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The Top 3 Arizona Real Estate License Schools You Can Take Online

Last updated on November 5, 2021

The Top 3 Arizona Real Estate License Schools You Can Take Online

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Arizona is a little unlike many other states within the United States when it comes to pre-licensure requirements. Each state observes its own pre-licensure rules, and part of Arizona’s is that your pre-licensure course credit hours must be undertaken at in-person and accredited Arizona real estate license schools, and your 90 course credit hours cannot be completed online. Now, this doesn’t mean that in-person is your only option throughout your Arizona real estate salesperson career, and your license renewal every 2 years gives you plenty of convenient and flexible online options.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

Becoming An Arizona Real Estate Salesperson

Before looking at online courses for your licensure renewal, you’ll have to obtain your initial license first. Before enrolling in any Arizona real estate license schools, a person should be at least 18 years old and have already earned a high school diploma or GED. This gives young adults a great way to take an unconventional career path when compared to a 4-year university, or a way to work in a lucrative field while earning their degree. Embarking on an Arizona real estate salesperson career isn’t just for young people, and it’s also a field considered by many established current professionals when thinking about doing something new.

After meeting the age and diploma or GED requirements, a person can then begin researching Arizona real estate license schools. Research on Arizona real estate license schools should always be carried out before enrolling, and reviews or testimonials reviewed carefully so you can determine what type of experience you can expect from any program. The Arizona real estate license schools you will be researching at this time are in-person schools, as one cannot take online courses within the state during the pre-licensure process. After licensure, however, the required continuing education courses can be taken online from the comfort of your own home.

Once the 90 pre-licensure credit hours are completed, a person will then undergo a fingerprint and background check to ensure they’re eligible to receive their real estate license. Applicants currently incarcerated, on parole, completing community service hours, or on probation will not be able to be issued a license until their legal obligations are met, and those with past misdemeanor or felony convictions in theft, violent crimes, extortion, forgery, or other related charges may not be eligible either.

The last step you’re going to take before taking your exam and applying for your Arizona real estate license is a contract writing class. This 6 hour contract writing class will be taken in person at Arizona real estate license schools, much like the initial 90 course credit hours, and one will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course. After finishing the course, a person will then think about scheduling their real estate licensure exam, and taking that last step before applying for their real estate license.

Exam prep courses can help a person to feel more confident in passing their Arizona real estate licensure test the first time. Arizona real estate license schools you can participate in online or in person will both often offer test prep courses. After passing your exam, you have 1 year to apply for an Arizona real estate license, and failure to meet that 1 year window will mean the exam will need to be retaken.

Arizona Real Estate Renewal Requirements

After getting your initial license, you’ll need to participate in continuing education in order to retain it. These continuing education requirements are comprised of 24 education hours carried out every 2 years, and these allow you to have your pick of Arizona real estate license schools online. It’s important to remember, however, that while these courses are able to be taken online, they must be taken with only accredited and approved Arizona real estate license schools.

The 24 education hours are comprised of 6 courses of 3 hours, and 1 course of 6 hours, all of which may be taken online or in person as you see fit. Online Arizona real estate license schools provide that flexibility to allow you to take control of your education, your study, and how you go about keeping your license in good standing.

The Top 3 Arizona Real Estate Schools For Online Continuing Education

Research is important when looking for the best Arizona real estate schools, and this rings true whether you’re going online or in person. I want to make this research portion a little easier on you by outlining the top 3 Arizona real estate schools for continuing your education online:

1. Mbition – Career web school has a ton to offer for Arizona real estate professionals looking to continue on with their careers. Their post-licensure renewal courses can be picked and chosen in an a-la-carte sort of way, or taken as a full program, so you are given options in how you’d like to approach your continued education during every 2 year period. For those in pre-licensure, Career Web School also offers exam prep courses that allow you to prepare for your licensure exam from the comfort and flexibility of your own home. The self-paced exam prep gives you control over your study.

2. National Association of Realtors Center for Realtor Development – While they don’t offer the same comprehensive course programs as Career Web School, National Association of Realtors Center for Realtor Development does offer specialty courses that can help you to take your real estate career in many different specialized directions. For the 6 hour general real estate credits required as part of your continued education, the Seniors Real Estate Specialist and REO Properties courses are good options.

3. The CE Shop – Like Career Web School, the CE shop offers all-encompassing course credit programs as well as the option to pick and choose courses as you see fit. The option of a complete course program makes continued education stress and worry-free venture, but the option to pick and choose allows you to take control of your continuing education.

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