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The Best California Real Estate License Renewal Courses

Last updated on November 21, 2022


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California holds some of the most stringent real estate renewal requirements in the United States, but for good reason. In California, real estate salespeople are in high demand, and pursuing a career in real estate within the state can present a person with numerous opportunities and plenty of potential for career growth. Before getting into the best California real estate license renewal courses, it can pay to discuss first what is required to get a real estate license within California in the first place. California is a large state with a ton of different real estate opportunities, from multi-million dollar beach homes to the perfect conservative rancher, so it makes sense that California would require their real estate agents to be particularly skilled and educated in the field.

The career of a real estate sales person is not only in demand in California, but it’s also one that can make a person a very solid living. On average, a real estate salesperson in California can expect to make around $52,000 per year, and this number can rise up to $98,000 depending on the market you’re working in and your level of experience and previous success. This provides those who don’t wish to pursue a traditional 2 or 4 year degree a way to make a good living within a career with plenty of room to grow.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

Requirements For A California Real Estate License

Before delving into the best California real estate license renewal courses, one should get themselves acquainted with the updated requirements for obtaining a first real estate license. In California, the requirements for a real estate license include:

  • A person must be at least 18 years of age to begin their real estate license education.
  • A person must have proof of United States legal residence. One may reside in another state other than California, but still obtain a California real estate salesperson license, as long as they fill out an out-of-state application form.
  • A person must register with an accredited real estate licensing course and complete the mandatory 135 education hours in California real estate.
  • A person must pass the final real estate licensure exam with a score of 70% or higher. Opting for prep courses as well as your 135 required education hours can help to ensure you pass the exam on your first attempt.
  • Having a background check and fingerprinting is a step that should come before the actual application process after passing the exam. A clear background check and fingerprints are necessary for approval for a California real estate license.
  • After passing the exam, a person may then apply for their real estate license in the state of California.
  • A California real estate license is valid for 4 years, and all continuing education courses and renewal applications should be completed before the specified expiration date. License holders looking to complete the necessary continuing education hours should complete 45 credit hours comprised of 5 3 hour courses covering ethics, agency, trust fund handling, fair housing, and risk management, 18 credit hours of consumer protection courses, and the remaining hours may be made up of their choice of consumer service or protection courses.

California Real Estate License Renewal With The Best Online Courses

Renewing your real estate license in the state of California is something that is done by current real estate professionals, and these are busy people with a career they’re focusing on progressing. Because of this, pursuing your California real estate license renewal online is a popular option for several reasons. Choosing an online program for California real estate license renewal allows working professional real estate salespeople to complete their continuing education courses on their own time, from their own home, and with an element of flexibility that in-person courses aren’t capable of offering. For instance, if you’ve had a tough day at the office and don’t feel as though your mind is in the right place to absorb information, it doesn’t have to, and you can wait until another time when you’re more ready to absorb the information.

If you’re in need of a great online course for California real estate license renewal, the top 3 best programs to choose from currently are:

1. Colibri Real Estate – Colibri Real Estate can take you from the moment you decide to become a real estate professional all throughout your career. Their continuing education programs, of which they have three packages, allow you to complete all of your necessary courses from the comfort of your own home. If one wishes to only take a few courses for credit hours, Colibri Real Estate is unique in its ability to give you the option of picking and choosing which courses you would like to take. This online California real estate license renewal course also provides one on one interaction with instructors to best understand the material. What Colibri Real Estate provides is a custom approach to your license renewal plan.

2. Allied Schools– Allied offers online California real estate license renewal classes to those looking to renew their current salesperson license or broker’s license depending on their individual need. This course is simple in its easy pre-made package of required courses so those looking to renew their California real estate license feel secure that they’re taking just the courses they need to take and won’t be left with any surprises. The classes are also simply structured so participants know just when to take which course and the order that will place them on the best path to success.

3. Brightwood – Brightwood by Kaplan offers courses that are separated by first renewal courses, subsequent renewal courses, and broker’s renewal courses so every real estate professional has just what they need. Brightwood also offers student support that provides participants with all the assistance they need to not only pass but excel in their California real estate license courses. Like Colibri Real Estate, Brightwood offers initial license courses as well as renewal courses, so there is a program for everyone in the process of their California real estate professional career.


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