Obtaining a Michigan real estate license is a smart choice. First and foremost, those buying and selling real estate professionally and licensed within the state can expect to earn around $37,000 per year on average, with this number rising above and beyond $70,000 per year with related experience and drive in their field. For this reason, and combined with the booming housing market, it’s no surprise why this is something that young people and current working professionals alike are considering as a new and potential-filled career path.

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Requirements For Obtaining A Michigan Real Estate License

What Is The Best Online Michigan Real Estate License Course?Before delving into the best online Michigan real estate license course, one should first consider the requirements to become a licensed real estate professional within the state. Each state within the United States observes their own requirements for obtaining licensure, and Michigan is no exception. The requirements for obtaining a Michigan real estate license are:

  • Age requirement – Every state observes their own age requirement for obtaining a real estate license, and for Michigan the age requirement is 18. Most states observe this same age requirement, although some do require prospective real estate professionals to be 21 before embarking on their education and applying for licensure.
  • Prerequisite education – Michigan also observes prerequisite education requirements, and these state that all prospective real estate professionals must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent before beginning their courses.
  • Education requirement – Every state observes their own specific education requirements, and when compared to some other states, Michigan’s are actually quite simple. Each prospective real estate professional must complete a 40 hour Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals course before taking their exam for licensure, and this course may be taken online or in-person. Online courses like those at Real Estate Express make completing these 40 credit hours simple as they can be done in your own home, in your own time, and led by you to ensure you absorb and retain all information.
  • Take the exam – After completing your education, its then time to take your real estate licensure exam. In Michigan, your application should be filed after completing your education courses but before your exam, and once your application is received, you’ll then be notified that it’s time to schedule your exam session. While online Michigan real estate license course programs may be taken online, the exam will be taken in person at testing centers located all around the state. The license application and exam should be filed and taken within 36 months of completing your course education. While some states require a broker to file your application, Michigan does not observe this rule.
  • Continued education – Earning your license doesn’t mean your education is over, and you’ll need to continue your education for as long as you plan to keep your license in good standing. Each state has their own continued education requirements, and you should look at those specific to Michigan to make sure you’re able to keep your license in good standing. Michigan’s continued education courses include 18 hours of continued education taken and submitted for each 3 year renewal cycle. These 18 course credit hours are broken down in to 6 mandatory course hours and 12 elective course hours, and these elective course hours allow you to develop specialty areas in order to better serve your community.

Features Of The Best Online Michigan Real Estate License Course

Now that you are acquainted with the Michigan requirements to become a licensed real estate professional, it’s time to look at what makes the best online Michigan real estate license course just that – the best. First and foremost, the best course will show you from the start that the course is high quality, and this is through plenty of easy to read and easy to access reviews. These reviews provide a firsthand look into what you’ll be like to experience during your time in the course, and they’re gathered from all walks of life from people who have had these experiences themselves. A highly rated course that has provided many positive experiences will most likely provide to you a positive experience as well.

Next, you’ll want to choose a course that looks out for you. One of the big benefits of online Michigan real estate license course programs is that you get a personally tailored experience, and one that is simpler than the traditional in-person program. The best course will have packages and simple instructions laid out for you, so you can rest assured that you’re on the right path, taking the right courses, and preparing yourself to meet all education requirements in order to pass the exam with ease. These varied packages may include extras like exam prep, they may be catered towards continued education or pre-licensure, but they’ll all make sure you’re getting the exact courses you need.

The best online Michigan real estate license course program will also look after you when it comes to the exam. While the exam may not be taken online and must be taken at an in-person testing facility, that doesn’t mean your course can’t help to prepare you. Online prep courses offered by the best program will provide mock tests and plenty of review, so you can walk into your exam with confidence that you’ll pass on your first try. These prep courses can be reviewed and taken advantage of for as long as you need until you feel that you’re ready to set up an appointment for the real thing.

One program offers all of this and more to those looking to obtain a Michigan real estate license. Real Estate Express carefully outlines all requirements, provides packages, takes care of exam prep, and follows you throughout your entire career. With Real Estate Express, you can begin with pre-licensure, prepare for your exam, and continue your education while using one user-friendly program. Real Estate Express is catered to those who want the online course experience, with student-controlled studies that focus on allowing you to complete your education your way and in your own time.