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Hubspot CRM Review for Real Estate (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

Last updated on November 14, 2021

Hubspot CRM Review featured image

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Wondering if you should use HubSpot CRM for your real estate business

You’ve come to the right place. 

The truth is, a ton of real estate businesses and agents are searching for the best CRM solutions to help them. 

If you’re like them, you probably know why: 

  • Real estate buyers have gotten savvier, and do extensive research before even contacting an agent.
  • CRM can help segregate leads into cold, warm, and hot, making it easier to prioritize the people to go after first.
  • With CRM, the entire sales process can be mapped clearly to avoid confusion.
  • And more…

But here’s the next problem: there are too many CRM options out there.

Which one do you choose?

If you’ve come this far, I’m guessing you’ve already done some research and have a list of potential CRM solutions to select from. 

At the top of that list, maybe you’ve written “HubSpot.”

You’ve heard a lot about it, and want to know if it’ll be the right fit for you. Will it help you run your real estate business? Is it easy to use? Will it fit your budget? What are the pros and cons of choosing it?

In this complete, HubSpot CRM review for real estate, we’ll dive into and answer each of your questions. 

We’ll show you the pros and cons of using HubSpot, how much you can expect to spend, and more!

Let’s dive right in. 

What Is HubSpot CRM?

In all things CRM, the first company that enters anyone’s mind is probably HubSpot.


Source: hubspot.com

That’s because HubSpot’s history dates WAY back to the beginning of time. 

In the age of the internet, that’s 2006. 

And as early as 2004, the idea on which it was built was already forming. 

It began with two MIT graduate students, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. 

These two people had recently been noticing a change in the market: consumers were becoming less and less tolerant to interruptive marketing. 

They no longer wanted to be “sold,” they wanted to be helped. 

On this budding realization, the concept for HubSpot was formed. 

Because that’s exactly what HubSpot is. 

It’s a comprehensive marketing, sales, CMS, and service hub designed to meet consumers where they are, instead of spamming a large body of mostly unknown prospects. 

As a real estate business, HubSpot can come to your aid if you want to give each one of your leads, prospects, and clients exactly what they’re looking for. 

HubSpot’s CRM will help you plan email campaigns, map your sales process so you don’t confuse and annoy prospects and clients, create compelling landing pages, build chat bots, and keep team communications streamlined. 

It also gives you all the data you need to send the right message to cold, warm, and hot leads, so you’re always prioritizing the people who need your help the most. 

That said, there are other CRM solutions out there. 

Is HubSpot the one for you?

Let’s find out. 

TL;DR: Is HubSpot CRM Right for You?

Don’t have time to go through all the details below?

Here’s my quick verdict on HubSpot CRM.

It’s an amazing, savvy, user-friendly tool that really can help you take your real estate business to the next level. It offers a workable free version, and you never have to upgrade if your business doesn’t grow. It offers flexible plans and pricing, integrates smoothly with other tools, and has an excellent customer service support team. 

On the downside, its flexible pricing plans can get confusing. If you’re the kind of person who’s super strict on budget, that could stress you out. Also, the free version doesn’t include customer support services. 

So, should you get HubSpot CRM?

My answer: YES if you’re OK with juggling confusing pricing schemes, and you know your business will grow someday and want your CRM solutions to grow with it. 

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of these points. 

The Pros and Cons of Using HubSpot CRM

Go online, and you’ll be riddled with all kinds of opinions about HubSpot CRM.

There are some people who love it: 

HubSpot CRM

Source: softwareadvice.com

And some who hate it:  


Source: softwareadvice.com

Should you give it a try? 

It depends. 

It depends on what you need right now, how large your company is, how big you think it’ll grow in the next few years, and how much your budget is. 

To help you decide, let’s look at the pros and cons of using HubSpot CRM. 

The Pros of Using HubSpot CRM

For a ton of real estate businesses, HubSpot CRM is the only solution they’ll ever need to help run and grow their business. 

Here are seven reasons why it’s so great.

  1. It Has a Comprehensive, Workable Version that’s 100% FREE

If you’re like me, you’re suspicious of all things free. 

I mean, how many “free versions” out there are only top parts of sales funnels, created to drag you into the paid version? 

HubSpot CRM is not like that. 

In fact, you can do a ton of things with their free version. 

And if you stay where you are and your business never grows…you won’t need to pay a single cent. 


HubSpot CRM is free forever

Source: hubspot.com

  1. It Grows with Your Business

The truth is, HubSpot is not cheap. 

In fact, pricing for their Enterprise plans can go up to $3,200/month. 

But you don’t have to start there. 

You can start at the beginning with a free account. 

Then, if you feel the need to upgrade and use more tools and features, you can get the Starter plan for $45/month. 

From there, you can grow even bigger. 

Here’s a look at their pricing plans:

Hubspot CRM Review for Real Estate Marketing Hub

Source: hubspot.com

What’s even better about their pricing plans is that they’re customizable. 

They’re not like the other marketing tools out there, which require you to get a whole suite of tools you’ll probably never use. 

With HubSpot, you can pick a bundle of tools you need, and only pay for that. 

When you feel you need more, you can upgrade and add another bundle to your plan. 

All this means HubSpot CRM is the kind of solution that can grow with you. Its flexible plans allow you to stay within budget, eliminate tools you don’t need, and scale only when you are ready. 

  1. It Doesn’t Demand a Lengthy Learning Curve

As a real estate expert, your specialty lies in…well, real estate. 

You’re probably not a tech guru. In fact, maybe you’ve never used CRM software in your life. 

If that’s true, you’ll love HubSpot. 

That’s because it’s designed for people who are short on time. People who simply don’t have weeks or months to spend becoming tech whizzes. 

In my opinion, learning to use HubSpot CRM is easier than learning how to use social media. 

That’s because once you hop into the platform, you’ll have all the tools you need categorized at the top of your screen. 

HubSpot platform

Source: hubspot.com

Once you click a category, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the whole process. 

For instance, let’s say you want to start an email campaign. 

Click “marketing,” then “email.” 

Once you do, you’ll get a simple interface like this. (If it’s your first time, you’ll get attractive little guide boxes like the one below.) 

HubSpot create email

Source: hubspot.com

Looks easy, huh? 

  1. It Integrates Nicely with Other Tools 

Tired of opening your email tab, then closing it to open another one of your tools

With HubSpot CRM, you get to say goodbye to that tedious experience. 

That’s because HubSpot allows you to take all your tools…and sew them together into one integrated platform. 

So, let’s say you want to send emails. 

You can click the “email” option, and it’ll connect to your Gmail account

Or let’s say you want to publish to all your social media accounts without hopping around from one platform to the next. 

HubSpot lets you do that. 

Hubspot CRM Review for Real Estate
 publish to social media

Source: hubspot.com

All this means that instead of exhausting you by forcing you to go through a long learning curve (as a ton of other CRM solutions do)…

…HubSpot saves you an incredible amount of time by giving you a seamlessly integrated platform where you can do almost everything for your business.  

  1. It Has a Great Support Team

When it comes to any kind of software, there will always be snags. 

No matter how awesome it is, there will always be a moment or two when you’ll have questions. 

And if you choose HubSpot, you’ll get them answered immediately. 

That’s because HubSpot has one of the best customer service representatives out there…and they don’t delay on giving you the support you need. 

What’s even better is that you can talk to the support team by whichever means is most comfortable to you.

You can chat with them, speak with them over the phone, and even talk to them through social media channels!

The Cons of Using HubSpot CRM

Ready to dive right in and start using HubSpot CRM?

Not so fast. 

Apparently, there’s no such thing as perfect CRM software.

And while HubSpot is amazing, it does come with a few glitches. 

You’ll want to know what these are, so you can make an even-headed decision on whether or not this software solution is for you. 

Here are two cons of using HubSpot CRM.

  1. Its Pricing Schemes Are Confusing 

OK, I mentioned above that HubSpot’s pricing schemes are incredible, particularly because they’re so flexible. 

But here’s the glitch: the same flexibility makes everything a tad too complex. 

For instance, let’s say you decide to upgrade your plan and go for a marketing tools bundle. 

As a Standard user, you’ll pay $45/month for this plan. 

But let’s say that, a few months down the road, you decide to go for a bundle of sales tools. 

As a Standard user, this would also cost you $45/month. 

Adding both up, you’d pay $90/month.

However, you can go for a marketing and sales tool bundle that retails for $50/month. 

See how confusing this can get?

The more plans you get, the more prices add up, until it feels like everything is all over the place. 

  1. Its Free Version Doesn’t Include Support

Earlier, I also mentioned how HubSpot has excellent customer support services. 

There’s also a glitch for this one. 

If you stick with the free account, you won’t have access to these services. 

That means if you run into any problems or have questions along the way, you’ll be forced to access third-party tutorials and resources. 

(Not to worry too much, though. With HubSpot’s popularity, you can find a ton of these online.) 

HubSpot CRM Review: Is HubSpot Right for You?

By now, you have an idea of what using HubSpot CRM will be like. 

You know that it offers a ton of advantages such as a workable free version, flexibility, and user-friendliness. You know it integrates seamlessly with your other tools, and offers excellent customer service support.

Also, you know that since no CRM software is perfect, it comes with its own few glitches. Its pricing schemes can be confusing, and its free version doesn’t include any help from customer services. 

So, what’s the verdict?

Is HubSpot CRM the one you should choose?

The truth is, I’d love to tell you YES.

So far, HubSpot CRM is one of the savviest, most comprehensive, most user-friendly tool in the market today. 

If you’re a busy real estate manager or agent, a tool like this can help your business grow and thrive by reaching the right prospects with the right offer at the right time. 

But in the end, it’s up to you to decide. 

If you’re a person who doesn’t like being confused with pricing issues, or you plan to use the free version forever and don’t love it that you won’t have customer service support…

…then maybe you’d be better looking elsewhere. 

If you can overlook these tiny issues, however, I’d say go for it! 

And if you’re still on the fence and you can’t decide right now on whether or not you’d want to put your money on HubSpot, that’s OK.

Simply sign up for their free version and see how you like it. 

Image credits:
All screenshots taken by the author, September 2021. 

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