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How To Pass My Real Estate Pre-License Exam

Last updated on April 7, 2021

How To Pass My Real Estate Pre-License Exam

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Congratulations are in order if you have finally decided to take the first steps towards becoming a real estate agent. Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that employment opportunities are expected to grow 6% between now and 2026. The study shows that there are already 444,100 jobs, but the growth is going to add another 24,900 openings. Hence, after acquiring your license, there will likely be a place for you in the real estate ranks.

Requirements for taking a real estate exam vary from state to state. So, interested parties should check with their Commission or Department of Real Estate to see if they have, can, or will meet the obligations. In most states, candidates must be 18 or 19 years of age. Plus, the individual needs to hold a high school or equivalent diploma. Some places even mandate that applicants get a background check and have their fingerprints put on file. Still, with these prerequisites, passing a real estate pre-license exam can be well worth the trouble.

The same study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the median annual wage for real estate agents was $45,990 as of May 2017. After getting licensed and some experience under your belt, becoming a broker can prove to be even more lucrative. These individuals made a tad bit more during the same period. The median yearly salary for brokers in May 2017 was $56,730. Don’t get ahead of yourself though. First, you should pass the real estate pre-license exam to prepare for the real thing.

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Helpful Tips For Passing The Real Estate Pre-License Exam

Here are some helpful tips for passing the real estate pre-license exam the very first time…

1. Take As Many Practice Tests As Possible

The real estate exam usually has a specific number of multiple-choice questions. Sometimes they are taken in a traditional manner such as with pen and paper. Meanwhile, on other occasions, they are given electronically, but the format is subject to change from time to time. However, the real estate pre-license exam will assist you in knowing what to expect. Whenever possible, candidates should take advantage of two, three, or four of these exercises. Not only will the tasks ensure that they are ready for the real test, but they will keep relevant information crisp and fresh in the person’s mind.

2. Answer Easy Questions First

The real estate pre-license exam will have its fair share of simple and hard questions alike. Of course, every test-taker is different, so what seems difficult to one person, may not appear so to the next. The point is that getting hung up on a single question for too long can turn into a disaster. Most states have a time limit in which the test must be completed. Becoming stuck on one problem will undoubtedly leave you rushing to fill in blanks at the end of the session. So, take care of the questions you know, skip the harder ones, and come back to them later.

3. Don’t Underestimate A Decent Night Of Sleep

Many people have trouble falling asleep on any given night, and when anxiety and stress are added to the equation, the task can be that much more troublesome. Nevertheless, it is of the utmost importance to rest up the evening before the real estate pre-license exam. Try taking a warm shower or bath to help you unwind and relax. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages too close to bedtime to prevent anxiousness and restlessness from setting in. If all else fails, there are plenty of non-habit forming sleep aids on the market. However, don’t take the medication after it gets too late or you will feel groggy and sleepy the next morning.

4. Do Not Worry About Selecting The Same Answer Over And Over Again

On occasion, the test creators, including those of the real estate pre-license exam, like to make questions have the same letter answers one right after another. For example, the response to problems one through four on an examination may all be “C.” This can and does happen. Of course, it looks funny though, and it causes the candidate to second-guess their choice. You have been studying the material, which means you know it inside and out. Don’t change a correct answer to an incorrect one just because it popped up in succession.

5. Avoid Getting Into Competitions With Other Participants

It is not uncommon for a person’s competitive side to show itself while taking the real estate pre-license exam. Aside from achieving the highest marks, the individual may try to rush through the test to be the first one finished. Hurrying is not the best tactic though. It can lead to you forgetting to fill in blanks, which will result in the problem being wrong. Additionally, the technique can cause misreadings or misinterpretations to take place, which will also make the answer incorrect. The best thing anyone can do for the real estate pre-license exam is stick to their own business and accomplish the task at hand.

6. Negate Drinking That Extra Cup Of Morning Joe

Energy drinks, shots, and coffee are great for helping a person wake up. They leave them feeling awake and alert for a period. However, they also promote anxiousness, jitteriness, and can even upset one’s stomach. The last thing the individual will be able to concentrate on with a bunch of caffeine in their system is the real estate pre-license exam. Instead of consuming these items, consider going for a brisk walk or doing a little exercise to get the blood flowing. These activities can help you wake up as well. Plus, they will leave you ready for whatever the day decides to throw your way.

Think outside the box when it comes to finding ways to relax for the real estate pre-license exam. After all, it is one of the first steps standing between you and the career of your dreams. Prepare appropriately, and in a matter of no time, you will have your license in hand.

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