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360 Training vs Allied Schools – Which Real Estate School is Better?

Last updated on March 10, 2023

360 Training vs Allied Schools - Which Real Estate School is Better

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360 Training and Allied Schools are two reputable online real estate schools… 

But which one is better?

More importantly, which one is the better fit for YOU?

We’re going to help you answer this with our complete 360 Training vs Allied Schools comparison review. 

To do that, we’ll compare 5 important factors, including: 

    • Availability 

    • Course options

    • User experience

    • Features

    • Reviews

So let’s begin! 

360 Training vs Allied Schools – A Side-by-Side Comparison Review

If you’re in a rush, here is a summary table that you can scan. 

  360 Training Allied Schools
Available In (Pre-Licensing): 14 states

(AL, CA, CO, FL, GA, MO, MT, NE, NY, OK, SC, TX, VA, and WA)

1 state


Course Options: Pre-Licensing, Post-Licensing, Continuing Education, and Exam Prep Pre-Licensing, Continuing Education, Exam Prep, License Upgrade, Mortgage Pre-Licensing, Mortgage CE, and Mortgage Exam Prep
User Experience: Engaging lessons
Great customer support
Smooth and easy-to-navigate UI
Different learning format
Easy to navigate
Great customer support
Instructor support
Pricing (CA)*: $100 – $160 $199 – $299 – $399 – $449
Reviews: 4.1/5 stars on Trustpilot 4.4/5 stars on Indeed
Features: 1-year course access
Comes with a real estate math practice
Has proctored final exams (for some states)
Exam Prep
Downloadable ebooks
Practice exam
Live instructor access
Digital flashcards
Visual learning videos
Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee
CE+ Membership

For more details, continue reading!


When it comes to availability, 360 Training is the sure winner. 

And though 14 states isn’t the largest offering, 360 Training includes the most populous states, such as California, Florida, Texas, and New York. 

Here are the other states where it offers its pre-licensing courses:

    • Alabama

    • Colorado

    • Georgia

    • Missouri

    • Montana

    • Nebraska

    • Oklahoma

    • South Carolina

    • Virginia

    • Washington

Allied Schools, on the other hand, only cater to California. 

This is great because you can be sure that it puts all its resources in that state alone. This isn’t great, though, if you are from another state. 

Course Options

The nice thing about both 360 Training and Allied Schools is that they offer all your real estate education needs. 

Want to fulfill the eligibility requirements to take the licensing exam? You have pre-licensing courses on offer. 

Looking for ways to ace the licensing exam on your first try? Both schools have separate exam prep programs to do just that. 

Is it almost time to renew your real estate license? Then you can find post-licensing and continuing education courses to satisfy your state’s renewal requirements. 

On top of that, Allied Schools also has the following course options:

    • License upgrade

    • Mortgage pre-licensing

    • Mortgage continuing education

    • Mortgage exam prep 

NOTE: Like pre-licensing courses, these course options are available in select states. Make sure to check the schools’ respective websites to see if a course is available where you’re from. 

User Experience

User experience is highly important when it comes to online learning. I mean, you are self-studying, so you need all the help you can get. 

At 360 Training, lessons are made to be engaging. There are bite-sized texts, videos, images, and quizzes. All this will help you digest information better. 

360 Training vs Allied Schools

Plus, you won’t doze off from boredom. 

What’s more, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to get around 360 Training’s platform. It’s super easy to navigate and smooth-flowing. 

If ever you run into a problem, you can trust its customer support to be more than willing to help you out. 

As for Allied Schools, it makes lessons easier by giving you a choice — you can choose the learning style you prefer. 

Great at self-studying? Then go for its online lessons. Don’t worry — you will still get excellent instructor support there. 

Want to study from the comfort of your home but need a classroom environment? Then go for Allied Schools’ Livestream classes. You are given 4 schedules, so you can easily fit them into your day. 

And yes, it’s easy to navigate and customer support will readily help you with any issues or questions. 


360 Training usually offers 2 packages. 

Here are the features inside each package:

Basic Package ($100): Premium Package ($160):
State mandatory courses
Real Estate Math 
Certificate of completion 
Everything in the Basic Package
Exam prep program
Client Focused Communications

Allied Schools stands out with its array of features for each package. 

Let’s take a look:

Basic Package($199): Premium Package($299): Premium Plus Package ($399): Livestream Package($449):
All required coursework
Downloadable ebooks
Practice exams
Live instructor access
Everything in the Basic package
Exam Cram Webinar
Exam Cram Video
Visual learning videos
Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee
Everything in the Premium Package
CA Insider’s Guide
Printed textbooks
CE+ Membership
4 class schedules
All necessary coursework
Practice exams
Exam Cram Video
Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee
Printed textbooks

NOTE: Package prices may change depending on the state.

If you need an extra helping hand, Allied Schools comes out on top with all its awesome features. 


Reviews are a great way to get a sense of how students have rated both online real estate schools.

Well, 360 Training earned 4.1 out of 5 stars based on over 6,000 reviews in Trustpilot. That’s impressive!

Allied Schools is also highly rated, with 4.4 out of 5 stars based on over 200 reviews in Indeed. 

Here’s what one student had to say about 360 Training: 

‘‘I really enjoyed my training with 360training. The course was very informative and the additional audio features made following along and retaining the course objectives.’’

And here is how one student reviewed Allied Schools:

‘‘This course was very helpful and taught me a ton about real estate that I did not know. It focused on specific topics that helped me understand as I went through the course.’’


Like what you saw from Allied Schools but aren’t from California?

Don’t worry, you can always go with Allied Schools’ sister company, Colibri Real Estate. Here, you get the same everything as Allied Schools — only this time, it’s available in more states!

What if you’re looking for a more modern online real estate school?

It doesn’t get more modern than AceableAgent. This school boasts highly interactive lessons (yes, there are even minigames), its own dedicated mobile app, and top-notch UI. 

Here are other great alternatives that you can look into:

360 Training vs Allied Schools – The Verdict

And that completes your 360 Training vs Allied Schools comparison review. 

If you’re looking for more availability, as well as engaging lessons and cheaper packages, then 360 Training is the right choice for you. 

But if you’re from California, then we suggest you go for Allied Schools, with its different learning styles and TONS of features. 

Either way, you can trust that you’ll be in reliable hands. 

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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