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Tips For Passing The Real Estate License Exam

Last updated on November 4, 2021

Tips For Passing The Real Estate License Exam

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Taking a test for anything can be a nerve-racking experience. Some people can become overwhelmed just by the mere thought of having to attempt an exam. However, the feat tends to be even that more stressful when a person’s livelihood is at stake. Many professions require folks to take examinations before they can become licensed. There is nothing wrong with this standard as it ensures positions get filled by knowledgeable and skilled workers. Still, the event leaves the test-taker full of anxiety as failing can be the difference between big bucks and mediocre paychecks.

Why Is Passing The Real Estate License Exam Important?

The real estate game can be both challenging and rewarding. Many people believe that these professionals do very little work but get paid handsomely. However, this is a common misconception. These individuals must deal with clients regularly, show properties, advertise, and sometimes, they have to go for long periods with no money coming in. They get paid on a commission basis, and they only receive the funds when sales become finalized. If a person is willing to put forth the effort though, selling real estate can be profitable. Wages range from state to state, but according to research by salary.com, as of September 1, 2018, real estate agents in New Jersey make around $46,245 per year. So, perhaps one of the best reasons for passing the real estate license exam is money.

Not all of the tests are the same nor do they each cover the same material. However, most places require candidates to take pre-licensing courses before they can even apply, so this aspect should ensure you are preparing with the appropriate curriculum. The format of the exam may differ from state to state. For example, in California, the agent examination is distributed electronically in some cities and contains 150 multiple-choice questions. Meanwhile, the Texas examination has 80 multi-answer questions over national topics that must be solved in 105-minutes.

Additionally, it also includes another 30 multiple-choice questions that cover state issues, which the person has 45-minutes to answer.

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Suggestions To Assist Anyone And Everyone In Passing The Real Estate License Exam

Here are some tips on how to pass your real estate license exam on the very first try. Follow these tips and you will greatly increase your chances of passing…

1. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

A lot of folks like to get in one last cram session before taking a big test. There is not necessarily anything wrong with this tactic, but attempting to burn the candle at both ends can have repercussions. Staying up late can cause the person to feel groggy the next morning. To counter the effects the individual is likely to drink a few extra cups of coffee or down a couple of energy drinks. The beverages make them feel awake and alert for a little while, but eventually, they usually lead to the person crashing. It is hard to concentrate on anything when you are sleepy and tired, so get a peaceful night’s rest to aid in passing the real estate license exam.

2. Avoid Caffeinated Beverages For This Reason Too

Passing the real estate license exam can be difficult enough without a person continually having their mind elsewhere. Drinking several cups of morning Joe or taking an energy shot can leave you needing to go to the restroom on multiple occasions. Rather than concentrating on the all too important task at hand, your thoughts will be on relieving yourself. Plus, the drinks often leave the consumer jittery and anxious. So, neglect drinking them to ensure that you are on top of your game.

3. Take The Test As Soon As Possible After Finishing The Pre-Licensing Course

Passing the real estate license exam will be a breeze if the information that you learned from the class is fresh. The longer a person waits to take the test, the better the chances are that they will have forgotten vital tidbits and crucial aspects. Making an appointment for the examination before the completion of the course can also prove to be beneficial. There may be a waiting period or another delay that can cause a setback. So, schedule accordingly to ensure that you get a date that works for you.

4. Don’t Second Guess Yourself

It is not hard for a person to second-guess themselves in these high-stress situations. However, on many occasions, their first choice is the right one. You have been studying the laws, vocabulary, and everything else, so don’t overthink a particular problem. Aside from possibly leading to changing a correct answer to an incorrect response, staying put for too long may result in you running out of time to finish the test as well. Stay positive and reassure yourself that you know these topics like the back of your hand. In turn, passing the real estate license exam will be within your grasp.

5. Eat Hearty And Healthy Meals

Eating is usually the last thing on a person’s brain when preparing for an examination. Food is energy and keeps blood sugar at the appropriate level though. Not to mention, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks can keep hunger cravings and annoying stomach noises at bay. Focusing on passing the real estate license exam will be extremely tough if your gut feels like it is eating itself from the inside out. Plus, the grumbling and rumbling sounds will pose distractions too.

6. Fill In All Of The Blanks

Time can be a test-takers worst enemy. The person’s chances of passing the real estate license exam dwindle if they run out of minutes and leave questions unanswered. Do your best to read all of the problems thoroughly and choose the right response. When a query is too confusing, skip it and move on to easier ones. Then, go back to the troublesome enigma later. If you get to the point of no return, guessing is better than dropping the ball and not putting down an answer at all. Put forth the effort in passing the real estate license exam on the first try to prevent yourself from having to retake it.

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