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5 Best Real Estate Websites for Lead Generation

Last updated on November 14, 2021

5 Best Real Estate Websites for Lead Generation

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Looking for more real estate leads?

Tried knocking on people’s doors and spreading the word among your family and friends but still can’t get any interested customers?

Starting to get frustrated?

If so, lead generating sites are the answer to all your woes, with services and ways to help you get quality leads easily.

But with the number of options available online, selecting the right one may seem a bit overwhelming.

Don’t fret!

In this article, I’ll list the 5 best real estate websites for lead generation. These websites will help you deal with customers in no time! 

Let’s get into it.

What are the 5 Best Real Estate Websites for Lead Generation?

While a quick Google search reveals thousands of different websites for lead generation to choose from, there are only a few that stand out from the rest. 

The 5 best ones are:

  1. Market Leader

  2. AgentLocator

  3. BoldLeads

  4. Zillow Premier Agent

  5. Verified Real Estate Leads

Let’s take a look at each one. 

Market Leader

Real Estate Websites for Lead Generation Market Leader

Established back in the 1990s, Market Leader has no lack of experience in getting you the leads you need to succeed in the real estate space.

With a full-package suite that comes with a variety of different software and systems, Market Leader makes managing your customers and leads a whole lot easier.

For starters, Market Leader will offer you a customizable site. With this, you’ll be able to attract both buyers and sellers.

You also get a CRM. This collects lead information and organizes it to make managing and communicating with potential customers much easier.

Other features such as marketing tools and mobile apps are offered to help further your business online. 

Beyond helping you catch leads, Market Leader offers leads to you. They charge $20 to $30 per lead, depending on the location you’re operating on.

As for the whole package, they charge $130 per month. 

Now, how does Market Leader get leads?

From their own sites such as housevalues.com that gleans information from potential customers looking for valuations of their property.

So if you’re looking for a website for lead generation plus much more, you can’t go wrong with Market Leader.

Real Estate Websites for Lead Generation Agent Locator

AgentLocator is another great website to help generate and nurture your leads with resources such as CRM and marketing features to boost your online presence.

With AgentLocator, you’ll get software dedicated to helping you manage leads. It has automatic response systems that’ll automatically send out text messages to interested clients (you can pre-write the message yourself). 

Additionally, AgentLocator will help create ad campaigns, with PPC advertising manageable on Facebook, Google, and Instagram This will help extend the reach of your online presence.

Targeted ad campaigns can also be organized. AgentLocator will use the magic of repetitive marketing to increase the number of leads you generate, improving the quality of your campaigns.

What’s more, AgentLocator allows you to create a customizable site using their software that will effectively funnel leads to the CRM they offer. This neatly organizes the information you need to start contacting leads.

And with a lower price tag of under $200 a month, even smaller firms and agents will be able to benefit from this lead generator. 

Note: certain features are paid add-ons. Costs may add up quickly if you’re looking for greater support.

Real Estate Websites for Lead Generation BoldLeads

BoldLeads is another well-known, lead-generating website that offers exceptional support to agents looking to increase their sales.

Along with features such as a CRM and customizable site to funnel more leads to you, BoldLeads offers managed ad campaign runs on Google and Facebook.

These campaigns will allow you to focus on other aspects of real estate.

Plus, BoldLeads qualifies leads. This means they only offer leads that are willing to buy/sell a property.

Features such as automatic follow-up and email templates make it quick and easy to communicate with those leads. 

However, BoldLeads is a bit on the expensive side of things. They ask for a monthly price of $399, along with the extra costs of running a managed ad campaign to generate leads.

But if you’re interested in their services, then the cost will be worth it. 

Real Estate Websites for Lead Generation Zillow Premier

Zillow is a big player in the online real estate industry, with its site advertising thousands of home listings around the country.

Capitalizing on that, Zillow is well placed to generate quality leads for you or your agency.

Zillow charges agents to advertise their personalized websites and services on their site, allowing potential property buyers to get in contact with you. And since these are qualified leads, you know you’re in good hands. 

You’ll also benefit from Zillow’s vast experience with training sessions and exclusive access to certain listings on their platform.

Better yet, you’ll get the CRM for free, with no monthly pricing locking you to a contract. Instead, Zillow charges you a different fee based on your ZIP code and the advertising campaigns you’re looking to run.

This makes it a great fit for small and large agents and agencies alike, earning it a spot on this list.

Real Estate Websites for Lead Generation Verified Real Estae Leads

If you’re only looking for leads online, and not the fancy bells and whistles, then Verified Real Estate Leads may be what you’re looking for. 

This site promises to provide you with only the highest quality leads available. They catch these leads with their Trifecta approach, weeding out over 80% of the leads they find.

This means the remaining 20% are only the best leads, which guarantees a higher chance to convert them into profit-generating customers.

The best part is there isn’t any constricting monthly payment here. Instead, you’ll be charged on a per lead basis, usually varying between $20 to $30.

Verified Real Estate Leads guarantees exclusive leads to their paying users, which means each lead will be shared with you and you alone.

However, the site is a bit outdated and some agents complain about the poor quality leads they provide. If so, Verified Real Estate Leads offers refunds if a lead isn’t interested in buying (terms and conditions apply).

So if you’re just looking for leads and nothing else, Verified Real Estate Leads is a great place to go. 


So there you have it. The 5 best real estate websites for lead generation to help you gain more customers and expand your network.

Not all lead generation websites are the same. Different features are offered to suit the different needs of different sized agencies and agents.

So make sure you pick the website that suits YOU. 

If you’re looking for additional features such as a CRM and customized websites, go for the lead generation websites that offer those. 

If you just want leads, there are websites for just that, too. 

Regardless of which one you pick, all these options are a great way to get more leads and expand your business and customer base.

So good luck on getting those leads!

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