For those looking for a flexible career in the state of Washington, obtaining your real estate license is a smart choice. Washington real estate professionals can be expected to make around $46,000 per year on average, with this number rising to over $104,000 with necessary drive and experience. In today’s busy modern world, a career in real estate allows Washington professionals to embark on a career with plenty of room for growth, while still providing them with control in their future.

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Requirements For Becoming A Licensed Washington Real Estate Professional

What Is The Best Online Washington Real Estate License School?Before looking for and choosing the best Washington real estate license school, it’s important to meet the minimum requirements, and understand your career requirements going forward. If you’re unable to meet the minimum requirements, you won’t be able to enroll in the best online Washington real estate license school, making all of your research moot.

The requirements for enrolling in the best online Washington real estate license school, and becoming a Washington real estate professional, are:

  • Be at least 18 years of age In order to become a licensed real estate professional in Washington, a person must be at least 18 years of age. The path to becoming a licensed real estate professional is one that those just graduating from high school may choose in place of a traditional 4-year degree, or in an effort to better pay for their 4-year degree. However, if a young person graduates from high school at 17, they should wait the months until they turn 18 before searching for the best online Washington real estate license school.
  • Obtain a high school diploma A person cannot pursue their Washington real estate professional career without a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Before seeking out the best online Washington real estate license school, you must first meet the minimum educational requirements.
  • Complete education Once you’ve met these basic age and prerequisite education requirements, you’ll then want to begin seeking out the best online Washington real estate license school. You’ll be required to complete 90 hours of education through your chosen program, with your course load broken down into 60 hours of Real Estate Fundamentals and 30 hours of Real Estate Practices.
  • Take your exam Once you’ve finished with the courses at your chosen program, you’ll then be ready to apply to take the broker’s exam in the state of Washington. This exam will be taken in-person, even if all of your coursework was taken online. Upon passing the exam, you’ll be ready to begin working in the field as a licensed real estate professional.

How To Find The Best Online Washington Real Estate License School

Essentially, the way to best set yourself up for a successful career is to find the best online Washington real estate license school. There are several ways you can determine if your chosen school is the best choice for you, and all of these considerations should be carried out if you want to rest assured that you’ve chosen the best program.

First and foremost, looking at testimonials and reviews is an invaluable resource. These show you what your firsthand experience with a particular program may be like by opening up a window into the firsthand experience of others. Through reviews and testimonials, you can gauge what you’re like to expect from the program, and if the program meets all of your specific needs or wants.

Next, you’re going to want to make sure the program is accredited and offers all of the courses you require. The initial licensure for Washington requires 90 hours of education broken up into 2 main courses, and you want to make sure that your chosen program makes completing the full 90 hours simple and convenient.

You also want your chosen best online Washington real estate license school to offer a few extras, and this sets your chosen course apart from all the rest. A great program will include exam prep courses you can use to better prepare for the broker’s exam, and they’ll offer continuing education courses so you can obtain your licensure and maintain your career all using the same school. Exam prep courses allow you to take practice exams, learn what you can expect from the exam, and you’ll walk into your exam appointment feeling confident and assured. Continuing education courses offered at the same school make renewing your license convenient and give you peace of mind that you’re working with a program you know and trust.

Real Estate Express offers all of these needs and more, making them a great choice for the best online Washington real estate license school. With Real Estate Express, you can begin your education, prep for your test, obtain your licensure, and keep your license in good standing all using the same highly-rated and accredited program. Real Estate Express even breaks down all of the various requirements associated with obtaining a real estate license in Washington, so you’re always in the know when it comes to what is expected of you at any given stage of the process.

Why Choose The Best Online Washington Real Estate License School?

Finding the best Washington real estate license school is a given when you’re looking to pursue a career in real estate, but why opt for the best online school? The benefits of online education for real estate are numerous, and it allows you to learn and retain information in a way that works for your specific learning style.

For working professionals and adults who want to change their career path, the prospect in general can be very intimidating. Managing a family and a full-time job is difficult already, and tossing obtaining a new education into the mix may seem impossible. With online school, you can use those small moments of downtime, or those off-hours, to pursue your education, so you’re not taking away from your full-time job or your family, but you’re still bettering yourself and setting up a path to a flexible and lucrative career.