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The Top Rated Real Estate License Classes Available Online

Last updated on April 5, 2021

The Top Rated Real Estate License Classes Available Online

One of the great things about America is that, as “the land of opportunity” there are plenty of chances for people to pursue their professional interests, and actually get paid to do something they are passionate about. Of course, it’s not an easy thing to immediately jump into your chosen dream job straight out of the gate and can often take time, effort, and study.

For many people, this may mean that they start out in another job in order to pay the bills and make sure that family responsibilities are taken care of. That’s important, but being a responsible provider can sometimes put real limitations on the ability to get more professional development and start branching out into other professions. It can be challenging under those kinds of constraints to get the necessary training, even with something as lucrative as real estate.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2021

The Real Estate Option

For a certain type of person, there’s a promise for professional growth and profit in real estate. This is a job that requires an interest in current events, specifically the property market, as well as the ability to relate well with people, and have a good sense for business and marketing. Combine all of that with the ability to work your own hours and no “ceiling” on your income, and you can see the appeal of this profession.

Real estate has always been one of the more active, vibrant markets, and if you’ve got a flair for selling, buying and advising, this might be great career to consider.

But real estate isn’t a job you just jump into. In addition the skills and resources you’ll need to develop in yourself, there’s the matter of being legally licensed to work. Unlike some other jobs, such as office work, or retail, the handling of pretty substantial amounts of money and complex legal contracts means official real estate licensing is required to work.

How It Works

There’s really only one thing you can do to get your real estate licensing, but you have two ways to do it. Real estate licensing is obtained by going to school. You register for a real estate licensing course, study the material and then eventually write an exam. Should you pass the exam, you’ll get your license and be legally authorized to start transacting.

Where things differ is in the ways you go about getting your real estate licensing. There’s still the traditional way, which involves finding a real estate licensing school near where you live, finding out what their course schedule is, and then hoping that you’ve got the time in your own life to clear out and make the commute for the days when classes are on.

The other way is to go to an online real estate licensing course. For people who already have busy lives, this is a much more accessible option. Because this is an online real estate licensing course, people can take the material on their own terms, at their own pace in a time and location of their choosing.

But if an online real estate licensing is the way you want to go, which course is the right one for you? One of the first things you should do when you are researching your list of possible real estate licensing is make sure the ones you’re interested are valid for your state of residence. Not all online real estate licensing are available in all states. Another thing you need to look at is quality, but here’s where we can help, as we’ve evaluated a few online real estate licensing courses and have in-depth reviews of them.

The New Kid

It’s not often that we feel the need to mention a school that hasn’t even opened yet, but in this case, we’ll make an exception. Real Estate Express is one that we’ve got our eye on. The reason we’re keeping this school on our radar is that it is coming from the same people who created the Real Estate Express, which has already garnered a lot of attention as being one of the better, more comprehensive, quality online learning experiences.

Real Estate Express seems set to carry on the same quality experience, but for people that are interested in real estate in either the state of Texas or California, this will be one to watch. One other nice feature about this particular school is that they are geared towards an optimized mobile experience, so even if you want to learn about real estate licensing through your phone or tablet, this school has you covered.

Diversity In The Industry

One great choice that we like to recommend is Mbition, which provides potential students with one really big advantage; options. They offer real estate licensing for a variety of different focuses, including brokers and appraisals, and continuing education for people that want to further their studies and are already active in the industry.

The other great thing about this school is that it is valid for all states in the country, so you don’t have to worry about whether this material is suitable for you. They even have a mobile version of the course to give you a little more flexibility in what device you choose to learn.

The Passing Grade

The final school we’d like to recommend is Real Estate Express although we make this particular recommendation with a condition. On the one hand, you get a quality education here with proven results. This school has a 79% pass rate for people writing their real estate licensing exam for the first time. That pass rate is one of the highest in the industry, so that’s a real vote of confidence for the school.

On the other hand, despite offering a quality education, the school is only valid in 24 of the states in the country. So while we do urge people to seriously consider the school, there’s also a chance that it may not be valid for your state of residence. That aside, however, we would say that you should look over what the school offers, and see if they offer materials for your state.

Once you’ve selected your school, it’s all up to you. The coursework isn’t easy, but for anything that requires professional licensing, it shouldn’t be. Take your studies seriously, focus on your goal, and once you’ve cleared your studies, you’ll be able to start building up your presence in your local real estate market. Then it’s just a matter of putting what you’ve learned into practice and making a name for yourself in a very bustling and active industry.

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