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5 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies (2023)

Last updated on January 4, 2023

5 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

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Lead generation is the heart of any real estate business. 

Without focusing your efforts on generating leads, you can’t expect to create customer relationships, let alone gain clients.   

Now, there are plenty of ways you can generate leads. You can go old school and make some calls, host open houses, advertise online, or optimize your website. However, there is a more effective option that might just open new business opportunities for you. 

Apart from generating leads on your own, you can try buying them. Many real estate lead generation companies sell leads in exchange for a monthly fee or per-lead rate.

If you don’t know much about these companies, you’re in the right place. 

Today, we’ll talk about the 5 best real estate lead generation companies this 2023.

Let’s get right to it!  

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Before we jump in and review them one by one, here is a list of the companies’ pros and cons:

Lead Generation Company Pros  Cons
Market Leader Guaranteed number of monthly leads Cost increases as the number of users increase
Real Geeks Produces high-quality leads consistently The website could do with some improvements.
Zillow Premier Agent Ads are run on the real estate industry’s largest website. Leads are mostly non-inclusive.
Offrs Uses a unique lead generation strategy Expensive
REDX Affordable Primarily uses cold-calling technique

Best Overall: Market Leader


Established in Washington in 1999, Market Leader is one of the nation’s pioneers in real estate lead generation. To date, it has served more than 250,000 customers, including industry leaders such as Better Homes and Gardens, Century 21, EXIT Realty, and R/E Max. 

The best thing about Market Leader’s services is that they offer a guaranteed number of unique leads each month. That means there are no two same leads. 

Market Leader also allows users to forecast conversion rates and return on investment on their lead generation tool.

Where do they get their leads?

Market Leader generates leads using the ad agency approach. It places ads on websites your prospects are already visiting, such as Google and Facebook. Once it captures a lead’s information, it automatically stores the data in its customer relationship management system.  

From there, it filters the leads to you.   

Market Leader’s fees start at around $130 per month. However, the cost increases as the number of agents using the platform grows. Also, no discount is available to clients availing of a 12-month plan.   

Best Reasonably Priced: Real Geeks


Real Geeks is not only our best reasonably priced pick, but it is also our runner-up for best overall real estate lead generation company. 

Like the former, Real Geeks also works by strategically placing targeted ads on high-traffic websites, such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram. 

Unlike most of its competition, however, Real Geeks lets you drive traffic to landing pages customized for you or your business. And once it captures a lead, it gives you various options for dispersing it within your team or organization. 

Starting at around $250 per month, Real Geeks offers competitive prices in exchange for consistently high-quality leads. It also doesn’t charge for setup fees.

The only con with Real Geeks is that its websites could use some upgrades. They aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, but you can use the services of a professional web developer or designer.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend Real Geeks for its convenience and versatility. It is easy to set up, it can be hands-on or automated, and most importantly, it is cost-effective.        

Best for Buyer Leads: Zillow Premier Agent


Zillow Premier Agent is one of the most popular real estate lead generation companies in the United States. Zillow is almost synonymous with real estate and has a long-standing reputation in the industry.

Zillow runs ads on its platform, which is perhaps the world’s largest real estate website. This means that lead conversion rates may be higher since site visitors most likely intend on buying property. 

Leads generated by Zillow Premier Agent are non-exclusive, though. The system doesn’t prevent prospects from clicking on more than one agent, hence potentially causing competition among real estate agents. 

Also, Zillow generates mostly buyer leads, so if you are focused on seller leads, it might not be the best platform for you.  

Zillow Premier Agent’s prices are not readily available on their website, but you can reach out to them for a quote. It does not have a minimum monthly fee or subscription period, though, and pricing depends on the area, average home price, etc…

Best for Seller Leads: Offrs

5 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Offrs

Offrs is a company that focuses on generating seller leads. It depends on behavioral, demographic, and historical data for predictive analysis. Offrs helps real estate agents by providing forecasted listings or properties that will sell in the coming year.

It also provides specialized leads such as expired listings and FSBOs (For Sale by Owner). 

Unlike most of its competitors, Offrs has a pay-as-you-go pricing plan. Each property lead costs $0.10 per month. Non-exclusive leads cost around $0.05 per month. 

It also offers a Smart Agent subscription plan, which allows you to select a customer territory. Each territory can generate up to 5,000 property leads and costs about $200 per property per month. 

Predictive analytics may just be the future of the real estate industry. It can even provide growth potential and long-term success. However, if you do not have a dedicated budget for a seller lead generation platform, Offrs may not be right for you.  

Best for Affordability: REDX


REDX started in Utah in 2003 as a prospecting platform. To date, it has served more than 50,000 real estate agents in the US and Canada. 

REDX is our real estate lead generation pick when it comes to price. Its monthly fees start at only around $40, depending on the lead type. For instance, FSBOs cost about $40, while GeoLeads and expired listings cost around $50 and $60, respectively. 

Similar to Offrs, REDX also focuses on seller leads. It works by including contact information for you to reach. It has available scripts that you can use to start real estate conversations  

What’s more, its Power Dialer feature helps you quickly contact sellers.

REDX also verifies leads against active listings and creates a Do Not Call list.   

Unlike other companies on this list, REDX primarily uses an outbound lead generation system. Hence, unless cold-calling is your forte, it might not be suitable for you. 

REDX gives you complete control over your business, though. So, if you are motivated and hardworking, this tool will work wonders for you. 


While you can successfully generate real estate leads on your own, a good lead generation company can give you better results within a shorter time frame. 

When you engage the services of a lead generation company, you are essentially paying a professional to get leads for you. Hence, it might be costly in the beginning, but when you see results, the investment will all be worth it. 

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