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Online Atlanta Real Estate License Course Reviews

Last updated on August 31, 2023


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Online Real Estate Schools Approved in Atlanta


Most Modern

The CE Shop

The CE Shop

High Pass Rates

I didn’t start out always knowing that I was going to end up working in the real estate industry. It was a decision that I made a bit later in life, after seeing what more traditional careers offered. Fortunately, making a career change like this in the 21st century is a lot easier to do. If you’re interested, for example, in taking an Atlanta real estate license course, there are a lot of barriers that have gone away that used to make this a much harder prospect to do smoothly. A lot of that has to do with taking an online Atlanta real estate license course vs. having to spend hours upon hours in a classroom.

But before we get into the specifics of the schools to think about signing on with, l want to look at the different reasons and areas of focus available to you if you’re looking at getting an Atlanta real estate license no matter where you decide to take it. One of the nice things about Atlanta itself is that because it’s one of the biggest cities in Georgia, it’s got a pretty bustling real estate scene with a lot of diversity. Whether you’re thinking of working in the residential or commercial property sectors, if you stay on top of developments in Atlanta, you’ll keep busy with sales. But just because the industry is active, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easier, just that there are more opportunities. What kind of opportunities are you looking for?

Want The FAST Answer?

This Is My Highest Recommended Online Real Estate Course

Before You Sign Up For An Atlanta Real Estate School

Before you even start looking at the online schools that can get your Atlanta real estate license, you should plan your transition. What kind of professional and financial situation are you in now, and how does that impact your real estate ambitions? If you’re like I was in the beginning, you might already be securely positioned in a full-time job with a monthly salary, and saddled with some financial commitments that rely on having a steady income. After all, your mortgage or car payments don’t care about what job you have, as long as you can keep making those payments every month. Once you’ve got your Atlanta real estate license, this may no longer be so reliable, unless you’ve got a “cushion” with savings you can pull from until you start making money again.

More importantly, however, you’ve got to actually get that Atlanta real estate license. As the word itself implies, a license is state-issued. Working in real estate isn’t the same as deciding to start a business from home, or rent out an office space and start your company. Beyond needing to invest in the business, you need state qualifications. It’s not hard to see why. If you’re in real estate, you’re in the business of matching up people that want to sell their property to people looking to buy it. These are massive financial transactions. For many property buyers, these purchases will be made with bank-approved mortgages. So it shouldn’t be just anyone that comes in and transacts such major deals. The state wants people with proven knowledge and professional competence, and that means writing and passing a test to prove that you’ve earned your Atlanta real estate license.

This is where you need to think about how to actually get your Atlanta real estate license. And I’ve already picked out a few schools that can offer some interesting possibilities, depending on where your priorities lie. Make sure that you plan out time in your schedule for your studies. The big advantage of an online school is that you eliminate both a commute to a physical building, as well as a fixed time during the week when you have to attend classes. Now you can schedule your class/study time during those parts of the day or the week that are optimal for you. So which school should you go to for your Atlanta real estate license?

Aceable Agent

AceableAgent Online Real Estate Schools

Aceable Agent is the best online real estate course you can sign up for in Atlanta. While this online real estate school has only been in business since 2017, they are the most modern and advanced online real estate course out there. For instance, if you plan on taking some or all of your courses from a phone or tablet, Aceable Agent is the only online real estate course in Atlanta that offers a dedicated mobile app. Some online real estate schools still don’t work on mobile devices at all! So while Aceable Agent may be the new school on the block, that’s precisely what makes them the best.

Aceable Agent also boasts one of the highest student pass rates in the industry. I attribute this to their modern content delivery format. Most other real estate schools in Atlanta are just pages consisting of boring text. Aceable Agent provides content in the form of videos, graphics, animations, and interactive features. The way they deliver content really helps to retain the most important information. If you want to learn more about them, check out my more detailed review of Aceable Agent here.

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Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

If your focus is more specifically on just making sure you can successfully write and pass your Atlanta real estate license exam, then Colibri Real Estate is the school I would steer you towards. They have a tiered system for different courses and packages, meaning that if you have specific needs for content or budget, there’s probably something here that works for you.

Their added convenience is when it comes to the ways that you can study your course. It’s not just about learning at your own pace, it’s also about getting to choose the content of your course. If you’re interested in this school, and you’re willing to pay for the higher tiers of service, you do not only get the required information you’ll need to pass the exam, depending on the tier of choice, you’ll get a lot of additional support as well. Everything from extra supplemental materials to personal coaching when you ask questions in a webinar setting is available for people that go with higher tiers of service. They even have a policy of “If you don’t pass your test, you don’t pay for your course,” for people that have shown promise during the course, worked hard, and still failed the exam on their first attempt. This is a school that’s really serious about helping you to pass your exam.

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Kaplan Real Estate Education By Brightwood

Kaplan Real Estate Education Logo

Kaplan Real Estate Education is a solid choice I like to recommend for people that want as comprehensive a look into the industry as possible. They’re now transitioning over to the name “Brightwood,” but if you choose them to get your Atlanta real estate license, you’re going to have the pick of not just traditional real estate sales, you can also delve into appraisal, home inspection, and even contracting.

So this is one school I like to push people towards if they have an interest in real estate that may go beyond just the minimum of getting their Atlanta real estate license. This doesn’t mean that you have to have an interest in contracting or home inspection as your career—though you can certainly go that way—but the more you actually understand about how contracting, appraisal or home inspections work, the more this helps you as an Atlanta real estate license holder. It makes you more formidable at your job and adds to your value for your clients.

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The CE Shop

If you’re on a budget but still want guaranteed quality education, then The CE Shop is the go-to. 

The CE Shop’s most affordable packages start as low as $129 which would have everything you need to pass your exam. Many students are actually surprised at how substantial their basic package is, because it includes e-books, career resources, a real estate glossary, digital flashcards, and a customizable study schedule. You won’t even think that you got a basic package!

Plus, all students get to experience their highly reviewed interactive study platform called LEAP. LEAP has everything centralized for you. It’ll give you access to the actual courses, customer support, chapter overviews, and the tests you can take in between.

A nod to LEAP is their effort in making the content as engaging and visual as possible. Studying online is hard especially when it’s text-heavy. This is why LEAP has activities in between such as Complete the Story, Matching, and True or False.

Lastly, students love that there’s a quiz after every chapter. Here you’ll be tested if you were able to understand and remember the previous topics you’ve just learned. To be able to move forward, you need to score at least 70%. These quizzes come in handy for students who avail the basic packages since they act as reviewers prior to the test.

Overall, enrolling in The CE Shop is a great choice for students who want a good foundation of real estate without breaking the bank.

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