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4 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education Courses in Wisconsin for 2022

Last updated on October 31, 2022

4 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education Courses in Wisconsin featured image

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Some agents may find it hard to complete their continuing education requirements because of their busy schedules. 

Luckily, everything is much easier now. 

You won’t have to go to a physical school just to complete your required CE credits for license renewal. 

Thanks to technology, you can now complete your CE requirements at your own pace, from the comfort of your home. You won’t need to change or adjust your schedule anymore. 

How cool is that?

So, if you are looking for a reliable online real estate school that offers continuing education in Wisconsin, you’ve come to the right place! 

We will be discussing the best online real estate continuing education in Wisconsin for 2022.

The 4 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education In Wisconsin

Here are our top 4 online schools in Wisconsin that offers real easter CE courses:

Without further ado, let’s discuss what each school offers. 

McKissock Learning

Wisconsin Online Real Estate Continuing Education (Best 4 in 2022) McKissock

On top of the list is Mckissock. It has been one of the most reliable real estate education providers since 1990. 

Their continuing education courses are available in all 50 states, with their online CE course in Wisconsin receiving a rating of 4.61 out of 5 stars as of 2022. 

Unfortunately, Mckissock does not offer CE course packages in Wisconsin. Instead, they only offer the WI McKissock CE Plus Membership, which is the best value for money anyway. 

This membership includes access to all CE courses in the state, free webinars and job aids, product discounts, and many more. 

What’s great about this is, you get all these for only about $195*.

The CE Plus Membership fee is renewable each year, but you may opt out anytime you want if you no longer desire the unlimited access to all the CE courses in your state, coaching tools, and professional development tools that this membership provides. 

If you’re not interested in the membership, Mckissock also offers several individual courses and live webinars in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Online Real Estate Continuing Education (Best 4 in 2022) The CE Shop

In 2005, The CE Shop started offering real estate continuing education in 50 states, and so far, it is the best alternative to McKissock

What makes them credible is their high passing rates. They guarantee high-quality and up-to-date courses to help you ace the exam.

You can purchase individual mandatory and elective CE courses that start at about $29*. What students like about their courses is how interactive and engaging the lessons are. 

If you’re not a fan of long text, you’ll enjoy how well they laid out their course content. Each chapter is divided into smaller sections to make it easier to digest and understand. 

If you think their courses are not that helpful for you, they offer a refund as long as the courses are not 50% finished and you purchased them within 30 days.

Wisconsin Online Real Estate Continuing Education (Best 4 in 2022) Continuing Ed Express

Continuing Ed Express was established in 2005. They offer individual courses starting at roughly $29.95*. Their courses are text-based.

You have an option to build your package, and get about a $20* discount if you reach 15 hours or more. 

What’s unique about them is they offer free training for real estate agents. However, this training will not fulfill your course requirements. Rather, it will help you succeed in your career as a real estate agent.

If you’re not satisfied with their courses, you can email them within 60 days of purchasing the course, and they will issue a refund. They also allow students to exchange courses to an equal or lesser value for any reason. 

Take note that they only allow refund and exchange if the courses are not yet completed.

Wisconsin Online Real Estate Continuing Education (Best 4 in 2022) Wisconsin Realtors Association

Wisconsin Realtors Association has been established for more than 100 years and is one of the largest associations in the state. They have more than 16,500 members of real estate professionals statewide.

They offer affordable continuing education courses with an option to choose self-study and live courses. 

For the self-study option, you’re given a textbook to study, then your exams will be online. Their live courses can be in-person or live streaming at your own home. 

Their fully online course is coming soon as well, so watch out for that! With this option, you get to access the entire course 24/7 at your own pace. Membership price for fully online starts at about $21* and $25* for non-members.

Wisconsin Online Real Estate Continuing Education FAQs

What are the Continuing Education requirements in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, you are required to complete the 18-Hour CE course every two years. 

What CE courses are required in Wisconsin?

For 2021-2022, these are the continuing education courses that are required in Wisconsin:

  • Listing Contracts
  • Offers to Purchase
  • New Developments
  • Real Estate Ethics and Consumer Protection
  • Real Estate Law and Practice
  • Real Estate Transactions

Are online real estate schools as effective as in-person real estate schools?

Online real estate schools are effective. Sometimes it’s even better than in-person real estate schools because it’s more convenient, affordable, and faster. 

If you’re about to complete your continuing education requirements, you might be busy at home or work. Online classes give you the freedom to complete the courses anywhere and at your own pace.

Students tend to finish online courses much faster because they won’t need to follow someone else’s schedule. On top of that online courses are cheaper.


Completing your continuing education course online in Wisconsin is much easier because you have a lot of options to choose from. But each school is different and may not work for everyone. 

If you want to go beyond your CE requirements, try the WI CE Plus Membership of McKissock

For detailed and interactive courses, The CE Shop may be the best one for you. 

And if you think you’ll excel more in self-studying or text-based courses, you can check out Continuing Ed Express or Wisconsin Realtors Association. 

All these course providers are an excellent source of CE education n Wisconsin, it’s all up to you which school works best for YOU.

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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