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Creative Ways to Generate Leads at Non-Real Estate Events

Last updated on April 6, 2022

Creative Ways to Generate Leads

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Whoever said that sales agents have it easy is in for a rude awakening. 

The sales industry is a cutthroat environment — quotas, rejections, and not to mention having to constantly think of ways to keep your stream of leads steady. 

That said, we want to help you out a bit. 

This is why, today, we’re going to give you the most creative ways to generate leads at non-real estate events. This way, you can get even more leads. 

So let’s get straight into it!

How to Get Leads at Non-Real Estate Events

Creative Ways to Generate Leads at Non-Real Estate Events
Source: canva.com

Traditional lead generation in real estate involves a lot of face-to-face interaction. Before the age of robust technology, realtors had to be resourceful with how they did this.  

If you still believe in interaction and actual events, then here are some ways you can get leads at non-real estate events. 

Join parties

Do you have past clients you’ve become close to? If so, maximize the potential of their network! 

If your client invites you to a personal event such as their kids’ birthday parties or even their own, you should definitely go. 

The reason is that your client probably respects and trusts you a lot, which is why they invited you in the first place. And, when they introduce you to their circle, you can get a good word from them. What if some of his or her friends are looking to buy a property, too?

Hang out in bars

Extroverts, here is your time to shine! 

Networking in bars is the ultimate definition of work and play combined. If you’re the type who enjoys high-energy gatherings, we’re betting this is your favorite method of collecting your prospects! 

Also, the bar is a great place to meet all types of people. It’s where people want to get to know you more and tell you about themselves. This way, you can really make a connection and get more leads. 

Just make sure to take it easy on the alcohol!

Station yourself at a coffee shop

And not just in any random coffee shop. You need to be more strategic on the location. 

To get a higher volume of qualified leads, you have to go to coffee shops where your target market hangs out. 

Are they middle-class? Then you should probably try your local mall coffee store. If they belong in the upper-end, it may be best to go to a coffee shop stationed near an affluent village. Or in artisan food carnivals. 

Unlike the bar, coffee shops are more serious and formal. But if that’s the kind of impression that you want to give out, then it will attract leads that are looking for an agent like that. 

Go on trips

When you go on a trip, that is a great way to meet new people. 

And, when you meet someone new, they will generally ask about YOU. When that happens, you can start telling them about your business. You might even ask if that person knows anyone that is looking for an agent. 

You see, if you just stay in your area or neighborhood, chances are you won’t get a chance to introduce yourself and ask for any potential leads. But if you go on trips, then you’ll be able to expose yourself to an even bigger audience. 

How to Get Leads Through Technology-Focused Events

We’re all about creative ways to generate real estate leads. 

And, thanks to social media and the online world, getting leads is easier than ever. If you know how to put yourself out there virtually, you won’t even have to lift a finger—the clients will come to you!

So here are some creative ways to generate leads through technology. 

Make TikTok videos

This one can raise a lot of eyebrows, but really, going viral does wonders if you put out the right content! 

In this day and age, publicity can mean being a local celebrity to a full-blown overnight global sensation. And one of the easiest ways to achieve that is through TikTok. 

There are endless possibilities for creating TikTok videos. Plus, this is where it gets fun. It’s not only an outlet for potential virality, but it’s also an outlet for creativity. 

There is no limit to what type of content you can make. 

You can create short-form commentaries, shoot videos of aesthetic interiors, or even just vlog about the everyday life of a sales agent. 

If people find it and are interested, they might reach out to you. 

It’s one of the most fun options for lead generation! And the pay-off can be extremely massive if you get lucky. 

Optimize your LinkedIn page

If you’re not tech-savvy enough, building your own website can be very difficult. 

If so, here’s another option – LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is filled to the brim with successful, loaded professionals. But for some reason, a lot of agents don’t seem to grasp its potential. 

Oh well, more for you!

To optimize your LinkedIn, you’ll have to make it clear what it is you offer as a service. Find which communities within LinkedIn your target audience hangs out in, and try to be visible there. 

For example, comment on their posts with relevant insights or even post something valuable in the group. Avoid spamming at all costs!


Relying solely on real estate events such as flyers, open houses, and manning booths is not enough to thrive as a realtor. 

You have to get creative! 

Traditional methods include joining parties, hanging out at the bar, going to coffee shops, traveling, and so much more. With any event, real estate or non-real estate, you’ll be able to market yourself and get new leads. 

You just have to be creative!

Online methods such as making TikTok videos, using social media, and all that can give you an even bigger reach. 

While this list is composed of both digital and traditional methods for lead generation, there is a common ground among all of them…


What separates every successful realtor from a mediocre one is never stopping. 

Remember, the real estate industry is a cutthroat environment. To stand out, you have to embody consistency, discipline, creativity,  and determination. 

So try out some of our creative ways to generate leads at non-real estate events. And come up with your own creative ways.

Good luck!

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