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PropertyBase CRM Review for Real Estate – Is This the CRM for You?

Last updated on April 4, 2022

PropertyBase CRM Review for Real Estate - Is This the CRM for You

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Are you looking for the best CRM out there?

If so, then you might have come across PropertyBase CRM

PropertyBase CRM promises to meet all your and your whole team’s needs. It promises to make life simpler for you all.

But is it the CRM that you’re looking for?

In this article, we’ll go through a complete PropertyBase CRM review for real estate. This way, you’ll know if you should get it or not.

So let’s get reviewing! 

What is PropertyBase CRM?

You can think of PropertyBase CRM as an all-in-one real estate platform that serves the needs of any real estate professional. This includes individual agents, a team, or a brokerage firm.

It covers both frontend and backend management systems, offering real estate CRM, marketing automation, lead generation, MLS and IDX-integrated websites, and back-office transaction management.

On top of that, it allows over 200 integrations with well-known software and products for an overall seamless experience. It also offers a suite of products, as well as offers a mobile app that makes the platform accessible anytime, anywhere. 

PropertyBase CRM: The Options

PropertyBase offers two CRM plans: PropertyBase GO and PropertyBase Salesforce Edition

Both offer common features, such as automated solutions to help you streamline processes, generate verified leads, manage listings, and automate workflows.

However, PropertyBase GO includes a PropertyBase website that allows for a quick launch, adoption period, and a simpler user experience. It’s ideal for boosting your listings (social & display ads).

Request for a Propertybase GO demo.

PropertyBase CRM Review for Real Estate

Image Source: Propertybase

Meanwhile, PropertyBase Salesforce Edition is ideal for large agencies or firms looking for:

  • a standalone CRM
  • automated workflows
  • advanced reporting dashboard for data visualization
  • support for international operations
  • a native mobile app

Watch this video or request a Propertybase Salesforce Edition demo to learn more.

PropertyBase CRM – The Pros

Some of PropertyBase CRM’s best features include: 

  • User-friendly platform
  • Powerful system backed by Salesforce technology
  • Brokerage intranet for compliance-driven transactions
  • Advanced integration systems
  • Workflow and Marketing automation
  • Luxury IDX websites
  • Colorful reports and dashboards in the CRM
  • Advanced reporting options
  • Real-time data integration
  • “Smartlist” sorting and filtering options

Let’s look at the details of some of these features. 

User-friendly platform

Since PropertyBase is backed by Salesforce technology, its system can handle several features, and even provide a brokerage intranet that calls for compliance-driven transactions.

Also, PropertyBase CRM’s advanced integration systems allow you to easily connect with more than 200 tools, software, and other platforms.

Workflow and marketing automation

A big part of the PropertyBase CRM is automation – this includes processes involved in the day-to-day operations and marketing campaigns.

So, with Propertybase CRM, you can:

  • Keep schedules aligned by linking calendars from different sources. 
  • Send email and text notifications and reminders to agents to make sure no tasks slip through the cracks.
  • Send marketing campaigns through emails 
  • Landing page creation can be set up from a single location using pre-built templates
  • Send out emails at a scheduled time or when a specific “trigger action” occurs
  • Track all leads from several sources all in one centralized location
  • Automatically insert property details using the MLS number
  • “Smartlist” sorting and filtering options for more effective follow-up and lead management

Propertybase transaction workflow

Image Source: Propertybase.com

Luxury IDX websites

If you want to stand out in a competitive industry such as real estate, creating your brand is important. With PropertyBase’s luxury websites, t will be easier to convert leads into customers with effective branding and marketing.

PropertyBase CRM: The Cons

Okay, now let’s look at some of the downsides to ProperyBase CRM.

  • Pricing information is not readily available
  • Misleading add-ons.
  • Unreliable customer support 

Pricing information

If you want to scan for pricing with PropertyBase, you won’t be able to find it. You will have to ask for a quote. 

The reason behind this could be because their pricing varies depending on the number of users and which add-ons you are going to select – which is another bad news…

Lots of add-ons

Most of their features are available as add-ons. We don’t mind that. However, these add-ons are actually marketed as part of their monthly packages.

Unpersonalized customer support

Although you’ll find FREE demos and resource tools on their website, you’d wish for a more personal customer service.

PropertyBase’s customer support relies on an online ticketing system and online resource tools to get your concerns through. And, it can take up to 48 hours to receive a response, which is not ideal for anyone running a business.

PropertyBase CRM: Plans and Pricing

As we mentioned, pricing information for PropertyBase is not available on their website and is provided by the vendor directly. That said, the pricing depends on the number of users and the add-on you will include in your purchase.

As for its plans, you can select from:

  • Silver Plan (basic CRM)
  • Gold Plan (CRM + web)
  • Blue Plan (CRM + Web + Transactions and leads)

Final Thoughts

Overall, PropertyBase CRM provides an all-in-one CRM platform supported by Salesforce technology.

The PropertyBase Salesforce Edition CRM has advanced functionalities that make it ideal for organizations, although it can get pricier with every headcount added to your team.

Independent real estate agents and small teams may consider Propertybase GO CRM if they prefer a single platform to automate daily tasks.

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