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The Best Online Real Estate License School In Texas

Last updated on November 16, 2022

The Best Online Real Estate License School In Texas

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In short, the best online real estate license school in Texas is the one that offers the most comprehensive program to fit your needs. This is the school that will take you from your pre-licensure education, through your exam, and all throughout your career with the continuing education classes you need to keep your license in good standing. The best real estate license school in Texas looks after students of the program not just until they get their initial license but continues to look after them all through their career.

Before getting into the best online real estate license school in Texas, it pays to know just why Texans want to pursue a career in real estate, and why online education is the way to go. First and foremost, becoming a real estate salesperson in Texas allows people to make a comfortable salary without the need for a 4-year degree or the debt that comes along with it, and this makes it a smart choice for young people and already established professionals alike. On average, Texas real estate agents make a salary of around $37,000 per year, and this number can quickly rise to as much as $90,000 per year with subsequent experience and ambition in the field. With the housing market on the other side of the recovery process, there has not been such opportunity in real estate in many years.

Best Texas Online Real Estate Schools For 2023

Real Estate License School In Texas Requirements

Your chosen real estate license school in Texas will uphold their own requirements for enrollment, and these are based off of the state observed requirements of becoming a licensed real estate salesperson within the state. First and foremost, a person must be at least 18 years old to begin their journey to become a real estate salesperson in the state of Texas, and this rings true for most states within the US. While some states do observe a 21 year age limit, Texas keeps its age requirement low at 18. This lower age requirement gives Texas young people a perfect opportunity to perhaps skip the traditional 4-year degree plan in favor of a different career preparation plan more suited to their needs. These young people can begin working as professional real estate agents often within a year or two after finishing high school.

Next, a person must have their high school diploma or GED, and be a legal resident of the United States and Texas, or a lawfully admitted alien. One cannot work as a Texas real estate professional while living in another state or country.

For a real estate sales license, a person will then have to complete the necessary course requirements. These are a bit more rigorous in Texas than in some other states, and include 30 hours of Principles of Real Estate, 30 hours of Principles of Real Estate II, 30 hours of Law of Agency, 30 hours of Law of Contracts, 30 hours of Promulgated Contracts Forms, and 30 hours of Real Estate Finance. While some states only require as few as 30, 50, or even 90 course credit hours, Texas makes sure real estate professionals obtain a complete education of 180 hours.

After taking your courses, it’s then time to submit your application and take your exam. Before submitting your application, however, you must obtain sponsorship from a licensed practicing real estate broker within Texas to oversee your application process. Your sponsorship paperwork can be filed alongside your application or before your application is submitted.

Once your application is submitted, you’ll then be ready to sit for the exam. A passing grade on this exam is required for having your application approved, and the exam is given at Pearson Vue exam centers in person on your selected appointment date. Upon the passing of this exam, you’ll then be able to receive your real estate salesperson license in Texas.

What Makes The Best Real Estate License School In Texas?

Now that you’re aware of the requirements, both basic and educational, to become a real estate salesperson in Texas, it’s time to look at what makes the best choice of school or program. First and foremost, the introduction of online courses has really changed the game in terms of the best real estate license school in Texas. No longer do working professionals or those looking after their families need to learn how to juggle an already full schedule with attending classroom classes, and their courses may be completed full or part time when they see fit. While some states require a part of your classes to be taken in-person, Texas allows your coursework to be completely fully online.

Next, you’ll want to consider continuing education and any additional benefits your chosen course offers. In not just Texas, but all of the United States, continuing education is required all throughout your career as a real estate salesperson, and opting for a real estate license school in Texas that also offers continuing education is a smart choice. You’re already with a program you trust, and there is no additional learning curve trying to work out confusion over the program or its website. Exam prep is another important perk, and it provides you a way to sit confidently and comfortably knowing you’re in a perfect position to pass your exam on your first attempt.

Both Colibri Real Estate and AceableAgent offer all of these perks and more, making them two of the best choices in finding a real estate school in Texas to not only suit your needs now but for the entirety of your career. From your pre-licensure courses to prepare for your exam, to continuing your education throughout your real estate career, both programs have you covered. With a simple layout and user-friendliness, they also make sure every student understands the requirements expected of them, the process of fulfilling these requirements, and how they can make the most from their journey into the real estate profession.

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