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What Is The Best New York Online Real Estate School?

Last updated on November 22, 2022

What Is The Best New York Online Real Estate School?

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

There are lots and lots of jobs available in the modern world. A person can do anything that they like if they put forth the effort and meet the requirements. One field that many people decide to get into is real estate. Why? Well, for one, becoming licensed as an agent or broker is an excellent way to earn a comfortable living. Of course, the amount of pay that the person brings home will vary depending on where they work, but still, once they get a little experience under their belt, the compensation can make all of the energy put toward the goal worthwhile.

Don’t jump the gun and think you are going to get rich right off the bat. It usually takes a year or two to build a client base and see the rewards. Still, though, research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average salary of an agent was $45,990 as of May 2017. Meanwhile, for the same period, brokers fared a bit better by bringing home $56,730. The sky is the limit though as to what a person can make because of the commission based pay.

It is important for interested parties to remember that real estate work is not like a typical 9 to 5 job. These individuals tend to handle deeds on weekends and in the evenings when clients are available. Nevertheless, the hours are flexible too as the person usually sets his or her own schedule. Thus, this flexibility is another reason why loads of folks go into the business.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

Education And Licensing Is Required

A person can’t just say that he or she is an agent and start buying or selling properties. Rather, they must attend school and obtain the appropriate credentials. One way to accomplish this feat is by enrolling in a brick and mortar class. However, this method doesn’t agree with everyone. After all, people have different schedules and showing up to a specific place at a precise time is not always possible. On many occasions, students don’t like this method as they are surrounded by strangers for an extended period.

Plus, a lot of students find the curriculum boring as they have to listen to a dull instructor lecture them for hours on end. Thankfully, there is a solution. More and more people, including residents of the Big Apple, are turning to the world wide web for their learning needs. Thus, they need to know which institution is the best New York online real estate school. So, curious persons should read further to learn more.

Always Research And Find The Best New York Online Real Estate School For Your Specific Needs

Just because one person says this or that about an establishment does not mean the experience will be the same for the next individual. If loads of people are putting out negative comments, these could be red flags about the organization though. Scams and schemes are lurking everywhere these days. Hence, it is of the utmost importance for folks to read reviews, testimonials, and look over the company’s credentials. This post is a good place to start as the institutions have been checked out and are legit. But still, pupils should do the legwork now on their own to find the best New York online real estate school and avoid the headaches later on down the line.

The Best New York Online Real Estate Schools

The below state-approved New York online real estate schools are who we highly recommend you go with. However, if for any reason you don’t like our top recommendations, we have a full list of all online real estate schools in New York further down the page.

1. AceableAgent

AceableAgent Real Estate License Training

AceableAgent deserves to be on top of this list as many people consider it the best New York online real estate school. There are plenty of things that make it great. For one, the course allows the student to get their license at their own pace. The assigned instructor will help them devise a plan that works for them. This is most beneficial for those who have a busy schedule, and let’s face it, that’s pretty much all of us.

Lessons can be accessed on any device. In fact, AceableAgent works the best on mobile devices due to the dedicated apps they created, which is another reason why AceableAgent is thought of as the best New York online real estate school. Students can do the work from a computer, laptop, or if they prefer, an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. There is expert and instructor support available as well.

AceableAgent is hands-down the most modern and highest quality online real estate course in New York, so we can easily rate them as the best option. You can learn more about this real estate school by visiting this detailed AceableAgent review.

Check Out AceableAgent Here

2. Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate is accredited by both ARELLO and IDECC, so students can rest assured that they won’t run into issues while trying to acquire their license. Plus, there are various courses available such as Advanced Pro, Get Started, Exam Advantage, and Competitive Edge, all offering different features for your specific needs. There are even individual classes that the person can purchase a-la-carte so you don’t need to pay for everything all up front. So, if you are searching for the best New York online real estate school, definitely give this one a look as it will thoroughly prepare you for your actual New York real estate license exam.

While Colibri Real Estate is a more basic course that is almost entirely text-based, they also offer some additional benefits such as an assigned instructor reachable via email, live Q&A sessions, and a forum where students can help, be helped, and network. Job placement assistance is also available. To learn more, check out this Colibri Real Estate review.

Check Out Colibri Real Estate Here

3. Mbition

Mbition Online Real Estate School

Mbition is an affordable option and now is one of the best times to sign up. They have recently updated their course material, so this course is fresh and current.

While it doesn’t sound like much, an advantage of Mbition is how the course is organized. This course is organized into smaller, easy-to-digest sections. You always know what you’ve already studied and what is coming up next. While this doesn’t sound like a big deal on the surface, it makes studying so much easier when all the information is well organized and easy to access.

Check Out Mbition Here

4. Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate

Kaplan is another contender for the title of the best New York online real estate school. It has been providing potential candidates with quality education for over 50-years. In other words, their team has been around the block a time or two, and they have discovered what works and what doesn’t

Due to their long track record of success, Kaplan is a bit more expensive than some of the other options you have in New York. However, Kaplan is considered by many to be one of the best as they have a very high student pass rate and very experienced instructors.

Kaplan also provides what may be the best customer service in the industry just in case you have any issues along the way. In short, you should seriously consider Kaplan if you want to obtain your real estate license online in New York.

Check Out Kaplan Here

Full List Of All New York Online Real Estate Courses

While we personally think the top 4 online real estate schools in New York are the best ones, here is a full list of all online real estate schools approved in the state:

A1 Real Estate & Insurance Institute


Advanced Training Institute

All Borough Real Estate Training Center

American Real Estate Institute

American Real Estate School

Colibri Real Estate

Baruch College

Bassett Educational Service & Training

Brooklyn School Of Real Estate

Cape School, Inc

The CE Shop

Charter Real Estate School

Cook Maran Services, LLC

Cusack Center For Professional Development

Empire School of Real Estate

Roch Association Of Real Estate

Hollywood Real Estate

Hondros College

Ivy Real Estate Education

Kaplan Professional

Leap Education

Lehman College


Manfred Real Estate Learning

Molloy College

Nassau Community College

On Course Learning (Career WebSchool)

Pace University

Queens College

Queens School Of Real Estate

Real Advantage Institute

Real Estate Learning Company

Realty Institute

St. Johns University

Western New York Real Estate Sales & Broker Training

Compare Real Estate Schools:


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