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How To Get Your Washington Real Estate License Online

Last updated on November 3, 2021

How To Get Your Washington Real Estate License Online

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Changing your career focus and entering the world of real estate is something that countless people do each year. The numerous benefits that are offered by real estate make it a solid choice for anyone, and thanks to the rise of online real estate training courses, it’s now easier than ever for people to fit the educational requirements into a busy schedule.

If you’re in Washington, you’ll need to get a Washington real estate license in order to become a realtor. But just what does it take and how do you go about doing it? Today, online programs make it easier than ever to get your Washington real estate license. It’s not as difficult as you might think, and taking a closer look at the process is well worth doing.

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The Basic Steps To Take For A Washington Real Estate License

Before we get into the specifics of earning your Washington real estate license online, it’s worth reviewing the basic requirements that the state has for those hoping to earn a license and become a real estate agent. Here are the key things that you’ll need to do.

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Complete 90 total hours of real estate education. This includes 60 hours in Real Estate Fundamentals and 30 hours in Real Estate Practices
  • Apply for the exam within 2 years of completing your education
  • Take and pass the exam

Those are the five basic steps that everyone must take to earn their Washington real estate license. If 90 hours of education scares you at first, remember that today’s technology makes it much easier to complete. You can sign up for online courses and complete much of the training entirely over the internet.

Earning A Washington Real Estate License Online

The beauty of earning a Washington real estate license online is that you can complete the vast majority of the training in your free time, from the comfort of your own home. All classroom work can be done this way, using tools like:

  • Emails
  • Text based lessons
  • Videos
  • Streaming lectures
  • Images
  • Online classroom hubs
  • Message boards and chat groups
  • And more

Essentially, the online schools that are out there today will replicate the classroom experience virtually. This allows you to enjoy more flexibility in your schedule since you no longer have to worry about making it to a class at a specific time or things like traffic and your commute. You’ll still be sent assignments and have deadlines that you must meet, but as long as you complete them by the deadline you will be able to pass the course. How and when you finish your coursework is the main difference here. And as long as you use an approved, trusted online school, your education is every bit as respected as one earned in a traditional brick and mortar class. In other words, you can go to school online and complete the requirements for a Washington real estate license.

Choosing The Best Online Washington Real Estate School For Your Needs

One of the single most important things to pay attention to when you begin the process of earning your Washington real estate license online is the school that you choose. It’s important to find a school that offers you excellent education with good flexibility, along with easy online features that you can apply to your lessons. Some of the best options to choose from include:

Real Estate Express The top choice in many different states, Real Estate Express fulfills all of the course requirements for Washington state and also provides education that can help translate to better success once you enter the field. It also offers some of the best customer support in the industry, making sure that students have the skills needed to complete their education and become the best realtor that they can be.

Mbition One of the top online schools in the country for real estate agents, this school offers online courses as well as plenty of additional support and resources that can benefit students. It’s one of the most supportive options out there and can provide a solid education as well as plenty of knowledge that could help you be an even better agent once you have your Washington real estate license.

Rockwell This school is dedicated to Washington state alone, and it offers a full education in the field. Those who choose it will get all of the features they need to get a solid education, and excellent support to back it up.

Each of these schools is a good choice when you want to earn your Washington real estate license online, and each of them offers you the opportunity to become a real estate agent and start enjoying the numerous benefits to your life that this new career can provide.

Washington Real Estate Licensing Tips For Success

In addition to making sure that you choose the best school for your needs, it’s also important that you keep a few basic tips in mind which could greatly help you succeed when you begin the process of earning your Washington real estate license online. These tips include the following:

  • Know what to expect from the process. Simply put, too many people assume that online education is a snap. The reality is that it still takes hard work to earn your Washington real estate license, even if you do so online. The flexibility is more apparent online, but it still takes work.
  • Set up a workspace in your home that you can use for your education. Keep it neat, free of clutter, and away from distractions. This way you have a ‘classroom’ setting that you can use.
  • While you’re free to complete your education whenever you like, it’s best to set up a clear schedule. This way you can get into a routine, which in turn will make it easier to complete your lessons.

These simple tips can help make it easier for you to earn your Washington real estate license online and start a brand new, more exciting chapter of your life.

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