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Top 4 Indiana Real Estate License Courses Online

Last updated on February 1, 2023

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Getting your Indiana real estate license gives you incredible room for growth. On average, a person will make a salary of at least $45,000 per year, but with experience and drive, this number can rise to more than $150,000 for agents working full-time in the field.

Taking Indiana real estate license courses online allows working professionals in Indiana an option for changing their career path with minimal inconvenience. Rather than juggling their full-time job with the classes necessary to pursue their career, they can complete their coursework and studies at home and in their free time.

This freedom and flexibility mean more time spent with family, fewer schedule conflicts, and an ability to choose to take your courses when you will best absorb the information.

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Indiana Real Estate License Requirements

Before delving into the top 3 Indiana real estate license courses online, it pays to check out the requirements for earning your real estate license within the state, to begin with. Each state observes its own real estate license requirements, and Indiana is no exception.

The Indiana real estate license requirements include:

Must be 18 years old – In Indiana, the minimum age for pursuing real estate license courses is 18, and this provides a really unique opportunity for young people looking to pursue a career outside of the traditional 4-year college degree path. In some states, the minimum age requirement is 21 years of age, but Indiana residents freshly graduated from high school or obtaining their GED may opt for real estate training courses to lead them into a career they can flourish in.

Must have high school diploma or GED – This leads us to the next requirement, and that is that all applicants must first have their high school diploma or GED before pursuing education and applying for their license.

Complete pre-licensure course – Like age requirements, all states observe their own course requirements as well. In Indiana, 90 course credit hours are required before one may be able to apply for licensure and take their exam, and these may be completed entirely online through online course programs.

Take your exam – After completing your course hours, you’ll then be ready to take your exam. This exam must be passed with a score of 75 or higher, and must be passed within 12 months of completing your education hours. Online courses also allow for online exam prep, which leave you in a confident position for passing your exam on the first try.

Apply for your license – After passing your exam, you have another 12 months to apply for licensure. Your application will be provided to you after passing your exam, and before submitting the application you must also obtain a broker sponsorship for a current working broker within the state of Indiana.

Why Go Online?

Indiana is one of the more fortunate states for those looking to pursue a different career path, as they allow students preparing for real estate licensure to take their credit courses entirely online. Some states allow for some online self-learning, and some in-classroom coursework, but Indiana makes the entire experience a flexible one.

For those who are currently working in jobs they feel don’t have quite the potential they’re looking for, or those caring for their families and considering returning to work, it’s never been simpler to balance both work and learning a new career field. With online courses, your spare time is your study time, and you don’t have to manage your other day to day obligations with your classroom schedule.

The Top 4 Indiana Real Estate License Courses Online

Naturally, if you plan to pursue your Indiana real estate license online, you’ll want to only settle for the best courses. These courses will give you the comprehensive education you need to excel in the field of real estate, prepare your for the exam, and leave you feeling confident in where you can take your career as the future goes on. The top 4 Indiana real estate license programs online are:

1. Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate provides you with an Indiana real estate license course that you can really depend on to take you through the pre-licensure process, through the exam, and through the continuing education courses you’ll need to keep your license in good standing. With Colibri Real Estate, you can pick and choose what course package best suits your budget and your needs, as well as sign up for exam prep to ensure you go into your final exam with confidence. Colibri Real Estate also helps you to manage the requirements and steps involved with obtaining your Indiana real estate license, carefully and simply outlining everything you will need to do in order to obtain licensure in your way.

Check Out Colibri Real Estate Here

2. The CE Shop

The CE Shop

The CE Shop is an excellent option for aspiring real estate agents. Their 90% national pass rate proves that their programs are effective. 

Their courses are designed to for different kinds of learning styles, with different course packages to suit your needs. 

Their basic package already includes the minimum requirements you need to take the state exam. 

But if you think you’ll need extra help, spending a little more would be worth it. You can purchase their premium packages that includes additional resources like an exam prep course and a math refresher course. 

One potential downside is if you’re looking for a variety of course formats. The CE shop only offers self-paced online programs. Since their courses are mostly text-based, this could be challenging to some students. If you’re looking for other course formats, you can check out Colibri Real Estate as they offer live stream classes.

Overall, The CE Shop is one of the best options if you’re looking for quality and affordable real estate courses in Indiana.

Check Out The CE Shop Here

3. Tucker School of Real Estate

Tucker School Of Real Estate

Like Career Web School and Colibri Real Estate, Tucker School of Real Estate offers pre-licensure, post-licensure, and exam prep through online programs for Indiana real estate. Where Tucker School falls a bit behind, however, is the ease of use and simplification of requirements. Navigation and using the program to determine what courses and requirements you must fulfill is a bit more user-friendly with Colibri Real Estate or Career Web School.

Check Out Tucker School of Real Estate Here

4. McColly

McColly Real Estate

McColly is a really good choice because they offer their coursework in multiple formats to meet the desires of each individual student. Prefer to take your real estate coursework in an actual classroom? McColly offers it. Want to take live classes but wish to do it from your own home? McColly has online live streaming classes available. Prefer to go at your own pace without worrying about being on a set schedule? McColly has online courses that allow you to do just that. No matter how you want to learn, McColly has a solution for you.

Check Out McColly Here

When you find your ideal Indiana real estate license course, you can begin your path to a lucrative career you can blossom in. With the housing market on a steep upswing, and on the other side of the housing recovery, there has never been a better time to invest your time in a real estate career.

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