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Here’s How To Get Your Real Estate License Online

Last updated on November 3, 2021

Here’s How To Get Your Real Estate License Online

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Making a career change is something that can not only lead to better income but even bring you more overall happiness in your life as well. But, it’s something that can be scary for many people. After all, the process often involves a lot of hard work and uncertainty. Making the decision to get your real estate license can be a perfect path to a new career, but it’s something that you’ll have to work at.

Luckily, you can actually get your real estate license online in many states, and only a few require you to complete all of your education in person. Using online real estate courses to get your real estate license offers plenty of very real benefits including things like:

  • Easier scheduling
  • Increased flexibility
  • Ability to learn at your own pace
  • Learn in a comfortable, relaxed environment
  • Avoid the need to commute to and from class

In short, when you get your real estate license online, it can save you time, money, and energy. However, it does still take commitment as well as hard work and effort. You can’t go into the process expecting an easy, free pass to a license. But, if you’re willing to put in the work, you can get your real estate license online and enter a new career. Learning the basics of how to do it is important.

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The Basic Steps To Get Your Real Estate License Online

Different states will obviously have different rules and regulations regarding what you need to do in order to get your real estate license. But, there is a basic process that you’ll have to complete. Here’s a rundown of what you can generally expect.

  • To begin with, you need to ensure that your state allows you to actually get your real estate license online. Not all states do, but new states regularly make the change to allow online learning for your license.
  • Also be sure that the school you choose is approved by the state you live in. The majority of schools will be approved for each state, but it’s important to make certain that your program of choice meets all of the requirements your state has.
  • Next, sign up for and start taking the classes. The length will vary depending on where you live, some states may require 90 hours of classwork while another could require 160. The process of online learning lets you complete those course hours from your own home, but you still have to complete them.
  • Once you complete the online requirements, you’ll need to register for the real estate license exam to get your real estate license. This usually requires that you submit to a background check and fingerprinting, though a few states may require those steps after you’ve completed the exam before you get your license.
  • Once you have passed the exam and the background checks, you’ll be ready to find a real estate brokerage and start working for them. You can’t be an actual broker until you’ve completed time as a real estate agent, but as an agent, you can start enjoying all the benefits that the field has to offer.

These are the basic steps that anyone will have to complete when they want to get their license. If you’re trying to get your real estate license, you can be confident that they’re the steps you can expect to take as well. While each state may have some different requirements and while the subject matter covered during a program could vary slightly, the basics remain the same no matter the location or the school.

What To Expect From An Online Real Estate License Program

It’s easy enough to understand just how to get your real estate license online. But those hours and hours of coursework that you have to complete mean that you will be spending a large portion of your time in an online class.

This means that you’ll be doing your studies over the internet from your computer, obviously. But what are the specifics of the process exactly? Here are a few of the main things an online real estate program will involve.

  • Coursework is delivered via email or through classroom hubs. Often this includes streaming video or recorded video lectures. In some cases it may include other things like interactive quizzes and other things as well. No matter what the specifics of the content may be, you’ll be able to complete the process and reach the minimum requirements set forth by your state, then move on to the next step in the process.
  • If you’re given assignments, you’ll have a specific deadline associated with them. In online learning, it’s not important when you complete the studies or the assignments – as long as they’re done by the deadline. This is the big freedom offered by online education since not everyone can make it to a school for a class at a specific time easily.
  • You’ll also have access to resources outside of the basic state-required classwork. This can include things like message boards and forums or exam preparatory materials and even practice exams. Even if a resource isn’t part of the required classwork, you can use it to better improve your understanding of the subject and to become the best possible real estate agent once you enter the field.
  • If you need to contact your instructor, schools allow you to do so via email in most instances. Some could also allow you to reach out to instructors via phone, but in some cases you may have to pay an additional fee to do so. Even with email-only contact, the instructors are usually fast to respond and very helpful.

It’s important to understand and remember that even if you’re involved in online learning, you still have to put forth the effort to get your real estate license. You should plan on hard work and discipline in order to truly succeed. Online learning can help simplify some things, but you still have to work hard to get your license.

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