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Arizona Real Estate License Course Online Reviews

Last updated on February 21, 2023

Arizona Real Estate License Course Online Reviews

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The state of Arizona has some of the tightest requirements for obtaining and retaining a real estate license. While obtaining your initial real estate license, one must take an Arizona real estate license course in person at an accredited education center, but renewing your license every two years allows you to take your Arizona real estate license course online. Whether online or in-person, it’s particularly important to pay close attention to Arizona real estate license course online reviews and to use these assets as a tool to determine what your experience will most likely be like.

On average, a real estate salesperson in Arizona can expect to make an around $40,000 per year, with this number rising to over $100,000 per year with experience. The choice to become a real estate salesperson in Arizona is a lucrative one, and one that is sought after by young adults and established professionals alike when considering a first or new career path.

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Arizona Real Estate License Course Requirements

Whether you’re obtaining your initial Arizona real estate license, or you’re going for your renewal every 2 years, there are some Arizona real estate license course requirements you’ll need to pay close attention to. First, I’d like to focus on the initial course requirements, and what you’ll need in order to obtain your very first real estate license. The requirements for obtaining your first Arizona real estate license are:

  • Must be 18 years old – The first and most basic requirement is the Arizona age requirement. In the state of Arizona one must be 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent in order to become a real estate salesperson within the state.
  • Enroll and complete education requirements – Those who are over the age of 18 and ready to become Arizona real estate salespeople will then enroll in an accredited and approved in-person course. The state of Arizona does not allow online education for pre-licensure classes, so all course hours must be attended in person. 90 hours of approved and accredited course credits must be completed to be eligible to take the next steps to become a licensed Arizona real estate salesperson.
  • Obtain a fingerprint clearance card – Once you’ve completed your 90 course credit hours, you’ll then be able to obtain a fingerprint clearance card. These cards are issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and the application for the card is typically handed out at your chosen real estate education center near the end of your course. After application, it can take approximately 8 to 10 weeks to receive your card.
  • Complete the disciplinary actions disclosure form – After obtaining your fingerprint clearance card, you’ll then complete the disciplinary actions disclosure form, which is simply a fancy way of saying background check. Most states throughout the US require prospective real estate agents to complete a background check before their initial licensure.
  • Contract writing class – The final portion of your education, after passing the initial 90 credit hours, is taking a contract writing class lasting 6 credit hours. Upon completing this course, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion.
  • Schedule your exam – After your contract writing class is finished, you’re ready to schedule your exam date. This exam will cover a variety of different topics learned in the 90-hour initial education course, as well as some of the material pertaining to contract writing. If you’re worried about passing the exam, it’s a smart choice to opt for exam prep courses like those offered at PrepAgent. These prep courses will let you know what you’re in for while taking the exam and will leave you feeling confident that you will pass on your first attempt.
  • Apply for your license – After your passing the exam, you’re then ready to begin the licensure application process. Your licensure application must be submitted within 1 year of completing and passing the exam, or the exam must be retaken and re-passed in order to apply.

Arizona Real Estate License Course Renewal Requirements

Obtaining your initial licensure isn’t the end of your education in Arizona. Every 2 years a real estate salesperson must complete 24 Arizona real estate license course credit hours comprised of a variety of topics in order to keep their license in good standing. The Arizona real estate license course credit hours are comprised of:

  • 3 hours of Agency Law
  • 3 hours of Contract Law
  • 3 hours of Commissioner’s Standards
  • 3 hours of Disclosure
  • 3 hours of Fair Housing
  • 3 hours of Real Estate Legal Issues
  • 6 hours of General Real Estate Education

The big difference between the initial Arizona real estate license course requirements and the renewal requirements is that the renewal requirements don’t have to be completed in an in-person classroom. The ability to complete the renewal requirements online gives professional real estate agents a way to complete their required courses without taking too much from their already busy schedule or having to juggle in-person courses with their professional duties.

If you’re looking for a school that offers CE courses and LOTS of resources, then McKissock should be at the top of your list. 

Why Choose McKissock for Your Arizona CE Courses

As we mentioned, McKissock stands out because it offers the required CE courses plus lots of other resources. 

For Arizona, you can choose from 3 packages – Broker Renewal Package (for brokers), Salesperson Renewal Package (for salespersons), and AZ CE PLUS Membership (for both brokers and salespersons).

For the first two packages, you get the required AZ CE hours and other courses that will help you succeed in your career. 

But if you want the most value-for-money package, then we suggest the CE PLUS Membership. This will give you access to ALL CE courses in Arizona, as well as webinars, how-to videos, product and service discounts, job aides, and more. 

The best part?

These packages don’t break the bank. 

That’s right, all packages are less than $200. 

And they don’t skimp on quality either. 

You can rest assured that all the lessons are comprehensive and easy to follow. This will help you become an even better real estate professional in the state. 

The Importance Of Arizona Real Estate License Course Online Reviews

Whether you’re in the pre-licensure process, or the post-licensure renewal process, it’s always important to use your online reviews as a resource. Your real estate salesperson career in Arizona can take you to some amazing places with the right preparation, and part of that right preparation is knowing just what you’re getting into and what you can expect when you come out. Looking for positive reviews, like those found for Mckissock will leave you feeling confident and prepared that you yourself are also signing up for an equally positive experience.

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