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Real Estate U Review (2023) – Should You Choose THIS School?

Last updated on September 4, 2023

Real Estate U Review - Should You Choose THIS School

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If you’re living in a major state, you might have come across Real Estate U. 

Real Estate U is less than a decade old, but it’s quickly becoming one of the more popular online real estate schools out there. 

But the BIG question is…

With so many schools vying for your attention: 

Should you choose Real Estate U over your other options? 

In this Real Estate U Review, we’re going to help you answer that question. 

We’ll take a look at: 

  • A TL;DR (for those of you who are lazy 😝)
  • The pros of choosing Real Estate U
  • Why you might want to consider other courses (the cons)
  • Real Estate U’s pricing options
  • An inside look at Real Estate U’s course

We’ll also look at some of the popular alternatives, and answer some frequently asked questions as well. 

Once you’ve read through this article, you’ll be able to decide if Real Estate U is the right option for you.

So without further adieu, let’s dive in!

TL;DR - Should You Choose Real Estate U?

Pressed for time?

That’s okay!

Before we dive deep and talk about everything Real Estate U has to offer, here’s what you need to know at a glance:




  • Audio-based content
  • Affordable courses
  • Study at your pace
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Partnered with sponsoring brokers
  • In-depth FAQ per state
    • Courses start at $99
    • Pre-licensing courses are only available in 14 states: California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.
    • State exam prep is not available for Wisconsin
    • Only New York has continuing education
    • Only Florida has post-licensing education
    • Offers additional real estate investment courses


    • Offered in limited states
    • Limited courses depending on state
    • No pass guarantee
    • No package options

    So what’s our verdict?

    Real Estate U is a great option for those on a tight budget since their courses start at $99.

    Aside from real estate pre-licensing courses, they also offer exam prep and continuing education. 

    However, those are only available for even more limited states.

    You’ll be glad to know that Real Estate U web-based courses themselves are a combination of text, video, and audio to keep things engaging. 

    Folks behind Real Estate U worked hard to produce their own content that caters to all sorts of learners. 

    And that’s a huge deciding factor for those looking for a real estate school. 

    So that’s a birds-eye video of Real Estate U basics you need to know. 

    If you’re in a hurry to leave, you can always bookmark this article for future reference!

    Now let’s dive into an in-depth discussion of why you should consider Real Estate U for earning your real estate license. 

    Real Estate U Overview

    Real Estate U Review

    This Florida-based school was founded in 2013 and offers courses on real estate licensing, continuing education, and real estate investing. 

    Although it’s only almost a decade old in the industry, Real Estate U has slowly earned a reputation as one of the most dependable online real estate schools out there. 

    They’ve got an online text and audio library of budget-friendly courses.

    These were designed especially for busy professionals who want to earn their licenses on the go. 

    Now, is it the best online real estate school?

    Admittedly, Real Estate U has a long way to go.

    Their pre-licensing coursework is currently only available to a number of states and not every state has available exam prep and continuing education. 

    But the good news is Real Estate U won’t stop there. 

    They’ve made it clear they’re working as quickly as they can to update their library and provide accessible courses for aspiring real estate professionals. 

    Sign Up for Real Estate U Here!

    Real Estate U: The Pros

    They Produce Their Own Content

    As we mentioned earlier, these guys work hard.

    ARELLO-accredited Real Estate U boasts that while other online schools license their content from third parties, they produce theirs from scratch.

    From consulting with experts and researching to recording the audio, these folks have done it all.

    Their New York pre-licensing course alone had 21 real estate professionals working on it.

    To date, they have had over 100,000 students go through their courses and give smashing reviews once they finished it too. (We’ll check those out soon!)

    Affordable Courses

    If you’re a little tight on budget, Real Estate U could be a perfect match. 

    It offers one of the lowest-priced courses compared to other schools.

    But you have to keep in mind that these are base prices. 

    If you want additional features like have them send PDF textbooks or include an exam prep, you’ll have to pay more. 

    But overall, a price range that starts at $99 isn’t too bad. 

    Here’s a great honest review on what it’s like to study a budget course with Real Estate U:

    Study at Your Pace

    One of the best things about studying with online real estate schools is that you can bring your lessons with you anywhere. 

    Whether you study in the middle of a commute, on vacation, or even in line at the grocery store, you get to do all that.

    Real Estate U is no different. 

    Their courses can be taken through phones, tablets, and laptops at whatever pace you prefer.

    So feel free to focus on one section for a little bit longer to fully understand it.

    But while that’s an advantage, keep in mind that some states give students a timeframe to complete a course. 

    For example, for those in California, Real Estate U reminds its students that they have 12 months from the date of purchase to finish the course. 

    Otherwise, they will lose access. 

    If that happens, Real Estate U also gives its students an option to pay so their course won’t expire.

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    And if the affordable course packages isn’t enough to assure you you’re getting your money’s worth, Real Estate U also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

    This lets you go through the courses risk-free and have your money back in case you find that it’s not what you’re looking for. 

    To be eligible of a refund, you have to request it within 30 days of purchase. 

    Your coursework also has to be less than 50% complete.

    Folks from Real Estate U will be happy to give you your money back and learn something from the experience too.

    Partnered with Sponsoring Brokers

    Real Estate U Review

    Once you get your real estate license, the next step is to look for a broker to work for. 

    Unless you’ve got good connections on your own, you need the help of sponsoring brokers to navigate your way through your new career. 

    Real Estate U has partnered with seven sponsoring brokers across New York and Florida:

    • Keller Williams Core Four New York Brokerage Firm
    • Mont Sky Real Estate NYC New York Brokerage Firm
    • Home Dax Real Estate New York Brokerage Firm
    • Hunt Real Estate New York Brokerage Firm
    • The DiGiulio Group New York Brokerage Firm
    • American Investment Properties New York Brokerage Firm
    • Hauseit Florida Brokerage Firm

    Real Estate U helps you know more about each of these firms and reach out to the one you think best suits you. 

    In-depth FAQ Per State

    Real Estate U Review

    While they don’t have phone support, Real Estate U’s extensive FAQ per state makes its customer service part of its pros.

    Got some questions?

    Click on your state and check out the full list of frequently asked questions from how to get your real estate license to working as a real estate salesperson.

    They’ve got everything covered!

    And if you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can fill out a form and wait for customer service to get back to you.

    You won’t even have to wait for long since Real Estate U makes sure they’re available 24/7.

    Real Estate U: The Cons

    Not Available in Most States

    Real Estate U

    Real Estate U’s pre-licensing courses is currently only available in 14 states: California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

    So if your state isn’t on the list, you’ll have to skip this online real estate school for now. 

    But according to their website, they are working on creating courses for all states.

    If you click on other states on their website, you will see a “Coming Soon” button but it doesn’t indicate any timeline. 

    READ: Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education by State

    Courses Are Not Offered in Some States

    Real Estate U Review

    Pre-licensing courses are available at all 14 states that Real Estate U is serving. 

    They also offer other courses but the availability is pretty limited. 

    Exam prep is available in only 13 of those 14 states — they don’t offer one for Wisconsin just yet. 

    As for continuing education courses, Real Estate U has only made it available for New York at the moment. 

    They’re also offering one post-licensing course and it’s only for Florida. 

    Real Estate U does need to speed up creating those courses!

    No Pass Guarantee

    You won’t get your money back when you finish their course and fail your state exam. 

    Unlike other schools that attempt to cushion the disappointment of failing an exam, Real Estate U leaves it up to the hands of students. 

    This is might be because their courses are already affordable.

    After all, it’s still a business at the end of the day. 

    But all the same, students are looking for the extra layer of security of having their money back if things won’t work out in their favor.

    No Package Options

    In the same way Real Estate U is available on limited states and doesn’t offer courses in some, their existing courses don’t give much options to students.

    They aren’t offered in tiers or packages like what we see other schools do.

    There’s just one course package and it’s the most basic one — no webinars, Q&A with instructors, study groups, etc. 

    Another thing we noticed about Real Estate U is that they don’t offer individual pre-licensing courses. 

    For example, other schools like Aceable Agent can break their California 135-hr pre-licensing coursework into three 45-hr lessons.

    The students can buy those 45-hr courses individually and work their way to completing all three.

    This feature is useful for people strapped for cash but still want to start their studies.

    However, Real Estate U is yet to offer that.

    No Phone or Chat Customer Support

    No Phone or Chat Customer Support

    While it’s cool that Real Estate U has their vast library of FAQs for each state, it would be even cooler if they had phone and chat support. 

    Not everyone has the time and patience to fill out a form and guess when the customer support will get back to them.

    Although they do promise 24/7 availability, the reliability phone and chat support gives is still different.

    Imagine if you experienced technical difficulties with accessing your course. 

    You would have to wait for a few hours before someone gets back to you!

    Courses and Pricing

    Real Estate U’s reputation is that they’re one of the few online real estate schools offering a low price tag for its courses. 

    As we mentioned earlier, their basic course package starts at $99 whereas other schools would charge three digits. 

    To have an idea of Real Estate U course prices, let’s look at courses for five Real Estate U courses:

    State and Course Price Inclusions
    135-hr. California Pre-Licensing Course $99 California Department of Real Estate-approved courses
    Online audio course
    29 beautifully designed infographics
    Course Glossary
    Course Workbook
    Supporting Documents
    Course final exams
    75-hr. New York Pre-Licensing Course $99 New York Department of Real Estate-approved courses
    Online audio course
    Video lessons
    Beautifully designed infographics
    Course final exams
    180-hr. Texas Real Estate Salesperson Course $249 Texas Real Estate Commission-approved courses
    Online audio course
    29 beautifully designed infographics
    Course Glossary
    Course Workbook
    Supporting Documents
    Course final exams
    63-hr. Florida Pre-Licensing Course $69 Florida Real Estate Commission-approved
    Online audio course
    Audio transcripts
    29 beautifully designed infographics
    Course Glossary
    Course Workbook
    Supporting Documents
    Course final exams
    75-hr. Georgia Real Estate Salespersons Course $125 Georgia Real Estate Commission-approved
    Online audio course
    Audio transcripts
    Course Glossary
    Course final exams

    Real Estate U rates start at $99 and only goes up to $249, the most expensive price tag across all states.

    Other online real estate school course packages start at $150 and can go all the way up to $500!

    And once Real Estate U offers individual courses, you can expect even lower prices which give you time to save up for the next one.

    So even if you’re a bit strapped for cash, you can still easily save up for a Real Estate U course. 

    However, keep in mind that the prices above are for the basic package only. 

    And if you’re looking for different course package options, you won’t find that here just yet. 

    Each state also only has one package option and that’s it — take it or leave it. 

    You’d have to pay an extra $49 — the same for each state — if you want to include an exam prep.

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    Course Format

    Courses with Real Estate U are a combination of text and audio to fit the preference of their students.

    This is perfect for learners who work best when they hear or read their lessons.

    Their courses are not only made by real estate professionals but they’re also designed to engage. 

    Real Estate U figured out early on that students operate best and learn better when given courses with engaging material.

    Self-studying could get a little boring especially if it’s just blocks of text for pages on end. 

    But a great audio lesson is a huge help for retaining information.

    There’s also an online audio course useful for those listening on the go.

    Think of it as a podcast!

    They even provide audio transcripts of texts so you get to follow the lesson word-for-word.

    And even though they only offer the basic course package, Real Estate U has put some effort on what students will receive.

    Their digital course packet includes supporting real estate documents, designed infographics, and the course workbook in PDF format for note taking. 

    A Look Inside

    Once you enrolled for a course, you’ll gain access to a student’s dashboard where you’ll see an overview of the lessons you need to take. 

    Each course is neatly divided into chapters which are then divided into lessons so you won’t feel overwhelmed. 

    When you take a lesson, a course timer will appear at the bottom of your device. 

    You can’t jump to the next lesson without hitting 0:00 of the timer so take your time. 

    Fun quizzes are also sandwiched in between lessons so students get to have fun while learning.

    Once the time is up, you can mark the lesson as done and move on to the next one. 

    Earning your real estate license might require a lot of hours self-studying but with an expertly crafted course like Real Estate U’s, it definitely makes the process a whole lot easier. 

    Check out this in-depth look inside a Real Estate U course to get an idea of what to expect:


    Real Estate U’s courses are made by instructors and experts in real estate.

    You can even check their profiles out via the website if you want to learn more about them.

    While there are no live online classes or webinars you can take, you can still reach out to these instructors if you have questions. 

    Just send them an email at Instructor@Real Estate U.com and they will get back to you quickly. 

    Real Estate Investing

    Real Estate U Review

    Apart from pre-licensing and state exams, Real Estate U also offers in-depth courses on topics under real estate investing.

    You don’t have to take these but as a beginner looking to dominate the field, that extra knowledge will definitely help you in your career.

    Some classes even offer perks like personalized coaching — something you shouldn’t miss!

    Check out the courses:

    • How to Buy Your First Multi-Family Property by Albert Dweck ($97)
    • The Art of Syndication + 1-hr. personalized coaching by Vinod Chopra ($2,459)
    • Deal or No Deal by Ben Leybovich ($97)
    • Self-Directed IRAs by Thomas Phelan ($97)
    • Breaking Into REO by Peter Kasyanenko ($97)
    • Real Estate Accounting for Beginners by John Mahoney ($67)
    • Motivation From a Proven Investor by Vinod Chopra ($67)

    Reviews from Real Estate U Students

    Now that we’ve given you an idea of how things work inside Real Estate U, let’s see what previous students have shared about their experience. 

    Over at Agent Advice, the online real estate school has garnered an impressive 4.2 out of 5 stars.

    One person who finished a course commended Real Estate U for its helpful videos that were easy to watch. 

    But they also pointed out that not all videos were engaging since some were monotonous and “hard to sit through.”

    Real Estate U Review

    Another praised Real Estate U’s user-friendly interface that’s easily navigable even for non-techie people and their swift and “extraordinary” customer service.

    They also gave sage advice: Take notes and absorb the lessons otherwise the course’s final exam is going to be a bit of a challenge. 

    Real Estate U Review

    Another successful student said they loved the freedom of self-studying with an online course. 

    They got to study around their busy schedule, finish the course, and pass the exams.


    The consensus?

    Apart from its affordability, many love Real Estate U for its high-quality video and audio courses.

    Alternatives to Real Estate U

    Although it’s easy on the pockets and offers online real estate pre-licensing, exam prep, and continuing courses, Real Estate U might not be the best fit for everyone. 

    To compare the prices and inclusions better with other online real estate schools, lets look at the difference between pre-licensing courses for California.

      Real Estate U Aceable Agent Colibri Real Estate The CE Shop
    Price range for pre-licensing in California $99-$249 $179-$319 $129 – $449 $129 – $449
    Courses offered Pre-licensing, State Exam Prep, Continuing Education, Post Licensing Pre-licensing, Continuing Education, Post Licensing, Exam Prep Pre-licensing, Continuing Education, Post Licensing, License Upgrade, Exam Prep Pre-licensing, Continuing Education, Post Licensing, License Upgrade, Exam Prep
    Number of states pre-licensing courses are available 14 14 40 40
    Inclusions for all pre-licensing tiers Self-paced online, audio on demand, audio transcriptions, infographics, PDF course workbook Self-paced online, narrated courses, exam prep, study aid, webinars, Q&A Self-paced online, instructor support, exam prep, real estate PDF textbooks, exam cram, and more Self-paced online, free online proctoring, exam prep edge, ebooks, flashcards, and more. 

    When put toe to toe with other online real estate schools, Real Estate U has an edge on the pricing.

    But when it comes to courses offered, number of states they’re available in, and even inclusions for pre-licensing packages, it’s obvious this online real estate school can do better. 

    What do other online real estate schools offer anyway?

    Here’s a quick look at the competition:

    Aceable Agent

    Aceable Agent has earned its reputation as one of the best online real estate schools in the industry. 

    Their courses and interface are fresh and modern. 

    It includes a mix of text and narrated courses, animated videos, and even entertaining mini games.

    Aceable Agent’s offers are complete for each state — from pre-licensing to continuing education courses — and can be taken via their official app.

    But like Real Estate U, Aceable Agent courses are only currently available in 14 states. 

    And they’ve got a heftier price tag that starts at $179 for California. 

    Read: AceableAgent Review 2023 – Is AceableAgent The Best Online Real Estate School?

    Colibri Real Estate

    Another great contender is Colibri Real Estate, available in over 40 states. 

    They’ve been in the industry since 2004 and have successfully helped thousands of people earn their licenses.

    The best part about Colibri Real Estate courses is that it gives you everything you need — from boot camps, exam prep, free ebooks, to free live Q&As with instructors. 

    Although your courses are online, you get to grow alongside other course-takers too. 

    Colibri Real Estate courses can get pretty pricey with its California course starting at $129 just for the basic tier. 

    Read: Colibri Real Estate Review For 2023 – The Pros And Cons

    The CE Shop

    If we’re talking about a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to be a real estate agent, The CE Shop is a good choice. 

    It’s got pre-licensing courses, exam prep, post-licensing, continuing education, and upgrading licenses all under one roof.

    They are also available in more than 40 states.

    The CE Shop boasts of a 90% National Student Pass Rate (at least for the California course) that’s proof enough its courses produce great agents. 

    You can avail of their courses in different packages depending on your budget and what you’d like to be included.

    Read: The CE Shop Review (2023)

    Real Estate U FAQs

    What are the Requirements to Sign Up for Real Estate U?

    Signing up is as easy as clicking a few buttons but first, you have to make sure you comply with your state’s requirements. 

    Normally, you need to be:

    • At least 18 years old or older
    • A US citizen or permanent resident
    • A high school graduate with a diploma or an equivalent
    • A citizen with a clean criminal record

    If you tick all those boxes, you can sign up at Real Estate U for the course you want. 

    Here’s a quick step-by-step on how to do it:

    1. Visit Real Estate U’s website.
    2. Select a course and a state.
    3. Input your details and check out.
    4. Finally, wait for Real Estate U’s confirmation via email.

    Pretty soon, you’ll have access to your student dashboard and the journey begins.

    And those are the first few steps you’re going to take to earn your real estate license.

    What’s Real Estate U’s Pass Rate?

    Unfortunately, Real Estate U hasn’t published their pass rate yet. 

    But we can look at online reviews from students who’ve taken their courses. 

    On Indeed, they have a rating of 4.4/5 stars with most comments complimenting the flexible class hours.

    On Agent Advice, they have 4.2/5 stars with lots of people saying they were satisfied with the video and audio lessons. 

    Most of the comments also said that they were pleasantly surprised Real Estate U was affordable and had high-quality lessons. 

    Many also said they would definitely recommend Real Estate U to a friend. 

    So even if there’s no official pass rate, you can already have an idea based on the reviews.

    Final Verdict

    And that’s everything you need to know about Real Estate U.

    Overall, despite being young in the industry and only serving a handful of states, Real Estate U is still a web-based school worth checking out. 

    So far, they’ve successfully produced high-quality audio courses that are almost half the price of their competitors. 

    We can confidently recommend Real Estate U to folks who understand lessons best with a combination of text, video, and audio.

    The freedom to study at your pace and learn anywhere is also a huge plus. 

    But everything ultimately depends on you.

    Does this online real estate school fit your learning style, budget, and coursework standards? 

    If that’s a yes, it’s time to start a course with Real Estate U and you’ll earn your real estate license in a few months’ time!

    Sign Up for Real Estate U Here.

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