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Verified Real Estate Leads Review – Is VerifiedRealEstateLeads.com Legit?

Last updated on November 14, 2021

Verified Real Estate Leads Review

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Every agent knows the struggle of generating new leads to work with. 

From finding leads to getting them to contact and enticing them to continue, the whole process can be a tough task This is especially true for smaller agents who don’t have a lot of resources to work with.

So if you’re looking for actionable leads who are more likely to be turned into customers, then a lead generation company may be your best bet.

Now, several companies exist that offer services and pricing models to get you quality leads to work on.

One of these firms is ‘Verified Real Estate Leads’. It advertises itself as one of the few companies that can stand behind the quality of its leads.

Today, I dive into Verified Real Estate Leads and all the services they offer to provide more information for you. This way, you’ll know whether or not it is the company to work with. 

Let’s get into it!

What is verifiedrealestateleads.com?

As I stated earlier, Verified Real Estate Leads is a lead generator. They find quality leads for you, relevant to the location you service.

Established in 2015, VREL has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ ranking. This confirms its credibility. 

Over the years, they’ve slowly grown to offer agents in the US a way to grow, even if they don’t have the resources larger agencies use to find customers.

How do Verified Real Estate Leads find leads?

Verified Real Estate Leads have designed their own ‘Trifecta Verification Process’ to generate actionable leads. This helps you find customers without having to spend lots of time going door-to-door in the search for prospective clients.

They have a three-pronged approach to find actionable leads:

  • They contact prospective clients through call, text message, and email to ensure no leads fall through the cracks. 

  • From there, they sift through them, weeding out 80% of the leads they obtain to offer you only verifiable and quality leads to work with.

  • After being left with quality leads, Verified Real Estate Leads will instantly inform you of any opportunities in your area through text, email, and/or the account you create with them.

And the best part is that each lead they offer only goes to a single agent they partner with. Don’t worry, you won’t have to compete with other agents they service in your area. 

Instead, a round-robin distribution method is implemented in which they rotate between agents, offering an equal number of leads to every agent in a certain locality. Seems pretty fair, right?

What is Verified Real Estate Leads pricing?

Verified Real Estate Leads charges a fixed rate of $22 for every buyer and $32 for every seller.

Unlike some other lead generation firms, you won’t have to sign any contract and are free to cancel at any time. You also won’t need to pay any one-time fees or membership charges. The leads are all you’re paying for.

What’s more, you can choose how many leads you want in a week or month, in which Verified Real Estate Leads will stop sending you new opportunities after you’ve reached your cap.

The lead they give you isn’t looking for a property? You are allowed to request for a refund. Bear in mind that this refund credit will go to your account, which you can use to buy new leads. 

Verified Real Estate Leads Reviews

Users who appreciate the services offered by Verified Real Estate Leads acknowledge the value of the leads they offer. 

The customer service offered by Verified Real Estate Leads is also appreciated, with them getting back to you within 24 hours through their account chatbox.

However, some reviews stress the importance of continual engagement to convert leads into customers. 

Check out this one review: 

Of course, there are negative reviews as well. Most are usually complaints about the quality of the leads offered and issues regarding refunds of poor quality leads. 

Here is one negative review:


Meanwhile, for your reference, below is a list of Verified Real Estate Leads’ competitors. I included this just so you have some other options to choose from.

Market Leader

Verified Real Estate Leads Review Market Leader

Market Leader is a renowned lead generator that comes with a whole host of other features that makes managing your clients much easier.

This company generates high-quality leads through its own sites such as housevalues.com. This is to attract prospective buyers and sellers, which they then distribute to their agents.

Along with guaranteed leads that you won’t have to share with other agents, you’ll get CRM software with a sleek user interface. This allows you to manage your leads and customers effectively.

To help you gain even more leads, you get a customizable website along with mobile apps to help you market yourself online.

However, due to the extra features and software provided, you’ll be charged around $130 monthly, with $20 to $30 being charged on each lead, depending on your location.

So if you’re interested in getting a full package to establish yourself online, Market Leader is a great choice.

Verified Real Estate Leads Review BoldLeads

Unlike Verified Real Estate Leads that finds leads through traditional mediums, BoldLeads is an all-inclusive marketing tool. This means they offer easy marketing to help you get more leads.

With them, you get managed marketing campaigns. You can sit back while BoldLeads attracts leads for you Not only that, but they also give exclusive care to each agent, ensuring you won’t need to share your leads with other competitors.

Plus, their software allows easy communication and management of all your clients. 

However, their service is costly with a standard $399 monthly fee. That doesn’t include the amount you’ll need to spend on your advertising campaigns.

But if you’re looking to put your business on the map and expand, BoldLeads is a great way to do just that.


To be sure, Verified Real Estate Leads has its supporters and critics.

Some agents appreciate the cheap pricing and decent leads they offer.

Others hit back, labeling Verified Real Estate Leads as outdated with poor leads that don’t compete with what other lead generators are offering.

However, while getting leads is important, they won’t lead to sales if you aren’t willing to spend the time necessary to develop them. People can be wary, and it’s up to the agent to build a relationship that customers can trust.

So while Verified Real Estate Leads is a decent way of finding leads, it is up to you to convert those leads to sales. 

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