Top 3 Online Nevada Real Estate License Renewal Courses

In areas like Reno, Las Vegas, and Henderson, Nevada real estate agents are in top demand. Within the state of Nevada, a real estate professional can expect to earn somewhere around $56,000 per year on average, but this number can go as high as $97,000 with a few years of experience under your belt. In order to get that type of necessary experience under your belt, however, you’ll need to look into continued education after first obtaining your Nevada real estate license, and this means looking into Nevada real estate license renewal courses.

Your Nevada real estate license will be renewed every 4 years, but one must complete 24 hours of continuing education courses every 2 years in order to be eligible for a renewal when renewal time comes around. Your CE courses will also require the passing of a final exam, which is why it’s important to make sure you’ve chosen the right online Nevada real estate license renewal courses to give you your best shot at passing on your first try. To help you in your search, I’d like to outline the 3 top online Nevada real estate license renewal courses out there to help you to progress in your real estate salesperson career:

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express makes simple work of finding and completing your necessary continued education courses. The McKissock Real Estate Continuing Education program is top rated by students, with a score of 4.51 stars out of 5, showing great success in this particular online program. With the 12 required and 12 elective hours to make up the full required 24 hours listed right on the top of your course selection page, you can rest assured you understand all of Nevada’s continuing education requirements, and you’re meeting them in the most valuable possible way for your career. A full detailed list of all included courses are also laid out right on the website, which I find makes taking these courses a much more confident experience for today’s real estate salespeople in Nevada. The course also includes access to experts as well as 3 different course packages for today’s real estate professionals to choose from. offers all of the education one would need to become and continue to be a licensed real estate salesperson in Nevada.

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Career Web School

Career Web School

At you can work through your initial courses to get a new license, get exam prep to work through those tough exams, and get the continued education you need to keep your license renewed and in good standing. What really specializes in is offering a complete experience for anyone looking to become a real estate salesperson in Nevada, and keep their career going to reach their full potential. If you’re just looking into the career of real estate salesperson, also outlines all of the various Nevada requirements one must meet before obtaining their initial real estate license, and after in order to keep their license going. The continuing education courses at specifically have all courses outlined to describe the subject matter and expectation of every course, as well as exam prep to ensure preparedness at the course’s completion.

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Brightwood Real Estate Education By Kaplan

Kaplan Real Estate

Brightwood Real Estate Education, like and, offers courses that allow prospective Nevada real estate professionals to get their initial license as well as continue on in their education and career. The courses available at Brightwood Real Estate Education for continuing education are conveniently separated between real estate salesperson and broker continuing education courses, so one can be sure they’re pursuing the right type of education for their specific career path. One additional advantage to Brightwood is their tuition assistance where you can pay a low monthly fee instead of having to come up with all the funds up-front. They also have many classroom and physical locations for additional help.

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Why Choose An Online Nevada Real Estate License Renewal Course?


The one thing that all of these courses have in common is that they’re all completed online. There are various benefits to choosing online Nevada real estate license renewal courses, particularly for parents, working adults, or those who wish to change their career path despite already having a busy lifestyle. A few of the benefits of an online Nevada real estate license renewal course are:

  • Study on your time – All of the aforementioned courses are those that allow you to study on your own time, and complete your renewal education hours on a schedule that works for you. For current working real estate salespeople or brokers in Nevada, this means not having to take time off from succeeding in your career in order to complete the mandatory courses for keeping your license in good standing.
  • Never feel overwhelmed – Sometimes with a full day of in-person courses, one can begin feeling overwhelmed after a couple of hours, and this can lead them to retain less information than they would if they were feeling refreshed. Online Nevada real estate license renewal courses such as these allow you to complete your studies only when you’re feeling at your best, and if you do begin feeling overwhelmed with new information, you can take a break and jump right back into your lessons later.
  • Working parents have more time with their kids – For working parents in the Nevada real estate field, full weekend days or late hours don’t need to take you away from your family. Once the kids go off to bed, one can complete an hour or two of courses before they tuck in themselves, which can keep you and your family both on a healthy and workable day to day schedule.

For the working professional real estate salesperson in Nevada, online Nevada real estate license renewal courses are the ultimate flexible answer. With these top courses, a real estate salesperson can renew their Nevada license in their own time, and they don’t have to take away from their family time or overwork themselves in the process. Each of the top courses carefully outlines and explain all of the course necessities and environments, and your chosen program can lead you from your first license exam all the way through your bustling and successful Nevada real estate career.

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