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New York Online Real Estate School Reviews

Last updated on April 5, 2021

New York Online Real Estate School Reviews

I decided to create this post on New York online real estate school reviews because those of you interested in obtaining your real estate license online in New York have many options, and not all of those options are all that great. Unfortunately, we’re at a bit of a point right now where online real estate license schools are becoming a bit outdated and haven’t been overhauled in many years. This has lead to a whole slew of very poor quality online real estate courses that people end up signing up for, wasting a lot of time and money. The good news is, there are still some high-quality courses available for you to use.

Before I get into my specific New York online real estate school reviews, I’d like to go over some general things that you should be aware of before you sign up for any online real estate school. Armed with what I show you, you’ll be able to go out on your own and find the best online real estate course for your specific needs.

However, if you’re just looking for the fast answer, this is the best online real estate course I can recommend in New York.

Why New York Online Real Estate Schools Are Getting Outdated

Most online real estate schools in New York have existed since at least the early 2000’s, which seems great. I mean, if an online real estate school has been around for a while, they must know what they’re doing, right? Experience is usually a good thing.

Well, unfortunately, there haven’t been a whole lot of newcomers into the online real estate training industry and times have changed a lot since these initial real estate courses were launched. While some of these courses have been completely upgraded, most of them have just been patched here and there along the way.

There’s a big difference between launching a completely new course on a brand new platform and just patching the old course. For example, making a course “mobile-friendly” is not the same as having dedicated mobile apps designed specifically for your smartphone so you can take the course anywhere you go. “Mobile friendly” versions are glitchy, slow, and just don’t work well and unfortunately that’s how most of the real estate courses are right now. Very few have created dedicated apps so you can take the course from any device with its own dedicated software and program to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Even the content has become very outdated with many online real estate courses. Many people complain that they get questions incorrect on the New York real estate exam because the material they learned from gave them incorrect and outdated information. Make no mistake, even with New York state certified courses, this is very common!

So, before signing up for any online real estate training course in New York, make sure the course is up to date, check reviews in places other than just this site, and do your homework. There are some very poor quality courses out there.

The courses listed below are some courses that I think are higher quality. Check each of them out and see which one you think is best. I have personally used Real Estate Express and can vouch for the quality of that course.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2021

New York Online Real Estate School Reviews & Comparisons

There are several online real estate schools available in New York, but I’m going to go over the ones that I believe are the highest quality. These are all well-known online real estate schools in New York and any of these options will work for you. Since I’m not able to create specific New York online real estate school reviews for every course (I create reviews for other states too – I keep busy!), I decided to keep things simple and just stick with what I believe to be the best 3 online real estate schools you can take in New York.

AceableAgent (Top Recommendation)

AceableAgent Real Estate License Training

AceableAgent just launched in New York in 2018. While it would normally make sense to recommend a real estate school that is more experienced, AceableAgent really is the best course. As mentioned earlier, most online real estate schools are vastly outdated, but AceableAgent is a multi-million dollar course that was built from the ground up very recently. They specifically designed it to be the most modern and advanced online real estate school in New York. Instead of just page after page of plain text, they include interactive features and videos to help you retain the most important information that you need to know to pass the New York real estate license exam. They also provide great customer support along the way and access to a personal instructor to help make sure you succeed. You can learn more about this course in my full AceableAgent review.

Get The Best Price On AceableAgent Here

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express

As I stated earlier, Real Estate Express is the course I personally used and it’s what I’ve historically recommended to my friends, family, and colleagues when I’m asked. I personally had a great experience with Real Estate Express. It worked well on my laptop, iPhone, and iPad. I also signed up to receive their textbooks to compliment my online training as I like to be able to highlight and write in the books. Even those books were of high quality. Real Estate Express is known for their high pass rates, so as far as online real estate courses go, this is a great choice.

Get The Best Price On Real Estate Express Here

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate

Kaplan Real Estate Education is another very highly recognized online real estate course that has been around for a long time. They are approved in almost every state and have been approved for online real estate training in New York for well over a decade. What I like about Kaplan is that they also have a very high student pass rate. For me, the numbers don’t lie. If a high percentage of their students are passing the course and, more importantly, passing their real estate license course on the first try, there is very little to dislike. While I don’t think Kaplan is quite as modern as Real Estate Express, they have some other perks such as better access to instructors and even payment plans.

Get The Best Price On Kaplan Here


Mbition Online Real Estate School

Last but not least in my top 3 New York online real estate school reviews is Mbition. What I find interesting about Mbition is their à la carte pricing style. Pay for what you want or need and leave the rest. Just make sure you sign up for all of the required courses in order to complete the New York state requirements. This seems to be one of the more cost-effective online real estate courses in New York, so if you’re on a bit of a budget, consider this as a top contender. As with my other two recommendations, this course has been in business for decades and they are well known in the industry to have a higher than average student pass rate compared to many other real estate schools. So for those of you who are pretty price-conscious, consider going with Mbition.

Get The Best Price On Mbition Here

Research New York Online Real Estate School Reviews From MULTIPLE Sources!

I don’t want you to take my word that those are the best 3 online real estate schools in New York. My reviews here should only be used as one of many sources before you sign up. Many of the New York online real estate school reviews you’ll find out there have been wildly manipulated and many of the reviews are very dishonest (both positive and negative reviews). That’s why you’ll want to get as many reviews from as many different sources as possible. By doing that, you’ll be able to filter out the fake reviews by finding common themes among people who were both satisfied and dissatisfied. So do you homework, but ultimately pick a course and once you do, go at it with full steam. Don’t look back and wonder if one real estate course would have been better than the one you signed up for. Just push forward and get that license. This is only temporary!

Best of luck to you and your new real estate career! 🙂

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