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The Best Real Estate Schools in Indianapolis, Indiana

Last updated on August 31, 2023

The Best Real Estate Schools in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Online Real Estate Schools Approved in Indianapolis

Comprehensive Curriculum

The CE Shop

The CE Shop

High Pass Rates

In-Person Real Estate Schools in Indianapolis

Indiana Real Estate Institute


Extra Space Storage, 2536

E Stop 11 Rd., Indianapolis


(317) 888 3000


9247 N Meridian

St. #215, Indianapolis


(317) 574 5580

Real Estate Career Institute


 8310 Allison Pointe

Boulevard, Indianapolis


(317) 845 7484

Not many people realize how extensive the education requirement is in real estate. 

If you want to get into the industry, you need to go through a 90-hour pre-licensing course, and 30 hours of post-licensing education within the first two years. 

Then there’s the renewal process that happens every three years, which requires Continuing Education hours.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

First things first, your pre-licensing course.

If you’re from Indianapolis, we’re going to list the best real estate schools there. We’ll mention both online and in-person schools, so you can pick whatever suits your preferences. 

Without further ado, here are the top picks for the best real estate schools in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Best Online Real Estate Schools in Indianapolis, IN

Here are the online schools we’ll explore:

Let’s get into the details!

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate is one of the two schools on the list under the Colibri group. It offers a variety of real estate programs across all 50 states.

They’re one of the most well-known brands in online real estate education. You know you won’t go wrong if you decide to go with them. 

Their pre-licensing course comes in four packages:

  • The Basics — Choose this if you only want to go through the 90-hour pre-licensing course.
  • Exam Preparation — This is the ideal option if you want to make sure you’ll ace the Indiana real estate exam.
  • Exam Preparation Plus — you can join live Q&A sessions with instructors on top of getting everything included in the Exam Preparation package.
  • Ultimate Learning — an excellent choice if you prefer to have a printed course textbook and a 12-month professional development membership with McKissock

Except for The Basics, all other packages include a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee. It tells you how confident Colibri Real Estate is with its exam preparation resources.

Although the course is self-paced, Colibri Real Estate ensures that you’ll always be supported while going through the coursework. These include emailing your instructor, accessing course documents, and contacting customer support without leaving your current page.

They present their materials in a clean, simple way. But if you’re looking for a more interactive experience, you may want to explore other options.

Tucker School of Real Estate

The Best Real Estate Schools in Indianapolis, Indiana Tucker School of Real Estate

Tucker School of Real Estate gives you the additional option of attending live and virtual classes. They boast of one of the highest passing rates in Indiana and, if you choose them, you could very well become part of that.

Although it’s self-paced, you must complete the program within six months. If you don’t, you can extend it, but that’ll come with additional charges. If you don’t finish it after a year, you’ll have to repurchase the entire course. 

Now, Tucker’s online course doesn’t come with a textbook, but you can save the summaries of the various chapters and print them out. It can help you prepare for the state exam with the prep course that comes with their 90-hour pre-licensing program.

There are, however, other online real estate schools that give a better experience. Tucker’s platform isn’t the easiest to navigate, making choosing your courses more challenging. If you want a smoother, easier-to-use interface, you may find Colibri Real Estate preferable.

The CE Shop

The Best Real Estate Schools in Indianapolis, Indiana The CE Shop

The CE Shop may be the last online real estate school on our list, but it certainly isn’t the least. They offer various courses for all your real estate education needs — despite its name, they have more than CE courses available.

If you’re looking for a pre-licensing course, The CE Shop has four options:

  • Course Only — contains the 90-hour pre-licensing course required in Indiana
  • Standard Package — get the pre-licensing content and the Exam Prep Edge
  • Value Package — adds business building courses to the Standard Package
  • Premium Package — the Value Package plus 30-hour post-licensing course

More than the variety of courses and packages available, the other thing that sets The CE Shop apart is the platform it uses. LEAP allows you to go through the coursework in the most interactive way possible.

Their packages may not include Q&A sessions like other schools, but The CE Shop has one of the most engaging systems available. They peppered their content with activities such as true or false scenarios, interactive images, matching terms with their definitions. Add this to catchy animations and videos, and you’re sure to pay attention from the first chapter to the last.

Best In-Person Real Estate Schools in Indianapolis, IN

Taking real estate courses online is convenient. But for some students, being in a classroom with your peers and the instructor is irreplaceable. In the end, your preferences matter.

If you’re the type who learns best in a group setting, you can explore the schools below. All of them offer in-person classes.

Indiana Real Estate Institute (4.8 Rating from 21 Google Reviews)

  • Address: Extra Space Storage, 2536 E Stop 11 Rd., Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (317) 888 3000

Tucker School of Real Estate

  • Address: Talk to Tucker, 9247 N Meridian St. #215, Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (317) 574 5580

Real Estate Career Institute

  • Address: 8310 Allison Pointe Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (317) 845 7484

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Schools in Indianapolis

How much real estate education is required to become a broker?

In Indianapolis, you must complete a 90-hour pre-licensing course and pass its final exam. Once you’ve completed the Indiana Real Estate Exam, you can proceed with the rest of the licensing process.

That said, you still have to rack up hours once you’re a licensed real estate professional. The state requires you to complete 30-hours of post-licensing education within two years from when you first received your license. 

Not only that, you need to renew your real estate license every three years. You need 36 hours of Continuing Education courses to get this done. However, you can’t take everything on the last year — the state requires you to go through 12 hours annually.

Which are less expensive — in-person or online classes?

Generally, online courses are more affordable. More than the lower price, you also have fewer extra expenses such as gas and study supplies.

I have a short attention span — which delivery format should I take?

It’s more common to see real estate classes in 4-hour segments than classes that last for 8-hours a day (which allows you to complete it faster). Schools understand that most of their students can’t attend the whole day.

If you have a short attention span, being surrounded by people may also distract you.

Online real estate schools design their courses to be self-paced, which means regardless of your definition of short, you can make it work for you. Also, if you’re easily distracted, going through the coursework in the comfort of your home may be better.

Final Words

There is no lack of quality real estate schools in Indiana. Whether you prefer to attend in-person classes or complete them online, you won’t have difficulty finding options.

Sometimes when there are too many alternatives, it makes the decision-making process more challenging. All the schools on our list are solid choices — in the end, it’ll boil down to your priority.

In-person may be a better option if you want discussion with your peers during class and get responses from your instructors instantly. Online would be better if you want flexibility or if you’re watching your budget.

Take a step back and reflect on your preferences. It’ll help you determine which direction (and which school) would benefit you best.

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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