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What Are The Delaware Real Estate License Requirements?

Last updated on November 9, 2022

What Are The Delaware Real Estate License Requirements?

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On average, a real estate agent in the state of Delaware can expect to make around $27,000 to start, with this number rising to up to $80,000 per year with experience in the field. The median yearly salary for someone holding a Delaware real estate license is a comfortable $41,800 per year, making this a very sought-after career choice. The Delaware real estate license requirements are simple, and online courses make them even simpler, so working adults can embark on a new career without sacrificing too much of their already valuable time.

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Delaware Real Estate License Requirements For Obtaining Initial Licensure

The Delaware real estate license requirements when obtaining your initial license will be a bit different than the requirements for keeping your license in good standing. Like most states, Delaware requires real estate professionals to continue their education in order to keep their real estate license, but I’ll get into those requirements momentarily. First, let’s focus just on the Delaware real estate license requirements for obtaining your initial license:

  • High school diploma or GED – Before enrolling in the necessary education hours, the state of Delaware requires all prospective real estate salespeople to first obtain their high school diploma or GED equivalent. These people will be over the age of 18, and will be able to prove their diploma or GED equivalent. This low age and initial education requirement allows pursuing a Delaware real estate license to be an option for young people who don’t wish to pursue a 4 year college degree or who would like to get a foot in the working world while also obtaining their education.
  • Begin coursework – Once you’ve obtained your high school diploma or GED, and have reached at least 18 years of age, you can begin enrolling in an accredited course program to meet your Delaware real estate license requirements. Your pre-licensure courses will need to be taken in person, and these courses are comprised of 99 hours of classes. These classes are typically held 3 nights per week, and have locations spread all across the state. Usually the classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and go from 6:30pm to 9:30pm to perfectly suit the needs of families and working people currently in another field.
  • Take the exam – After you’ve completed your 99 hours of coursework, you’ll then be ready to pass the licensure exam as part of the Delaware real estate license requirements. This is a two-part standardized exam, which you’ll have 3 tries to pass, and must be administered by a professional testing service at a predetermined testing location and time. Upon passing this exam, you’re then ready to apply for your real estate licensure.
  • Applying for your license – Within 1 year of completing your course and passing your exam, you’ll then submit your application for a real estate license. Along with the license application, you’ll also submit an affidavit stating that you have not committed any offenses or acts under Delaware law that would bar you from being approved for your licensure.

Once you’ve met all of the Delaware real estate license requirements and obtained your initial Delaware real estate license, you’re not off the hook from continuing education. Like many states throughout the United States, professional real estate salespeople must continue their education in order to renew their licenses ever set number of years. The Delaware real estate license requirements state that Delaware real estate salespeople must achieve 15 credit hours of continuing education every 2 years in order to keep their license in good standing.

Continuing education is simple, and much can be done online from the comfort of your own home. This online option for continuing education allows today’s working professionals the ability to keep up with their careers while still continuing their education relatively stress-free. If you have a showing on a Monday evening, you don’t have to worry about rushing your client and potentially losing a sale simply because you have a class you need to get to. The CE Shop takes care of the difficult part of your continued education, laying out packages and courses, as well as for instructions, so you know you’re taking the right courses at the right time.

For renewal, Delaware real estate license requirements state that each 2 years a real estate salesperson’s continued education courses should include:

  • 3 hour mandatory course
  • 3 hour course covering legislative issues in Delaware or federal law
  • 9 hours of elective coursework approved by the Maryland Commission

With your continuing education courses, you’ll be able to continue your real estate career to any heights you desire.

Delaware Real Estate License Requirements For The Working Professional And Family Person

Because of the earning potential of real estate salespeople in Delaware, it’s no wonder why this is a career choice popular with working professionals and those raising families. While the 99 hour credit courses required to initially earn your license are taken in person, the courses are only 3 hours per night and held only 3 days per week. This makes meeting these Delaware real estate license requirements simple for those looking to change their career field or create a better earning potential for their family, as the amount you may have to disrupt your daily schedule is highly limited.

The ability to complete your continuing education courses online makes holding on to your real estate license and working to your full potential easily. As you’re showing homes to clients and progressing in your career, you can use your free time to complete your continuing education courses on your own time every 2 years.

By opting for a highly rated continuing education course, like that at The CE Shop, you’ll also walk into the experience knowing you can expect positive results. These reviews and testimonials can be viewed as a window into the experiences of others who have gone through the courses before you, and their great experience is something you can feel confident counting on for yourself.

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