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Comparing The Top Courses To Get Your Online Real Estate License in Texas

Last updated on November 21, 2022

Comparing The Top Courses To Get Your Online Real Estate License in Texas

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Ready to get your real estate license in Texas? Congratulations on making what could be the greatest decision you’ve ever made in your life! Almost everyone thinks about becoming a real estate professional, but very few actually pursue it seriously.

If you’re like the vast majority of those just entering real estate, chances are pretty good you’re a very busy person. A good majority of people enter the real estate industry later on in life. We have families to take care of, current jobs to go to, and other life responsibilities that go along with being an adult.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

That was true for me. I hated my office job and for years I dreamed of getting out, but I just felt stuck. Finally, one day, I seriously started researching if I could obtain an online real estate license in Texas instead of having to attend a classroom. What I learned changed my life. There were multiple online real estate license courses approved in Texas, and the cost wasn’t too terrible.

That’s when I knew. I just knew this was my ticket out of the stupid cubicle I had been imprisoned in for so many years. I knew it wouldn’t be easy (it wasn’t) and I knew it would take a lot of work (it did), but I also knew that if I pursued taking an online real estate course, I could realistically have my real estate license within’ just a few months and for less than $1,000. I was more excited than ever, and I knew right then I could do this. No forced class times, no boring lectures after a long day of work, etc. I could go at my own pace, study on my own time, and still live my life while I worked on bettering my career.

VIDEO: Steps To Obtain Your Real Estate License In Texas


What Is The Best Online Real Estate School In Texas

AceableAgent Real Estate License Training

A bit later on, I’ll give you some unbiased stats and facts for every online real estate license course you can sign up for in Texas. For now, though, I’m going to be a bit biased.

Without a doubt, the absolute best online real estate license course you can sign up for in Texas is AceableAgent. There is just no other comparable real estate course you can take online in Texas. They are in a league of their own.

So what makes AceableAgent so special? Quite simply, it is the most modern real estate course out there. I know, that doesn’t sound super impressive but believe me, it’s a big deal.

You see, the state of Texas approved online real estate courses about 20 years ago. When that happened, every real estate school rushed to create an online course. There have been very few additional online real estate courses added to the market since then. So, what you have is a bunch of old outdated real estate courses online now. Sure, they’ve been updated here and there, but the vast majority of online real estate courses in Texas are so outdated it’s painful.

AceableAgent was just created a few years ago from the ground up. Investors dumped millions of dollars into the course and it shows. It is an official course of the Texas Association of Realtors and as of this posting, they have the highest student pass rate in the industry by a LONG SHOT (more details further down this article).

For these reasons and more, I always recommend choosing AceableAgent for anyone who wants to get an online real estate license in Texas. They are certainly worth checking out. If you’d like more info, you can read my full review of AceableAgent here.

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Best Online Real Estate Courses In Texas Based On Student Pass Rates

Now that you know my personal favorite course isΒ AceableAgent, let’s take a look at the best online real estate courses in Texas on a more analytical level. The best way to obtain your online real estate license in Texas would probably be to go with the real estate license course that gives you the best chance of success, right? Fortunately, the state of Texas publishes the real estate license pass rates for each online real estate school. Pretty useful, right? So let’s take a look and see how these online real estate license schools in Texas compare.

Please note that I’ve filtered the results below to only show Texas online real estate courses where at least 25 students have taken their real estate exam in the past 30 days.

School Name Overall
Pass Rate
AceableAgent 78.04%
Learn Texas Real Estate Online 85.44%
Texas State Online Real Estate, LLC 77.50%
Kaplan 75.33%
The CE Shop, Inc 72.11%
Colibri Real Estate 61.56%
Mbition 64.04%
Van Education Center 52.32%
Continuing Education for Licensing, Inc. 55.65%
Champions School of Real Estate, LTD 61.68%
Train Agents, Inc. 47.99%
360training.com, Inc. 57.43%
Allied Business Schools, Inc. 51.08%
The Real Estate Business School 47.50%
Purvis Real Estate Training Institute 47.25%
Onward School of Real Estate 66.67%
Real Estate Training and Technology Licensing School 47.12%
Accelerated Professional Education 23.08%
Legends Real Estate School, LLC 51.72%
San Antonio Board of Realtors 42.80%
Texas Association of Realtors 42.59%
Absolute CE 40.82%
Academy of Real Estate of El Paso 33.71%

As you can see, in terms of student pass rates, AceableAgent has done the best over the past 30 days by a long shot. This just reiterates why I like AceableAgent so much.

If you want to get real-time updated student pass rate data, check out the official TREC list here.

Other Courses I Recommend To Obtain Your Online Real Estate License In Texas

While I highly encourage you to check out AceableAgent, for one reason or another you might not like them. That’s why I’d like to give some additional personal recommendations. The list above does a pretty good job showing you where students are most successful, but there are a couple of courses in that list that I like more than others.

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate is the course I personally used to get my online real estate license in Texas. This is currently the second most popular online real estate license course in Texas. They’ve been in business since online real estate license training became available in Texas, and they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The biggest complaint about Colibri Real Estate is that the course is outdated, which I actually agree with. I reviewed Colibri Real Estate as recently as a few months ago and it really hasn’t changed from the time I took this course several years ago. With that said, this is one of the better online real estate training courses in Texas and they have an above-average student pass rating.

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Mbition Online Real Estate School

Mbition is another great option. They are listed as Oncourse Learning in the above list of student pass rates. As you can see, they aren’t anywhere close toΒ Colibri Real Estate, which is a little odd because I’ve found them the have a course that is updated more frequently than some of the others. They’ve been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2006 and have maintained a favorable rating. There are hardly any complaints about this Texas state-approved real estate license school, which is actually a bit strange as most online real estate courses in Texas do have quite a few complaints. The reason I like this course so much is due to their supplemental material that helps with difficult subjects such as the math section and virtual classroom where you can talk to other students.

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Is Getting An Online Real Estate License In Texas Better Than A Classroom?

Honestly, from the feedback I’ve gathered, it is actually pretty beneficial to take your real estate license course in a physical classroom. You get physical access to a qualified instructor as well as other students. You’re able to start networking and getting to know people before you even become a licensed real estate agent, and you can get immediate help on any subjects you’re struggling with instead of waiting 24 hours to hear back from your virtual instructor. So, if you’re having trouble deciding between the two options and are able to attend a classroom-based real estate license course in Texas, that is probably my recommendation. Here is a pretty good video that goes over the differences of getting your real estate license online vs. a classroom.


With that said, knot all of us have that luxury. I sure didn’t when I was first studying for my real estate license. That’s why I got an online real estate license in Texas. My real estate license looks no different than someone who used a traditional classroom. The difference is, I actually obtained my real estate license in Texas. If I didn’t have the option to get my real estate license online in Texas, I likely would have never gotten it in the first place. For those of us who can’t attend a physical classroom (for a whole slew of reasons), getting your online real estate license in Texas is a Godsend!

Best of luck as you begin your journey into the amazing real estate career field! I hope these reviews and comparisons of online Texas real estate courses were helpful! Now go get signed up and get that license! πŸ™‚

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