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Top 3 Online Las Vegas Real Estate License Courses

Last updated on February 13, 2023

Top 3 Online Las Vegas Real Estate License Courses

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In Nevada, real estate professionals, whether brokers or salespeople are in top demand. What this means is that in Nevada’s real estate market, real estate professionals are successful in their careers buying and selling properties within the region, and they can expect to make an average of around $41,000 to $53,000 per year. What surprises many is that such a lucrative career with so much room for growth doesn’t require a 4-year degree or even a 2-year degree, and one can be well on their way to a new successful career path after completing just 90 hours of required education and passing an exam.

The quick education and investment into your real estate career is one big reason why adult professionals and parents choose to pursue the real estate field and one big reason why online Las Vegas real estate license courses are such a popular path.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

Requirements For Obtaining A Real Estate License In Las Vegas

Las Vegas adheres to Nevada’s real estate licensure laws, and before choosing an online Las Vegas real estate course to complete, one should make sure they’re eligible to be licensed in the first place. If you’ve completed your course and passed your exam, but are missing other requirements, you will not be able to obtain your real estate licensure in the state of Nevada regardless of how successful your education may have been.

The requirements to pay close attention to before looking into the top online Las Vegas real estate license courses are:

  • Be 18 years of age – A real estate career is a career path one can begin right when they graduate high school, as long as they are 18 years of age. In some states, like Illinois, prospective real estate professionals are required to be at least 21 years of age, but Nevada allows those who are 18 years of age to test and apply for their licensure.
  • Have a high school diploma – As long as one has a high school diploma and has turned 18, they can then begin to pursue their Las Vegas real estate license courses. If one lacks a traditional high school diploma, they can earn their GED and become eligible to apply for a real estate license within the state.
  • Complete a certified course of 90 credit hours – If you’re at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent, you can then pursue your education with a top online course program until you complete your 90 required credit hours. Transcripts from this certified course must be submitted with the application for your real estate licensure.
  • Fingerprints and background check – Once your coursework is complete and your application has been submitted, you will then have your fingerprints taken and a background check to make sure you’re legally able to work in the Nevada real estate field. Typically older crimes or misdemeanors don’t stop prospective real estate professionals from obtaining a license, but a felony or more recent crime may.
  • You have 1 year to apply – After passing your courses and your final exam, you have 1 year to apply for your licensure from your test date and obtain any necessary fingerprinting or background checks. If you miss this 1 year window, you will then have to re-take the exam and you will have another year to complete the following steps in obtaining your license.

You can learn more about Nevada real estate license requirements here.

The Top 3 Online Las Vegas Real Estate License Courses For The Working Professional

Online real estate license courses for Las Vegas residents provide a way for everyone from the working professional, to the stay-at-home parent, to the freshly graduated student to pursue their real estate career with a foundation for success. The top 3 online Las Vegas real estate license courses for the working professional and beyond are:

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

At Colibri Real Estate you can complete all 90 course credit hours to be eligible for a Las Vegas real estate license to Nevada state standards, you can opt for extra exam prep and help, and you can complete your continued education all in one simple and highly-rated place. This accredited course is approved by national and state boards, and it offers various course packages to choose from as well as 1 on 1 instructor services. When you take the Colibri Real Estate new licensure or continuing education course, you can work on your course when it works best for you, allowing for complete flexibility in your education.

Get The Best Price On Colibri Real Estate Here

The CE Shop

The CE Shop Online Las Vegas Real Estate License

The CE Shop has four packages when it comes to its Nevada pre-licensing real estate courses. The first is the basic package, which just has the course you need to fulfill Nevada’s requirement of 120 hours of real estate pre-licensing education. 

The standard package adds to this with exam prep and a pass guarantee, which makes sure you’ll get reimbursed for the exam fee if you don’t pass on your first try. 

The value package includes Business Building Courses, which will help you start your new career once you pass the real estate exam. 

Finally, the premium package has an additional 18-hour sales course and an eTextbook on real estate. 

When it comes to features, all of The CE Shop’s packages come with ebooks, downloadable resources, digital flashcards, a study schedule, a real estate glossary, and instructor-led webinars. 

What’s more, all of the lessons are online and hosted on LEAP, their content delivery platform. It’s all self-paced, so you can study whenever you have free time. In fact, The CE Shop states that you can finish their pre-licensing course within 3 weeks if you study 40 hours each week. 

They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’ve finished less than 50% of your course. 

To top it all off, they provide customer services through phone, chat, and email. 

And if you want to hear directly from previous students, you can check out their reviews on Reviews.io, where they have an average of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. 

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Brightwood Real Estate Education By Kaplan

Kaplan Real Estate

Powered by Kaplan, Brightwood Real Estate Education is another good option for online Las Vegas real estate license courses. What Brightwood offers is initial licensing education as well as continuing education courses, and both in a flexible format that allows course participants to work on their studies in their own time online. The OnDemand courses feature allows students to review and refer to old courses as they require for further exam study, which can help in the exam preparation process. The courses offered by Brightwood are accredited by national and state real estate boards, and students never need to worry if their course credits are legit.

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