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How to Get a Real Estate License Online in West Virginia (A Complete Guide)

Last updated on January 4, 2022

How to Get a Real Estate License Online in West Virginia

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Do you want to become a real estate agent in West Virginia?

If so, know that the journey takes time, dedication, and investment. But know also that it will be worth it as a real estate career is a booming one. 

But first, you need to obtain a WV real estate license. 

How do you get that?

Follow our complete guide on how to get a real estate license online in West Virginia!

Real Estate License Qualifications in West Virginia

To qualify for a WV real estate license, you must meet these qualifications:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent (GED)
  • Be a US citizen or legal alien

That’s it! 

How to Get a Real Estate License Online in West Virginia 

To apply for a WV real estate license, you must complete all these steps: 

Step 1: Take a WV real estate pre-licensing course

Step 2: Find a WV licensed sponsoring broker 

Step 3: Complete a background check

Step 4: Submit a real estate license application

Step 5: Pass the WV real estate exam

Let’s take a look at the details. 

Step 1: Complete a WV Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

To begin, salesperson applicants need to complete ninety (90) hours of real estate pre-licensing education approved by the WVREC.

While most schools approved by the WVREC are traditional classroom schools, you can still find approved distance learning pre-licensing courses. 

We recommend Cooke Real Estate School for a reliable online pre-licensing education that you can finish at your convenience. (More info about Cooke Real Estate School in the FAQs section.) 

Now, the 90 hours of WV real estate pre-licensing curriculum consists of:

  • 30 hours: Real Estate Principles and Practice
  • 20 hours: Real Estate Law
  • 20 hours: Real Estate Finance
  • 20 hours: Real Estate Appraisal

To successfully pass the course, you need to score 70% or higher on each final exam topic. If you do that, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you will need to apply for a license. 

Step 2: Find a WV Licensed Sponsoring Broker 

All WV real estate agents must work for a brokerage firm. Not only that, but your sponsoring broker of choice will have to sign your license application.

When looking for a sponsoring broker, don’t ever rush it. I mean, you don’t want to work for a broker that doesn’t fit your needs and preferences. 

Also, make sure the broker you choose has a good reputation, fair commission structure, and follows their own policies. 

Step 3: Complete a Background Check

Before you apply for a WV real estate license, you first have to complete a criminal background check

You may schedule an appointment online through the Identogo website. Use the service code: 228Q6K.

Step 4: Submit a Real Estate License Application

Great news! You can submit your real estate license application online through the WVREC Portal

To complete your license application, you will need to provide personal information (full name, birth date, address, SSN), sponsoring broker supporting documents, background check results, two recommendations from property owners, and your pre-licensing certificate of completion. 

The license application fee will cost $75.

Step 5: Pass the WV Real Estate Exam

Once your application is approved and deemed eligible, your application information will be sent to PSI. Expect to receive an email from PSI to schedule your WV real estate exam. 

You can also apply for the West Virginia real estate exam through the WVREC Portal. 

Exam application costs $25. 

What should you expect in the WV real estate exam?

There are two parts: 

  • 100 items for the national portion (2-hour allowance)
  • 50 items for the state portion (1-hour allowance)

To pass the exam, you must score at least 75% on both the national and state portions.

And there you have it! All there’s left to do is wait for your WV real estate license to be processed and delivered! 

West Virginia Real Estate License FAQs

How much will I spend to get a real estate license in West Virginia?

There are a few fees that you have to pay to get your WV real estate license. These are:

  • License application fee: $75
  • Exam fee: $25
  • Background check: $45.75

On top of that, you’ll have to pay for your real estate pre-licensing course, which will be the bulk of your investment.  

Traditional real estate schools cost around $600-800, while online courses can range from $300-500. 

What’s great about the online option is that most schools offer packages that suit any budget. Here are some of the cheapest approved online real estate schools in West Virginia:

So in total, you’ll spend around $900-1,000.

How long does it take to obtain my WV real estate license? 

Just as the pre-licensing course will take the bulk of your investment; it will also take the bulk of your time. 

This is why we highly suggest online real estate pre-licensing courses. You can complete it however fast or slow you want. 

Another step that might take some time is the background check. But after that, it’s all quick going. 

We’ll say it will take around 4 months at most. 

What is the best online real estate school in West Virginia?

One of the best ones is Cooke Real Estate School

How to Get a Real Estate License Online in West Virginia (A Complete Guide) Cooke Real Estate School

This is a distance learning school in West Virginia that will provide you with up-to-date textbooks and learning resources, as well as instructor and customer support.

Not only that, but they also offer many pre-licensing packages, including:

  • Bronze Package 
  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package
  • Platinum Package

These packages complete all course requirements 100% online. Plus, it includes chapter video presentations, vocabulary exercises, and session quizzes. 

All students will also have access to a weekly interactive study group to make the experience more enriching.

If you are looking for more guidance for the exam, you can opt for the Silver package that comes with an additional online exam prep course and textbooks. This will teach you how to ace the real estate exam the first time.

If you are interested in sales and marketing, opt for the Platinum package with an additional textbook and course on the topic.


If you follow all these steps, you’ll be able to start your real estate career in no time. 

So what are you waiting for?

If you check all the qualification boxes, you can start with a real estate pre-licensing course today! 

We hope that this guide has helped you!

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