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The Top 3 Online Real Estate Broker Courses

Last updated on November 16, 2022

The Top 3 Online Real Estate Broker Courses

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What many folks don’t know is that a real estate broker is very different from a real estate salesperson. While a real estate broker can call themselves a real estate salesperson, a real estate salesperson is not necessarily a broker. The main difference between a real estate agent or real estate salesperson and a real estate broker is that a real estate broker is able to open up his or her own business and operate independently if they should choose. A real estate salesperson, however, must work for a real estate broker. Real estate brokers may also work for or with other real estate brokers, and then the title switches to real estate broker associate. All the associate means is that they work in conjunction with other brokers, rather than choosing to own their own real estate agency or work on their own.

Typically, a real estate broker will require more education than a real estate agent or salesperson, but some states require that all real estate salespeople become brokers in order to buy and sell real estate within the state. Before taking on online real estate broker courses, it’s important to look up the specific requirements observed in the state you wish to work in. What works for one state may be completely different than the requirements outlined in another.

The Top 3 Online Real Estate Broker Courses To Choose From

If your state allows you to become a real estate broker using online real estate broker courses, you’re going to have some research to do. Naturally, you’ll want to invest in the best course in order to ensure your best future in the field, but you’ll also want to make sure your chosen course is accredited. Without taking an accredited course, the credit hours you put in won’t be able to be put towards those needed to obtain your license to become a real estate broker.

In order to make this research a little easier on you, I’ve compiled the top 3 online real estate broker courses for you to choose from. These courses pay close attention to the requirements of each individual state, and provide for you a way to become a real estate broker from the comfort and flexibility of your own home.

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

The first and top online school for online real estate broker courses is Colibri Real Estate. Colibri Real Estate not only makes becoming a real estate broker simple, but it also makes obtaining a real estate salesperson license simple as well as renewing your license whenever your state requires. Something really special that sets this online school apart is how they break down all of the individual state requirements for becoming a real estate professional, or renewing your license, so you never need to worry if you’ve met all of your necessary requirements or not.

Colibri Real Estate also breaks down course loads into convenient packages, and these may include basic packages or those with every bell and whistle. Test prep is also offered at Colibri Real Estate, so in addition to your course you can also receive the extra help you need to ensure you pass your real estate broker exam. With test prep, you can take your test when you feel ready, and you can go back to review any materials you may not be as confident with as many times as you’d like.


Career Web School

The second best online real estate broker courses are offered at CareerWebSchool.com. Like Colibri Real Estate, CareerWebSchool.com breaks down all of the real estate broker requirements for your chosen state in an easy to follow way, so you can make sure you meet any and all requirements before enrolling in online real estate broker courses. Something unique CareerWebSchool.com offers is the ability to choose course packages, or to create your own a-la carte package by picking and choosing different online real estate broker courses. For those looking to renew their license, and wish to pursue a specialized real estate field with the elective courses required, this is a very convenient way to do so.

Both Colibri Real Estate and CareerWebSchool.com are highly rated programs with hundreds of testimonials across various states showing all of the positive experiences different real estate professionals have had with the program. When you invest in CareerWebSchool.com or Colibri Real Estate, you can feel confident you’re making a sound investment into your future with an accredited and positive program.

Kaplan’s Real Estate Education With Brightwood

Kaplan Real Estate

Brightwood, powered by Kaplan, offers many great online real estate broker courses for those looking to become a real estate broker in their desired state. Kaplan’s Brightwood covers pre-licensure courses, online real estate broker courses, and renewal courses so you can keep your license in good standing throughout your career. Searching for requirements and state programs is very simple at Brightwood, with an easy to follow beginning map located right on the main page of the website. Kaplan also offers some unique tuition assistance options so if you don’t have the funds upfront to pay for the course, you can always check out their monthly payment options.

The Benefits Of Online Real Estate Broker Courses

The main benefit of online real estate broker courses is that they allow working professionals to advance their careers on their own time. Typically, a prospective real estate broker is a current real estate salesperson looking for independence in their career and unlimited room to grow, and this means that this is a path pursued by busy working professionals. With online real estate broker courses, these working professionals don’t have to juggle their full-time career with in-person programs, effectively exhausting themselves and risking ill-retention of the important things they need to learn. With online real estate broker courses, a working professional real estate salesperson can study on their own time, and use those free moments for pursuing their education in a relaxed way.

Using the best online real estate broker courses and programs, a person can not only achieve a way to grow in their real estate career but do so in a way that works best for them, leaving them confident and ready to advance as a professional.

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