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AYPO Real Estate Review (2023) – Is Going Cheap Worth It?

Last updated on August 28, 2023

AYPO Real Estate Review - Is Going Cheap Worth It

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AYPO is one of the cheapest online real estate schools you can sign up for, but the BIG question is…

Is saving a few $$$ really worth it? 

Or are you just gonna end up with a garbage course? 

Well today, we’re going to answer that question for you. 

In our AYPO Real Estate review, we’re going to have a look at: 

  • An overview of the course
  • The good sides of AYPO
  • The bad sides of AYPO
  • The course options that AYPO has
  • Their $1,000 award scholarship program

And a bunch of other things that you need to know before signing up. 

So without further adieu, let’s dive in! 

TL;DR – Should You Choose AYPO?

Don’t have time to read our full, comprehensive review?

That’s okay!

Here’s a quick glance at AYPO Real Estate’s pros and cons which we will be discussing in detail later below:

Pros Cons
Courses don’t expire
Affordable course packages
Pass or don’t pay guarantee
Offers continuing education and exam prep
Basic packages offer no support
Offered in limited states
No classroom locations

So what’s our overall verdict for AYPO Real Estate?

This Oregon-based online real estate school is a great choice for finishing pre-licensing and even continuing education courses if you’re on a budget

Pre-licensing price range for all states starts at $80 and can work it’s way up to $280.

Compared to other schools that start well into the $200 mark, that’s a great deal.

AYPO Real Estate courses are also perfect for students who want a self-paced no-frills educational experience. 

Their courses are largely text-based material which means there will be a lot of reading.

For the auditory learners out there, that’s a huge factor to consider.

Now let’s take a deep dive into what makes AYPO Real Estate a great school of choice to earn your real estate license.

AYPO Real Estate Overview

At Your Pace Online (AYPO) is an online real estate school that lives up to the meaning of its name.

Although they’ve only been in the industry since 2010, AYPO has helped many students earn their real estate licenses and support their real estate education even after that. 

They not only provide post-licensing state-approved courses, you also have the option to get continuing education course packages.

You can even get a mortgage pre-licensing and continuing education courses with AYPO. 

Admittedly, they are far from being a one-stop shop for real estate students since AYPO has its limits too. 

Their pre-licensing courses are only available in six states: Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Texas.

Meanwhile, they offer their continuing education to 40 states. 

AYPO Real Estate: The Pros

Courses don’t expire

Other online real estate schools have a set time frame for completing a course but AYPO threw that rule out the window and gave its students a gift:

Courses with no expiration!

They’re staying true to their name — at your pace.

AYPO understands that sometimes life happens and their students need to hit pause on studying.

If you find yourself in that situation, don’t worry.

You can pick up where you left off, even if you need to take a month or two for a break.

But be careful not to use the perk of a self-paced course as an excuse to be lax about your studies. 

The faster you finish your course, the earlier you can get your license and become a full-fledged real estate agent.

Curious about what AYPO Real Estate looks like?

Here’s a quick walkthrough video you can watch:


You can take your real estate courses with you anywhere thanks go how easy AYPO Real Estate made it.

You can finish the course via their website where you gain access to the student dashboard for an overview of your course. 

While they don’t have an app just yet, you can also download the course PDF to your gadget for some offline learning throughout the day.

That way you’re free to study wherever you are.

Affordable course packages

Aside from no-expiry courses, AYPO also offers affordable course packages.

In fact, they believe it’s so affordable, they give their students a “Best Price Guarantee.”

That means, if you find a similar course online with a cheaper price tag, they will match that price.

However, this offer is only explicitly stated for Texas, Oregon, and Florida courses.

AYPO currently offers real estate pre-licensing courses to six states and the amount you’ll need to shell out varies.

But how affordable are AYPO courses, you ask?

Their Florida Real Estate 63-Hour Pre-License Course is only $80 and you can purchase their 75-Hour New York Real Estate Salesperson Pre-License Course for $89.

Compared with other online real estate schools with courses that start with three digits (we’ll look at a comparison later) AYPO is truly one of the best budget-wise.

For some states like Texas, you can even get individual pre-licensing courses which lower the price even more.

Pass or don’t pay guarantee

And if their Best Price Guarantee isn’t good enough, they also offer a “Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee” or a “Satisfaction Guarantee.”

AYPO is confident that their students will pass the state exam on their first try and if not, they get their money back. 

However, this offer is only explicitly stated for offers in select states like Texas and Michigan.

The Oregon pre-licensing course gets a “Satisfaction Guarantee” or money back offer.

So if at some point while studying, you realize you’re not satisfied with the material, you can get your money back too. 

All you have to do is give their top-notch customer service a call and they will work their magic to fulfill your request.

All these guarantees that protect your money are how you know AYPO is confident with the quality of its course material and student experience. 

Other courses offered

AYPO does not only have real estate pre-licensing courses, they also offer continuing education and exam prep.

They’re on their way to being a one-stop shop from starting to growing in your real estate career.

You can get an add-on of an AYPO Real Estate Exam Prep for states like Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New York, and Texas.

It gives you more questions for review and practice aside from short quizzes at the end of every lesson. 

AYPO also offers state-approved Real Estate Continuing Education courses in 40 states including Texas, California, Florida, New York, Hawaii, and more. 

You will be required to take this course every few years or so to keep you up to date on the real estate industry.

Finishing a Continuing Education course is also a quick way to renew your license. 

And if you’re on a budget, you can also get individual Continuing Education courses with AYPO. 

AYPO Real Estate: The Cons

You Need to Read a Lot

Since you’re going to spend hours studying, interactive courses are a huge plus because let’s face it — online studying could be a snooze fest sometimes. 

We’ll warn you now: AYPO courses are text-heavy and might be challenging for auditory learners. 

You’ll have to read a lot from their PDF course material which, on the bright side, you can always access offline. 

But don’t worry, while you won’t find entertaining graphics or top-notch animation with AYPO, they still get the job done.

Their courses are still a great way to get your real estate license.

Just keep in mind that you’ll have to read and self-study a lot.

Basic Packages

If you end up choosing an AYPO basic package course — we can’t stress this enough — you have to exert a lot of effort into studying. 

While it is affordable, the basic package sometimes does not offer customer support or access to connect with instructors.

Unless you’re cool with being left alone, you can go ahead and go down that road. 

But if you still want some sort of help, choosing a higher tiered package is our recommended option. 

Not Offered in Other States

AYPO Real Estate ia only currently offered in six states: Alabama, Florida, Michigan (Salesperson and Broker), New York, Oregon, and Texas.

So if you’re looking to study for a pre-licensing course in California or Hawaii, or any other state for that matter, you’d have to skip AYPO Real Estate.

But the good news is, their continuing education course availability makes up for this. 

AYPO Real Estate CE courses are available in 40 states and are all state-approved and created by industry experts.

Everything Is Online

How is this a con, you ask?

Students don’t fit in a one-size-fits-all approach to learning so if one thrives as an online student, another might not.

For other aspiring real estate professionals, an in-person class might be better.

Classroom-based learning has a guaranteed instructor you can ask any time if the lessons are unclear and even classmates to compare notes and experiences with. 

AYPO Real Estate might not have in-person classes but you can still speak with course instructors or reach out to customer service if you encounter problems.

Available Courses and Pricing

As we mentioned earlier, AYPO Real Estate has one of the most affordable course packages for an online real estate school. 

They currently offer pre-licensing courses for six states with different licensing hour requirements so the price can vary. 

But here’s the AYPO Real Estate coursework and pricing for pre-licensing courses at a glance:

State and Course Price Course Inclusions
60-Hour Alabama Real Estate Salesperson License-Course $260 Alabama Real Estate Commission-approved
Covers 8 topics
Review questions throughout
Customer service via phone, chat, or email
Course completion certificate
Florida Real Estate 63-Hour Pre-License Course $80 Florida Real Estate Commission-approved
Review questions throughout
Unlimited attempts at practice exam
Customer service via phone, chat, or email
Course completion certificate
40-Hour Michigan Salesperson Pre-License Course $189 Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs-approved
Review questions throughout
Unlimited attempts at practice exam
Customer service via phone, chat, or email
Course completion certificate
75-Hour New York Real Estate Salesperson Pre License Course $89 New York Department of State-approved
Covers 17 topics
Incremental exams75-question final exam
Customer service via phone, chat, or email
Course completion certificate
150-Hour Oregon Real Estate Broker Pre-License Course $289 Oregon Real Estate Agency-approved
Covers 7 topics
Review questions throughout
Unlimited attempts at practice exam
Customer service via phone, chat, or email
Course completion certificate
180-Hour Texas Real Estate Sales Agent Package $149 Texas Real Estate Commission-approved
6 qualifying education courses
Review questions throughout
State exam prep tests
Customer service via phone, chat, or email
Course completion certificate

See that price range?

AYPO Real Estate is one of the more affordable online real estate schools.

That’s why they’re perfect for cash-strapped folks with a dream to earn their real estate license.

AYPO $1,000 Award Scholarship

Yes, you read that right.

Another cool AYPO feature is their offers of a $1,000 Award scholarship to help select students who would need it the most. 

Interested in the scholarship program?

To be eligible, here are the requirements:

  • Be currently enrolled at or planning to attend a university or community college, graduate school program, distance-learning school program, vocational or trade school in the US
  • Show current proof of enrollment or letter of acceptance to receive your scholarship check
  • No academic disciplinary records
  • Be 18 years old and above
  • Be a citizen or a permanent resident of the US

If you tick those boxes, you can go ahead and join the essay writing and video submission contest to win the $1,000 scholarship award. 

Here are the essay details:

  • Submit a 500-word minimum essay or a 3-minute maximum video on a topic to be announced by AYPO Real Estate
  • Provide details with your entry: Full name, date of birth, college or trade school, major or specialty

This 2023, the theme was “Role Model: For You and For Others” and the winner was announced last May 2022.

If you want to join the 2023 awards, AYPO is currently working on the details so stay tuned. 

You can watch out for updates on their website

Course Format

By now you already know that AYPO Real Estate offers courses in PDFs, slides, and a few videos here and there.

That means there are a lot of reading materials you will go through for hours. 

And since AYPO Real Estate courses are offered online and are in a self-paced format, it’s easy to feel as if you’re on your own.

Here’s a tip: Try printing the PDF file so you can easily highlight bits and pieces and scribble notes on the margins.

With self-study courses, you have to retain as much information as you can. 

You’ll have a lot of room to study how you learn best — read thoroughly and quickly or spend time going back to certain topics and slowly read through them. 

The courses are mobile-friendly and designed to be taken from any gadget — mobile phone, tablet, laptop.

You’re not confined in a classroom here so go ahead and study at a cafe or at a friend’s house if you must!

Every time you finish a chapter, the courses also include chapter tests and state exam prep test, depending on the bundle you choose.

Although it sounds like a feat, remember that AYPO Real Estate courses can be taken at your pace.

You won’t have to stress about meeting a deadline for an exam or cramming reading through your notes. 

That’s the beauty of a text-based course format!


Just because AYPO offers self-study courses doesn’t mean they will leave you 100% to your devices. 

AYPO instructors are industry veterans who know the ins and outs of real estate in specific states.

If you’ve got questions, these online instructors are more than happy to help. 

Just shoot them a quick email or reach out to customer support via phone, email, or chat if you encounter problems.

Reviews from AYPO Real Estate Students

We’ve talked about how AYPO is a good school to finish your pre-licensing requirements with. 

But what do the actual AYPO course-finishers have to say about their experience?

Admittedly, this online school does get a mixed bag of reviews. 

The majority of the students find the not-frills fuss-free learning approach to be helpful. 

“I was at my own pace and I could log in anytime and complete the modules. This worked well with me doing this while my baby slept. I was able to complete all of the classes in a few months,” read one four-star review on Agent Advice.

AYPO Real Estate Review

“It was online, inexpensive, and at myown pace which were all the things I needed that AYPO provided. It’s there in the name,” read another review. 

AYPO graduates also say that the content could get “dry” with all the reading you’ll have to go through. 

But other than that, it “got the job done.”

AYPO Real Estate Review

Another previous student said that the course format was a bit outdated and could be made better. 

She had to pause in the middle of a section and could not pick up where she left off. 

However, she did like that it was affordable and she could easily include studying in her schedule. 

AYPO Real Estate Review

Alternatives to AYPO Real Estate

Now, as great as AYPO Real Estate is, it still might not be the perfect fit for you or some students. 

Maybe you don’t learn from reading a whole 75-hour course and you’re looking for something more interactive (and you’re willing to pay extra too).

Or maybe you live in a state where AYPO doesn’t offer pre-licensing courses. 

In any case, there are three other awesome online real estate schools you can check out.

To compare these schools better, here’s a quick comparison of their pricing and courses based on their pre-licensing offers for Texas. 

  AYPO Real Estate Aceable Agent Colibri Real Estate The CE Shop
Price range for pre-licensing in Texas $149 – $249 $499 – $799 $549 – $859 $629 – $1,029
Courses offered Pre-licensing, Continuing Education, Exam Prep Pre-licensing, Continuing Education, Post Licensing, Exam Prep Pre-licensing, Continuing Education, Post Licensing, License Upgrade, Exam Prep Pre-licensing, Continuing Education, Post Licensing, License Upgrade, Exam Prep
Number of states pre-licensing courses are available 6 14 40 40
Inclusions for all pre-licensing tiers Self-paced online courses, state exam prep, online proctoring  Self-paced online, narrated courses, exam prep, study aid, wabinars, Q&A Self-paced online, intructor support, exam prep, real estate PDF textbooks, exam cram, and more Self-paced online, free online proctoring, exam prep edge, ebooks, flashcards, and more. 

Aceable Agent

If you’re an aspiring real estate agent, you’ve probably heard about courses from Aceable Agent. 

This well-known online real estate school offers pre-licensing and continuing education courses currently for 14 states. 

Aceable Agent provides their students with courses well-balanced with text, advanced animated videos, and a few more interactive course features.

Their engaging courses can be taken through the Aceable Agent app and you can finish them at your pace.

Why consider Aceable Agent?

They’ll provide you with a fun time studying (yay for visual learners!) and they offer other perks such as a money-back guarantee and broker-agent matching programs. 

Plus, they’ve got great pass rate records too!

Courses could get a bit pricey (it starts at $135) but you can opt to purchase individual courses to budget your money. 

Read: AceableAgent Review 2023 – Is AceableAgent The Best Online Real Estate School?

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate is another awesome online school.

Why makes this one a great choice?

First off, their pre-licensing courses are available in 40 states — that’s more than AYPO Real Estate or Aceable Agent.

Second, Colibri Real Estate has amazing features such as real estate boot camps, free ebooks, printed textbooks, free Q&As with instructors, and exam prep. 

However, their course bundles could get pricey. 

Prepare to shell out upwards of $300 just for the basic package. 

Read: Colibri Real Estate Review For 2023 – The Pros And Cons

The CE Shop

The CE Shop is considered as a one-stop shop for everything you’ll need in your real estate career.

They’ve got everything from pre-licensing courses and exam prep to continuing education and upgrading your license.

And these courses are also available in many states. 

When it comes to course formats, The CE Shop gives students a modern approach to studying. 

Once you sign up for a course, you’ll get access to a sleek and easily navigable dashboard of your courses which are a mix of text, slides, and videos.

While you’re taking a course, the right panel also gives you an idea of how much of the course you’ve taken and the time left to complete it. 

Here’s a complete walkthrough of The CE Shop you can watch to get a better look at it:

Although The CE Shop is a great alternative to AYPO Real Estate, it’s not the best for those on a budget. 

Basic course packages start at $200 and could go as high as $600+.

Read: The CE Shop Review (2023)

AYPO Real Estate FAQ

What are the Requirements to Sign Up for AYPO Real Estate?

The requirements for signing up would vary depending on the state you want to get a real estate license for.

But generally, here are the boxes you’d need to tick:

  • You must be 18 years old or older
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Be a high school graduate or an equivalent
  • Clean criminal record

Once you clear those requirements, you can go ahead and sign up for the course you want to take. 

Signing up for a course with AYPO is pretty straightforward.

  1. Visit their website and choose your course and state.
  2. Select a course.
  3. Choose if you want to include a PDF file at an additional cost for offline studying. 
  4. Input your details and check out
  5. Finally, wait for AYPO’s confirmation via email

And you’re ready to start your hours and work towards that real estate license!

What’s AYPO Real Estate’s Pass Rate?

Unfortunately, unlike other schools like Aceable Agent, AYPO Real Estate does not have a blanket pass rate.

In the six states they offer pre-licensing courses for, they only included their 65.93% student pass rate for the Texas Real Estate Commission state exam.

But don’t worry, AYPO has a pass or don’t pay guarantee which means you can refund your money if you don’t pass the state exam.

Does AYPO Offer Courses Outside of Real Estate?

Yes, they do. 

Apart from real estate, AYPO also offers professional training in continuing education for a handful of industries. 

These include:

  • Auto Dealer
  • Contractor
  • Driver Safety
  • Electrician
  • Elevator
  • Gas Fitter
  • HVAC
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Plumbing
  • Real Estate
  • Tax Prep
  • Water Operator

Continuing education courses for these are available in many states too.

To sign up for one, visit AYPO’s website and choose your industry and state. 


While there are a lot of online real estate school options out there, AYPO Real Estate is still one of the best choices. 

You get quality education through a state-approved course and access to industry-veteran instructors. 

Plus, there’s no pressure to finish a course in a certain time frame since AYPO courses don’t expire.

They remain true to their name — the courses are really at your pace!

And, unlike other schools, you get all of this at an affordable price range that won’t rip a hole in your pocket. 

However, they’re only available in a few states. 

But if they’ve got an approved course in your state and you’re interested in online learning, check out AYPO Real Estate. 

You’ll earn that real estate license in no time!

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