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The 5 Best Online Real Estate Courses For Continuing Education in Colorado

Last updated on February 6, 2023

The 5 Best Online Real Estate Courses For Continuing Education in Colorado featured image

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You might be wondering why, even after obtaining your Colorado real estate license, you need to take courses every few years.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, said that change is the only constant in life.

The same is true with your real estate profession. Things that you’ve learned before may no longer be accurate or relevant after some time.

Completing continuing education courses helps you maintain your license and keeps you current with trends and changes in the industry.

Continuing education helps you boost your clients’ trust and confidence in you. Keeping your license updated will also make you more knowledgeable on a wide variety of real estate topics.

Now that you know the importance of keeping your license current, you might be wondering where to begin.

Here, I’ve listed five of the best online real estate continuing education in Colorado for 2023.

5 Best Online Real Estate Courses For Continuing Education in Colorado

Here are five of the best online real estate schools in Colorado that offer CE courses:

  1. McKissock
  2. Colorado Real Estate School
  3. Kaplan
  4. VanEd
  5. The CE Shop

Keep on reading to learn more about their continuing education course options.


Online Real Estate in Colorado - Best Continuing Education in 2022 McKissock

McKissock Learning belongs to a family of e-learning solution providers called the Colibri Group. Founded by a father and son duo, it released its first online course in 1991. Now, the company exclusively offers real estate continuing education courses.

With two decades of expertise, McKissock is undoubtedly one of the most trusted brands in the US. Its online CE courses are available across 50 states, as well as in the District of Columbia.

Apart from its wide reach, one of the best things about McKissock is its user-friendly platform. Though its interface is simple, it will offer the content you need for your continuing education requirements.

It does tend to be text-heavy, though, which is the case for most real estate courses anyway. But what’s great is that there are a few informative videos that break the monotony.

Even better, McKissock offers other interactive ways for you to learn.

Its live chat function enables you to connect virtually with other students. If you like to collaborate with others and join study groups, McKissock’s CE courses might be the most suitable for you.

At around $70, you can sign up for an 8-hour education package that includes one annual CORE course and one elective.

If you want to enroll in a package with more required hours, you can opt for the 16-hour renewal package that costs just below $130. You can customize both packages and include electives of your choice.

Note: Since Colorado requires 24-hours of CE courses, one package won’t fully satisfy state requirements.

Better yet, you can get McKissock’s specialty – the CO McKissock CE PLUS Membership. For around $164, you get unlimited access to ALL CE courses in Colorado, plus a whole lot of other goodies, such as real estate coaching tools, 100+ job aids, webinars, and even a 90-day Boot Camp with Sherri Johnson.

You won’t find a better deal than this!

Check McKissock Here

Colorado Real Estate School

Online Real Estate in Colorado - Best Continuing Education in 2022 Colorado Real Estate

Colorado Real Estate School is a home-grown online education provider with a vision to provide a modern Internet-based, instructor-led course.

Its courses are in a fully online video streaming format. Its video classes feature a faculty of licensed Colorado real estate agents with years and years of experience in the industry. The CE courses are an authoritative source of changes and updates to real estate rules and regulations.

Its cheapest package is a bundle of one annual update course and one elective that costs a little over $50.

While students love the video streaming format, some students still prefer to have some reading materials as references. Also, the video streaming format may not be suitable for students with slower network connections.

Check It Out Here


Online Real Estate in Colorado - Best Continuing Education in 2022 Kaplan

Kaplan is one of the leading educational institutions in the country. Founded in 1938, it is one of the oldest providers of professional development courses. It has over 50 years of real estate education teaching expertise and has served millions of professionals.

Apart from its solid reputation, the best thing about Kaplan is the flexibility it offers its students. Unlike other online real estate schools, Kaplan has three study methods available. Students can choose from on-demand learning, live classes, and textbook home study.

One of its live online packages includes the four-hour required annual update course and one elective. It costs around $75. While it is affordable, you have to select a schedule for the live classes.

If you would rather study at your pace, you can opt for their on-demand or home study option.

Kaplan’s on-demand courses are relatively affordable and they’re available on any device. Like any other online real estate school, you can access the course anytime. Plus, your progress will be saved. 

What’s more, Kaplan’s on-demand course is very easy to read, with each lesson broken down into smaller parts. There are a lot of examples and practice problems that will give you a better understanding of real estate principles. 

Check Kaplan Here


Online Real Estate in Colorado - Best Continuing Education in 2022 VanEd

VanEd.com began in 1997, intending to create the highest quality real estate school online. Twenty-three years later, it now has more than 40,000 continuing education students. It has become one of the country’s most reputable online real estate schools.

Like many online real estate schools, VanEd.com’s CE courses are a bit boring due to a lack of interactive content. There are videos and quizzes, though, that encourage information retention.

Similar to MBition, VanEd.com currently does not offer bundles for Colorado real estate continuing education. You can, however, select the electives you want to take, along with the required annual update course. When you purchase them individually, they tend to be pricier than other schools’ offerings.

Nevertheless, VanEd.com remains one of the most trusted online real estate schools due to its long track record.

Check VanEd Here

The CE Shop

The CE Shop

The CE Shop is one of the real estate schools you go to if you’re looking for competitive pricing. 

As the name suggests, this school specializes in Continuing Education. However, they offer pre-licensing, post-licensing, and exam prep, too. 

What separates this school from others is its affordability and ease of use. 

Similar to Kaplan, The CE Shop has been offering courses in many states for years already. On top of that, they have a lot of positive reviews from previous students. 

So if you’re looking for a reputable school, you’ll find it here. 

You can purchase packages or individual courses. All you have to do is select them from the list and add them to the cart. 

Once you purchase them, you can view them at your The CE Shop account and start completing the courses. 

Since the school is 100% online, all your resources can be accessed on a browser. The only downside is that there is no mobile app for the school. So if you’re outside, it’s not easy to learn it from a browser. 

Besides that, The CE Shop is so easy to use when you’re at home. There’s also live chat support available 24/7. 

Check The CE Shop Here

How Do I Renew My Real Estate License in Colorado?

All Colorado real estate agents must renew their licenses every three years.

To renew, you need to complete 24 hours of continuing education.

The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) requires 12 hours of annual update courses and 12 hours of elective credits. The former consists of three four-hour core courses, which are updated every year. You must take one annual update course for each year of the renewal cycle.

You must complete the credit hours before your license renewal date.


Continuing education is the best way to keep up with today’s fast-changing world. It provides opportunities for you to grow further in your career and stay current with the best practices in real estate.

When you choose one of the best online real estate continuing education in Colorado listed above, you can keep up with your career’s demands without leaving the comfort of your home.

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