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The Easiest Real Estate License School In CA

Last updated on November 16, 2022

The Easiest Real Estate License School In CA

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If you live in California, then you live in one of the states that has always enjoyed a very dynamic real estate market. It’s even more active in this century than the last, with globalization and potential investors from abroad always looking for either a good residence to start a new life, or a good deal to get a return on.

Real estate in California was, is, and will be for the foreseeable future, a hot market. And that means that for the people actually involved in the industry, there’s always an opportunity for profit and a lot of career advancement.

If this isn’t you, and you’re still trying to decide what career you want to get involved, or, you’re already established with a job and family and looking to transition to another career, this may be your chance. Like some professions, you need to get certified and possess a license in order to deal in real estate. But, there’s never been a better time to consider switching gears and jumping into a career in real estate and the reason for that is because you can attend a real estate license school in CA online.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

The Digital Education Revolution

The chance to study at a real estate license school in CA online has been a part of the Internet since the 1990s. Real estate was one of the first, successful subjects taught on the Internet thanks to its emphasis on pure knowledge and theory, unlike other subjects, such as television broadcasting, or audio engineering that require lab work with specialized, expensive equipment. With a real estate license school in CA, the only thing you need is an Internet connection and a willingness to work.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of taking an online real estate license course in CA is the flexibility this gives to prospective students. Because of the digital nature of the course, you can now tackle material on your own schedule, and not have to commit to either a commute to a classroom, or a fixed time-table for learning and study. This gives people a lot more opportunity to squeeze in learning when they can, rather than have to rearrange their entire personal schedule to make it work. But for all the convenience that an online real estate license school in CA brings with it, it’s important to remember this doesn’t make the material itself easier.

The Definition Of Easy Is Variable

Getting a license to start dealing in property in California has strict, fixed requirements and regulations. In that sense, every online real estate license school in CA is going to present some minimum amount of identical information, in the same way that every driving school is going to offer the basics of state traffic law. But the material itself is going to require real effort and commitment on the part of a prospective student. Make no mistake about it, a real estate license school in CA means work, whether it’s a physical classroom, or a virtual one online. If real estate were that easy an industry to get into, everyone would be involved.

So you have to be prepared to put in the effort if you choose to invest in yourself and attend a real estate license school in CA. Even if online versions give you more options for how and when you tackle the subject matter, you’ll still need to learn it, understand it and then prove you’ve mastered the material by writing and passing an exam before your license is issued. Teachers and classes can only give you the opportunity to open the door to a real estate career, but your own efforts will determine whether you actually walk through that door.

So what makes one real estate license school in CA easier than another? The answer to that lies with you and your own predisposition.

Pick Your Style

The honest answer to the question “What’s the easiest real estate license school in CA” is, “Whichever one teaches the material in the way that you’re most comfortable learning.” For example, Colibri Real Estate has an impressive 79% success rate for its students that are going on to write their exam for the first time. If you look at pure numbers alone, that might tempt you to sign up for the school without looking at any other real estate license school in CA.

However, even though you can’t make it to a classroom, which is why you’re taking an online course, you may actually prefer a more traditional classroom setting, where an instructor gives a lecture, and if you have any questions, you can ask them on the spot and get a personalized answer. Colibri Real Estate does not provide that kind of instruction. Kaplan Real Estate School, however, does. Their real estate license school in CA also includes a “virtual classroom” option where you can video conference with an instructor, along with fellow students, and get the online equivalent of being in a class, getting a real-time, interactive lecture.

Make sure that you carefully go over what each real estate license school in CA offers in terms of teaching style, as this is going to be the biggest differentiator between schools. It’s also going to be what most closely approximates your definition personal definition of “easy.”

New Doesn’t Mean Bad

While older schools, such as Mbition have been around for years, and have a lot of credentials that establish them as reputable schools, that doesn’t mean that newer schools should be automatically disregarded. Colibri Real Estate is a new, upcoming school that is smaller, and only services Texas and California, which is a more focused target compared to other schools that are valid for all states.

However, Colibri Real Estate is still a school we’re keeping an eye on, because the level of talent that’s coming to the school is notable. This is from the same group that has already successfully improved online driving courses, so it was very easy for them to get the investment required to start up a real estate license school in CA. It also means that because they are new, their course material will be up to date. Some of the older schools can be a little behind the times in terms of material coverage, because while there may be some new tweaks or additions to California real estate finance or law, the majority of the information remains the same. Some established schools may not find it cost effective to update an entire curriculum to accommodate a few new changes. Colibri Real Estate will be all new when it opens.

Ultimately, every prospective real estate agent will have a different answer to finding the easiest real estate license school in CA. But all students will have to make that choice for themselves. So do your research and make the right choice.

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