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Reviews Of The 7 Best Online Georgia Real Estate Courses For 2023

Last updated on March 10, 2023

Best Online Georgia Real Estate Courses

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Online Georgia real estate courses have become the preferred way for most aspiring Georgia real estate agents to complete their training. You don’t have to attend a classroom after work or on the weekends. You can fulfill all your study requirements in order to pass the Georgia real estate license exam online. 

And why not? These online Georgia real estate courses have proven to be highly effective with average student pass rates higher than most classroom-based alternatives.

Taking an online real estate course is nothing new in Georgia, either. These online real estate training programs have existed for decades and has made it much easier for those with full-time jobs to study for their real estate license part-time and from the comfort of their own homes. I personally studied for my real estate license exam by taking an online course. I really don’t think I would have been able to change careers if an online option wasn’t available.

Want The FAST Answer?

This Is My Top Rated Online Real Estate Course In Georgia

Unfortunately, not all online Georgia real estate courses are created equal. There’s a big problem facing the online real estate training industry that you need to know about. So, before I get into my top picks for the best online Georgia real estate courses, I’d like to give you some information on what to watch out for before you sign up for ANY course.

The Big Problem Facing Online Georgia Real Estate Courses

As I stated earlier, these online real estate courses in Georgia are nothing new. While that sounds like a good thing (experience is always good, right?) there’s actually an underlying issue that these training courses don’t want you to know about.

Back a couple of decades ago when the state of Georgia approved online real estate education, just about every real estate training company in the state jumped at the opportunity to enter this new potential profit source. They were right to be excited as online real estate training in Georgia took off, surpassing classroom-based real estate courses. And for a while, the competition and slew of brand new real estate courses hitting the market worked out wonderfully.

So what’s the problem?

Well, over time, these courses have all become outdated at about the same rate. The courses have had about 20 years to deteriorate and get outdated over the many years of changes in the real estate industry. Think about it – smartphones didn’t even exist when these online real estate courses were first launched. Sure, most of the courses out there (but not all) have created “mobile-friendly” versions of their courses and claim they work on any device, but what they don’t tell you is that it’s glitchy, will freeze your phone up, isn’t intuitive or user friendly, and is an overall poor experience on anything other than a laptop or PC. In the worst cases, you can’t use your smartphone at all!

And it’s not just the user interface itself that has become outdated. The information is also outdated. So outdated that people often complain they got questions wrong on the real estate exam because they studied outdated information. Keep in mind, this is still with Georgia state-approved real estate courses!

What we are left with now are a whole bunch of very outdated online Georgia real estate courses that don’t work well on anything other than a PC and even have you studying incorrect information which could lead to exam failures. That is unacceptable and since I consider myself something of a consumer advocate, it’s one of the main reasons I wanted to write this article.

The 7 Best Online Georgia Real Estate Courses To Sign Up For

The Georgia Real Estate Commission and Appraisers Board is the entity in charge of approving online real estate courses. As you can see in this list, there are a LOT of approved real estate courses in Georgia.

I don’t have time to review them all, but whenever anyone asks me for a recommendation, this is the list of the top 6 best online Georgia real estate courses that I give. Below these reviews, you’ll also find a list of every Georgia real estate school approved in the state.

#1: Aceable Agent

AceableAgent Online Real Estate Schools

Aceable Agent is my top pick as the best Georgia real estate course to sign up for. I’ve been reviewing online real estate courses for several years now and no other real estate course comes close to the quality that Aceable Agent provides. But what makes Aceable Agent so different from the rest?

For starters, Aceable Agent is the newest online real estate license course in Georgia and was just launched in October of 2019. You may be thinking, “but I want an online real estate course with experience!” As I explained above, most online real estate courses in Georgia are incredibly outdated. Aceable Agent as a company launched in 2017 and built a brand new product. Not something that is “updated” – but actually built from the ground up. That makes it the most modern course out there.

But who cares if something is “modern”? The main measurement of success with online real estate schools is their student pass rate. Most states, including Georgia, do not make this information public. But the state Aceable Agent launched in, the state of Texas, does make that info public. As you can see here, they have a pass rate of over 80% with thousands of students who have taken the course. This makes them the #1 online real estate course there. Thousands of students over several years have proven that Aceable Agent was the change we needed.

One reason the student pass rate is so high at Aceable Agent is because of their content delivery method. They deliver information to you in multiple formats to help you retain the information better. Ace, their mascot, will guide you through the entire process. This is also the only online real estate course in Georgia that offers a dedicated app for your phones and tablets. Some online real estate courses in Georgia aren’t even mobile-friendly yet! So, if you plan to study while you’re away from your PC, Aceable Agent is going to be the best option.

So in short, you’re getting the most modern course with the most up-to-date content and they have a student pass rate that is significantly above the industry average. If you’d like to learn more, you can check out my more detailed AceableAgent review here, but this is the absolute best online real estate course in Georgia, hands down.

AceableAgent Video Review

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#2: Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate is one of my top choices but mainly because Colibri Real Estate is who I personally used to study for my own real estate license exam. This is the course I am the most familiar with.

Colibri Real Estate is very well known in the industry and is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular online Georgia real estate course. I found their user interface to work well and the information was kept up-to-date. I personally elected to receive the textbooks along with the online learning material as I like to take notes and highlight, and even their cheapest plan includes some handbooks to help supplement the online material.

What really sold me on Colibri Real Estate though was their student pass rate. Numbers don’t lie and when I saw that they basically led the pack in terms of student pass rates and the number of students passing their real estate exams, I was sold.

The majority of the Colibri Real Estate course consists of plain text, so it can get a little boring at times, but they do throw in some videos and interactive features here and there. The course is also mobile-friendly so you can study on the go.

As with most high-quality online real estate courses in Georgia, you are issued a personal instructor that you can email if any questions come up. There are also instructors that monitor student forums, as well as an instructor that gives weekly live Q&A sessions. I admit it’s nice to have access to an instructor in a classroom, but as you come up with questions, just write them down to have them answered either via email or during the live Q&A session. All in all, Colibri Real Estate worked very well for me. You can learn more in my full Colibri Real Estate review here.

Colibri Real Estate Video Review

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#3: Georgia MLS Real Estate School


Georgia MLS Real Estate School is a real estate education provider established in 1970. It brings the most dedicated instructors and decades-long experience. 

They may not offer a wide variety of packages, but they give importance to quality education and well-detailed and comprehensive instruction.

In fact, Georgia MLS Real Estate School is the only real estate school in Georgia that offers a pre-license course with real estate fundamentals and real estate material taught separately in two sections. This two-part course is taught in person and features shorter exams for each section. You don’t have to remember a lot of things.

What’s more, students can study online with a self-paced, flexible schedule, OR join live stream classes with instructors and other students. 

Rest assured, the instructors from Georgia MLS Real Estate School are the best in the industry, so you know you’re getting the most out of your real estate education. 

On the other hand, interactive exercises are also available. This way, you get to practice even more for the licensing exam. 

Georgia MLS Real Estate School partners with Dearborn/RECampus, The CE Shop, and Hondros Learning for their online courses. After you receive an email confirmation of your order, you can log into your course and start learning.

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#4: Brightwood Real Estate Education by Kaplan

Kaplan Real Estate Education Logo

Another great Georgia online real estate course to consider is Brightwood Real Estate Education by Kaplan. While Kaplan is a bit more expensive than Colibri Real Estate, what I really like about them is their more personal approach. For instance, you get a little bit better access to a personal instructor if you need some additional help along the way. In fact, they even own some physical classroom properties so if you want a more hybrid learning experience (some classroom time but mostly online), than Kaplan could be the best choice for you. This is very specific to local areas though.

By far the biggest selling point of Kaplan is the quality instructors they employ. Kaplan doesn’t mess around and hires the best of the best. While being able to email an instructor is nice, they really shine during their live training events where you can interact with actual real estate professionals and instructors. Very few if any other online real estate schools in Georgia offer better live training than Kaplan.

One thing I don’t really like about Kaplan is how it functions on mobile devices. While the course does work on mobile phones and tablets, it could use some updating. The load times take a little longer than they should, there’s a lot of pinching and zooming that goes on, and it just doesn’t feel very intuitive. This course is probably best if you plan on studying from a laptop or PC.

Brightwood Real Estate Education by Kaplan also boasts a very high student pass rate which rivals Colibri Real Estate. They even offer tuition assistance for those who don’t have the cash upfront and need a monthly payment option, which is a great touch. I would highly consider Kaplan as a possible course to sign up with.

Kaplan Video Review

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#5: The CE Shop

The CE Shop

The CE Shop is another online real estate school in Georgia that feels more modern than most other courses. And perhaps most important is their 90% student pass rate nationwide. This pass rate is significantly higher than the majority of online real estate schools. We can talk about the quality of instructors, content delivery methods, and price all day long, but all that really matters, in the end, is that you pass your real estate license exam, preferably on the very first try. The majority of real estate schools in Georgia have an average student pass rate of roughly 50% to 60%. So, seeing a school boast a 90% pass rate is pretty impressive.

However, The CE Shop does have other things going for it as well. This is a course that works very well on mobile devices, so if you plan on studying from your phone or tablet, this would be a great option to consider.

They also have content that seems to be regularly updated. It is honestly shocking how many online real estate courses in Georgia that I review where the content is really outdated. Some courses have information that is so outdated it will actually cause you to get questions wrong on the actual state licensing exam. This is absolutely unacceptable and one reason I felt the need to create these reviews. This is not an issue at The CE Shop. Their content feels like it is updated the most out of all these courses.

While we’re talking about content, I’d also like to mention that the way they deliver the material is among the best in the industry. The CE Shop has done a really good job of mixing things up with text and video. Most of their videos are animations. They really help to hear and visualize the information instead of reading plain text on every page.

The customer service at The CE Shop is also on point. For starters, they offer a full money-back guarantee. As long as it is within’ 30 days and you haven’t completed more than 50% of the course, you can get a full refund. So if you’re on the fence, you can try it out without any financial risk. They also have 7-day customer support where you can reach them via phone, email, or live chat.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about The CE Shop. They are clearly one of the best online real estate courses in Georgia as well as the many other states they are certified in.

VIDEO: The CE Shop Course Demo

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#6: 360training

360Training Real Estate Course

360training is another online Georgia real estate course that feels like it is frequently updated. This company launched back in 2002 and has provided online professional training to a wide array of industries. 360training delivers its content in multiple formats, which as you might guess by now, I’ma big fan of. The course consists of mostly text as well as audio/video aids and some interactive features as well.

As with any of the other high-quality online real estate courses I’ve listed here, 360training offers 7 days of support via phone, chat, or email. You also get access to a personalized instructor and a virtual classroom to ask questions along the way.

One thing that I thought really set 360training apart from all the other real estate courses I’ve reviewed is how they made the information relatable to real-world experiences. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of data, facts, laws, and regulations while not truly understanding how they will apply once you’re a real estate agent. However, 360training has a way of using really good examples to show you how the information is relevant. I think this also makes the material easier to remember since the information is presented in a way that makes sense.

The supplemental training at 360training also feels higher quality than most other courses. The supplemental math training and practice exams really help prepare for the real exam.

I do feel this program could work a little bit better on mobile devices, but the course is 100% mobile-friendly. I wouldn’t recommend this course to someone who is only going to use a mobile device, but if you plan on taking most of it from your PC or laptop and just need to use a mobile device as a “filler” at times, this course will be just fine.

360 Training Video Review

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#7: RealEstateU

RealEstateU is one of the most popular online real estate schools in Georgia. They were founded in 2013, so they are a relative newcomer to the real estate training world. However, that does not mean they are of lesser quality. In fact, they’re sort of in that “sweet spot.” They’ve been around long enough to know what they’re doing, while not being around for so long that they haven’t kept up with modern learning methods.

Since RealEstateU launched, they have produced more than 100,000 licensed individuals. For being such a large online real estate school, you’d think there would be more reviews and feedback from customers, but there isn’t much out there. That’s actually not a bad thing. When it comes to real estate courses, most people only speak up when they’ve had a bad experience. The people who are satisfied just go on with their lives as licensed real estate agents.

However, there are a couple of places that show they are higher quality. They have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, for example. While not everyone trusts the BBB for various reasons, it’s never a bad thing to see a company with an A+ rating. There’s also an interesting Reddit thread about RealEstateU that you should read. Check out the comments and you’ll see that RealEstateU is considered to be of higher quality. And finally, you can see reviews from verified students of RealEstateU here.

Pricing for RealEstateU does change from time to time, but as of 2023, you should expect to pay somewhere around $140 for their pre-licensing course and around $70 for their Georgia State Exam Prep course. Not only are these prices very reasonable, but they don’t offer complicated tiers, packages, or memberships. There is just one package to buy, and it includes everything they offer. This is definitely a course you should check out.

Video Demo Of RealEstateU

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Georgia Real Estate License FAQ

Now that you’ve seen some of the best real estate schools to sign up for in Georgia, let’s answer some questions you might have about the experience and process.

Is Taking Georgia Real Estate School Online Better Than A Classroom?

While the real answer is “it depends”, that’s not a very helpful answer, so let’s talk about the reasons why it depends.

Every student learns differently. That’s why even for online real estate schools, there is no one “best” option for everyone. The best online real estate school for you might not be the best for someone else.

The same applies when it comes to online real estate schools vs. classroom schools. Some people simply learn better in a classroom environment, while others learn better when they can study independently. Let’s quickly go over the benefits of each.

Benefits Of Taking Real Estate School Online

Freedom and flexibility

By far, the biggest advantage of taking Georgia real estate classes online is the freedom and flexibility it provides. The majority of people who want to get a real estate license are doing it as a second career or side-gig. That means we are already living busy lives. Having to show up at a certain place and certain time just isn’t feasible for many. Online options allow students to go at their own pace on their own time without any commuting. I can tell you personally that without online real estate schools being an option, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I never would have been able to start! From your PC at home to your smartphone while on the go, there’s no excuse to “not have the time” for real estate school.

Unlimited Free Real Estate License Practice Exams

Any high-quality online real estate school will give you access to unlimited practice exams. Not only do you get unlimited practice, but many online real estate schools have AI built into their practice tests. Their software will automatically detect which areas you’re struggling with the most, and test you more on those questions until you retain the information better. It’s a superior option to taking practice tests from some booklet or printouts.

Personal Coaches & Online Student Forums

While independent learning is great, we all get stuck on something from time to time. High-quality real estate schools will offer you a personal coach that you can reach by email and expect a response within 24 hours. Most of these schools also have online forums where students can help and be helped. Those forums are usually monitored by instructors who will reply to questions. And finally, there are normally daily or weekly video conferences with Q&A sessions. So even with online real estate courses, help is there.

Benefits Of Taking Real Estate School In A Classroom

Having Access To A Physical Instructor

While having access to help online is ok, nothing beats having an actual person in front of you, ready and eager to help answer any questions you have. This personal experience simply can’t be replicated online. You can also meet students who are going through the course and studying the same things at the same time. It is not uncommon at all for students to form their own study groups. Once again, physically interacting with others is a learning environment that online real estate courses will not be able to replicate, no matter how good video conferencing gets.

Course Structure & Motivation

Maybe you are the type of person that requires some structure in order to keep pace and not procrastinate. Having a set day and time along with an instructor to keep you in check is a real advantage for some individuals. Taking a real estate class online requires you to be totally self-motivated. Not all of us have that self-motivation and often need a little push, especially when things get hard. This is not something we often like to admit in ourselves, but it’s better to be honest and know going in what will set you up for the best chances of success.

Career Placement Assistance

A lot of the traditional classroom-based real estate schools in Georgia are operated by larger companies. For example, Keller Williams and Berkshire Hathaway are very large real estate companies that often operate their own schools. Once you go through their courses and pass your Georgia real estate license exam, there is a good chance they will hire you as an entry-level agent. You can then essentially get paid to learn from one of the biggest and most successful real estate companies in the United States. Not a bad deal!

As you can see, there are some major advantages to each option. Taking real estate classes online in Georgia is by far the most popular option, but be honest with yourself about the best learning method for you.

What Is The Process To Get A Real Estate License In Georgia?

There are 5 main steps to obtaining and maintaining a real estate license in the state of Georgia:

Step 1: Take a Georgia State-Approved Real Estate Course

Any real estate course you take must be approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. In the state of Georgia, you must take the entire course and also pass a final exam which is called the Proctored Final Exam. This is NOT your licensing exam, it simply allows you to get a certificate of completion from your real estate school.

Step 2: Pass A Background Check

All licensed real estate agents in Georgia must pass a background check. This background check is a bit intensive and even includes being fingerprinted so they can search your prints in an FBI database. You must schedule an appointment with the GCIC Lobby Office. You can learn more about the Georgia real estate license background check here.

In addition, you’ll need to contact your local police department or Sheriff’s office to obtain a copy of your Georgia criminal history record.

The information contained in a Georgia criminal history record includes the person’s identification data (name, date of birth, social security number, sex, race, height, weight, etc.), arrest data (including arresting agency, date of arrest and charges), final judicial disposition data submitted by a court, prosecutor or other criminal justice agency and custodial information, if the offender was incarcerated in a Georgia correctional facility.

So, be prepared for a detailed background check and double-check if you qualify as a real estate agent in Georgia if you have any criminal convictions on your record, particularly felonies.

Step 3: Schedule & Pass Your Georgia Real Estate Licensing Exam

Once you have your certificate of completion, got fingerprinted, and obtained copies of your criminal history, you can schedule a time to take your exam at an approved PSI testing center. The exam is 152 multiple-choice questions and must be passed with a minimum score of 72%. If you fail, you will need to re-study and try again at a later date. The exam will cost $115 each time you need to take it.

Step 4: Apply For Your Georgia Real Estate Salesperson License

WooHoo! You passed your Georgia real estate license exam! All your hard work is paying off and now it’s time for the fun part. To become a fully licensed real estate agent!

As soon as you pass your exam at the PSI testing center, you’ll be able to apply for your license. You can do it right there at the testing center immediately after you pass. You’ll need to have a sponsoring broker already in order to get an active license. Otherwise, you will receive an inactive license until you have found a sponsoring broker.

Step 5: Renewing Your License In One Year

If you thought your real estate license training was over, think again! In the state of Georgia, you’ll need to renew your real estate license. Since you’re a new real estate agent, the state of Georgia requires you to do your first renewal after you’ve had your license for 1 year. This includes a 25-hour Georgia State Post-Licensing Course that you can either do online or in a classroom.

After your first renewal, you only have to renew your license ever 4 years, but you must complete a 36 hour long course.

And that’s it! Those are all the steps to obtaining your real estate license in Georgia!

How Long Does A Georgia Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course Take?

In the state of Georgia, you. are required to take a 75 hour course before you can get your license. In reality, most students spend far more than 75 hours studying. There is a lot of memorization and you’ll want to take plenty of practice tests before you go in for the real thing.

If you’re studying for your real estate license on a full-time basis, you can get your license in as little as a month or so. If you’re doing it part-time, it will obviously take longer, but even most people going to real estate school part-time get their coursework done within about 6 months. Compared to other professional careers, this is pretty fast.

How Do I Find A Sponsoring Broker?

Finding a sponsoring broker in Georgia is not all that difficult. Brokers earn a commission anytime you sell a home, so of course they are eager to get as many agents under them as possible. The hard part is finding a high quality sponsoring broker.

You’ll want to shop around a bit when looking for a broker. Don’t just accept any broker. Find out if they have a good reputation, what type of agents they are looking for, if they offer support and education, a fair commission structure, benefits, marketing material help, and room to grow within the firm.

While any broker is better than nothing, many real estate agents get very discouraged if their first broker is a lousy one, so try to do some research and find a broker that is fair, ethical, and will help you succeed.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Georgia Real Estate License?

Most online real estate schools in Georgia are under $200, but the cost of a classroom-based school may be higher. In addition to paying for your schooling, you’ll also need to pay for the licensing examination fee which is $115, and a license fee which is another $170. So in the end, you’re looking at less than $500 to get trained and licensed in a whole new career. This is a complete bargain.

The Full List Of ALL Real Estate Courses In Georgia

Listed below is a list of all real estate courses approved by the state of Georgia. If for whatever reason you don’t like my top 7 recommended courses, feel free to go with any online or classroom course listed below.

Read Reviews Of Online Georgia Real Estate Courses From Many Sources!

Don’t take my word for the above 7 best online Georgia real estate courses actually being the best. In fact, don’t trust anyone’s review about any real estate course. Unfortunately, there are a ton of fake reviews around the web about online real estate schools.

Some online real estate schools will have very high reviews due to a lot of fake positive reviews, while other courses might have a ton of negative reviews after a competitor blasted them with fake negative reviews. If you get your info and read reviews from multiple sources, you can start to pick up on trends and distinguish the real reviews from the fake ones.

Best of luck to you as you begin studying for your new career in real estate!

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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