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The Top 3 Online Wisconsin Real Estate License Courses

Last updated on November 16, 2022

The Top 3 Online Wisconsin Real Estate License Courses

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If you’re like me, then you may count yourself lucky to live in a country with as many opportunities as the USA, but that doesn’t mean you can—or should—rest on your laurels and take it easy. Being able to make more choices for yourself both personally and professionally can be a great thing, but only if you put in the work. I think that anyone that lives in Wisconsin enjoys a lot of the privilege and stability that comes from being an American, and one great way to build on that stable foundation is to do more with yourself, such as taking on more responsibility with your own business and getting a Wisconsin real estate license.

Wisconsin may not be part of the coastal states, with their massive urban sprawls like New York and Los Angeles, but it still offers so much to the people that live in the area. It’s got a proud history taking a definitive stand during the Civil War era as a supporter of abolition, and today still has a reputation for fair-mindedness and justice that makes it a great state to live. That’s why if you’re thinking of getting a Wisconsin real estate license, I you’re opening up a lot of promising professional opportunities for yourself.

The market is active in Wisconsin, and there will always be a need for knowledgeable, hard-working realtors that help people to find the properties they need.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

Proper Preparation

I think that that best way to get off the ground with a career in real estate is to make sure you prepare for your entry into this business properly. It’s not enough to decide “I want to work in real estate,” and then jump and try to get your Wisconsin real estate license. You need to understand yourself and how you will fit into this market. First and foremost, you need to understand the basics of this industry, and a career in it. This isn’t like deciding to start up an Internet business at home, where all you need to do is open a website and start selling your products and services to the world.

This is why you need to actually write an exam and pass it before you are awarded your Wisconsin real estate license. The amount of money involved in a typical real estate transaction is huge. For the majority of prospective home buyers or sellers, this will be the largest single financial transaction of their lives. As a result of the importance of these transactions, there are strict regulations in place for the process—and people—that are authorized to negotiate and finalize these transactions. That’s why you need to have a Wisconsin real estate license before you can actually start working in this industry. Like some other white collar professions like law and medicine, there are very important stakes at play whenever property is being handed over. So I’ve compiled a good starting list of online real estate schools that can help you in your goal of getting that Wisconsin real estate license.

The Fundamentals

If you want to make sure you get maximum coverage of all the basics, then Mbition is a good place for you to start. One thing that I like about this particular school is that they give you a pretty broad introduction into different aspects of the property industry. So while you can learn everything you need to in order to get your Wisconsin real estate license, you also have the opportunity to learn about important, related disciplines, such as home inspection and appraisal, which can play very important roles in a successful real estate transaction.

I also like the fact that Career Webschool has different tiers of teaching depending on how much, or how little you want. So if you’d like to have more human interaction with a teacher or mentor and be able to directly ask questions and get answers, you can pay a little more for that. On the other hand, if you’re content with just absorbing the written material and are confident in your traditional study skills, you can go the cheaper route.

Stacking The Odds

Another good school I think people looking to get their Wisconsin real estate license from is Colibri Real Estate. Like Career Webschool, they have different tiers for the type of schooling that you get. So you can get minimal information if that’s all you’re interested in, or that’s what your budget allows. Or, if you feel like you need more support than that, you can get more intensive instruction with additional help from human supervisors that are there to answer your questions if you have them.

In fact, Colibri Real Estate is so confident of the quality of their education that they offer students a “pass or don’t pay” guarantee. This means that if it’s obvious you’re doing well in your classes, scoring consistently high, and yet somehow, despite your best effort, you don’t pass your Wisconsin real estate license exam, Colibri Real Estate will not charge you for the courses you took.

Total Engagement

One final online school for people looking to get their Wisconsin real estate license is Brightwood. Some may be more familiar with their old name, Kaplan Real Estate Education. Their prices are not as low as the other two schools, but they have a wealth of options for students. They are also, if you happen to live in the right area, the only school on this list that allows you attend a traditional class, complete with teacher.

There are quite a few ways for people to learn here, depending on their time constraints and preferences. For people that are fast readers and need minimal interaction, text home study options are available that you can quickly read at your leisure. For people that process information better when it is spoken there are “on demand” options of recorded lectures and seminars that can be watched. And of course, if you live in the right area, there’s the traditional classroom option, though this is the most time intensive and also requires being able to attend the class on a fixed schedule.

Any of these schools can help you get your Wisconsin real estate license, and I recommend you read more in-depth reviews of each!

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