 510-3281
University of Texas at Arlington (817) 272-2581

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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