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Freshworks Review for Real Estate – Is This the CRM for You?

Last updated on December 4, 2022

Freshworks Review for Real Estate - Is This the CRM for You

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If there’s one thing in real estate, it’s that communication and relationship building is key to effective marketing

Having CRM software that can help you keep in touch with leads and existing clients is tantamount to your success as an agent. 

That’s where Freshworks comes into play. 

In this Freshworks review for real estate, we’ll be checking out the pros and cons of their services. In turn, it will help you determine if it’s the CRM for you. 

So let’s get started!

Introducing Freshworks

Formerly known as Freshsales, Freshworks is a popular real estate CRM that helps agents unify marketing and sales efforts. 

They have over a dozen features that can streamline everyday responsibilities, including customer support, nurturing leads, monitoring data and analytics, and closing deals faster and more efficiently. 

Freshworks Features and Services

Here are some of the best features and services you can get from Freshworks. 

Staying on top of deals

Freshworks has all the services and tools you need to keep all your listings in a tidy and organized manner. 

The Frewshorks software understands that each real estate project is unique. Therefore, to avoid overcrowding a single pipeline with all your projects, this CRM allows you to create multiple pipelines based on different criteria and specifications. 

An AI-powered assistant will also help you categorize clients as “Likely-to-Close,” “Trending,” “At-Risk,” and “Gone Cold.” With its help, you can immediately adjust your efforts to solve these issues, as well as help you prioritize your pipelines better. 

Managing conversations

Real estate agents often have to communicate with multiple clients at a time. That said, it can be difficult to keep up with all those conversations crowding your inbox. 

With the help of Freshworks, real estate agents can easily deal with multiple prospects at a time using the software’s contact management system. 

With this feature, agents can: 

  • Keep a chronological record of engagements with prospects
  • Keep track of upcoming appointments and other tasks that need to be addressed
  • Monitor social media, website, and other channel activities 
  • Evaluate marketing and lead generation campaigns sent via email and other platforms

Automated client recording

It’s likely you’ll have clients flooding different platforms with their customer information and other details. The clutter that comes from this incident can be time-consuming to navigate. 

Luckily, Freshworks CRM does all the recording for you automatically. All you have to do is connect the Freshworks software with every single one of your marketing platforms and you’re all set to go. 

Customizable email templates

The thought of typing a single email multiple times is boring at best. Freshworks saves you the time and hassle of going through all the mundane tasks of planning and creating an email by providing you with effective email templates you can customize and send as necessary. 

Send campaigns to multiple prospects at a time with a single click. 

Schedule emails

Real estate agents don’t have all the time in the world to send emails to prospects and customers. But with email scheduling from Freshworks, you can simply create campaigns ahead of time and the software will take care of the rest of the process for you. 

No need to stop by the side of the road to quickly pull up your CRM app and send your campaigns to leads. Now, you can simply set a date and time, and just wait for the software to take care of the task for you. 

Freshworks Pricing

Freshworks offers both annual and monthly payment plans, which is great for users who aren’t ready to make a full commitment quite yet. 

The cheapest plan that Freshworks currently offers is FREE; however, the services and features are very limited. 

Here’s what’s included in the FREE account:

  •  Contact & Account Management 
  •  Contact Lifecycle Stages 
  •  Built-in Chat, Email, & Phone 
  •  24×5 Support 
  •  Mobile App 

If you want more advanced features, you’ll have to get the more expensive plans, which are the Grow, Pro, and Enterprise plans. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of those plans

Starts at $15/user/month (billed annually);
$18/user/month (billed monthly)*
Starts at $39/user/month (billed annually);
$47/user/month (billed monthly)*
Starts at $69/user/month (billed annually);
$83/usermonth (billed monthly)*
Everything from the FREE package, plus the following features:

Visual Sales Pipeline 
AI-powered Predictive Contact Scoring 
Sales Sequences 
Product Catalog 
Custom Reports & Dashboards
Everything from the Growth package, plus the following features:

Multiple Sales Pipelines 
Time-based Workflows 
AI-powered Deal Insights & Next Best Action 
Chat Campaigns 
WhatsApp Business
Everything from the Pro package, plus the following features:

Custom Modules 
Auto-profile Enrichment 
AI-based Forecasting Insights 
Audit Logs 
Dedicated Account Manager

Note: prices are exclusive of applicable taxes, which may vary depending on a user’s location.

Freshworks also offers a 21-day FREE trial of their services, so you can test their features all you want before making a purchase.

Freshworks Pros

  • Is a mobile-friendly app that allows users to access their client database anytime and anywhere
  • It includes a full suite of valuable features and tools real estate agents can use to gather and nurture leads
  • The software itself was designed to be highly customizable to the specific needs of the person using it
  • Has a long-enough trial period that allows clients to test services before making a commitment

Freshworks Cons

  • Their services can easily get more expensive depending on location because of applicable taxes
  • Costs can also hike up the more users you add to your team
  • It presents a steep learning curve for users who’ve never used CRM software before
  • Customer support services are only available during weekdays and not weekends

Final Thoughts

Freshworks offer a variety of real estate-specific services, which makes them a great choice for CRM. However, their prices can get a little steep the larger your team gets. Still, if your agency can find a way to pay for the costs, this CRM is definitely one to check out.

We hope that this article has helped you determine if this is the CRM for you or not. 

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