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Top Real Estate Agents on Instagram

Last updated on January 27, 2022

Top Real Estate Agents on Instagram

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Are you a real estate agent looking to “crush it” on Instagram? Or maybe you’re simply looking for popular real estate agents to follow and learn about high-ticket sales.

No matter your reason for ending up here, we can all agree that the best way to get high-quality information is to follow the pros!

In this case, we’ll be talking about some of the most popular real estate agents on Instagram.

But why Instagram? Because they have over 300 million daily active users.

That’s a lot of people!

A huge pool of potential sales for aspiring real estate agents, and an invaluable source of priceless information for realtors looking to grow in their careers. 

Without further ado, let’s see who the top real estate agents on Instagram are. 

Who are the Top Real Estate Agents on Instagram?

Followers and likes are simply vanity metrics. What you are looking for is genuine engagement from your community of following, and these realtors sure as heck don’t have a shortage of those.

Here are 5 of the most followed and trusted real estate agents on Instagram!

Fredrik Eklund

Real Estate IG


We can’t talk about top real estate agents on Instagram without starting with Fredrik Eklund. 

A proud dad of twins, Fredrik shares fun sneak peeks into his family life, latest sales, and a few funny jokes here and there. 

His account boasts over 1.4 million, that’s right MILLION, followers.

He runs his own real estate company, and racks in the big bucks selling million-dollar homes and property.

He’ll be able to teach you a thing or two about making it big in the real estate industry!

Ryan Serhant

IG Real Estate


If you were into real estate, whether you are a buyer, broker, flipper, or agent, you would have surely heard of Ryan Serhant. 

He is the founder and CEO of his own real estate company “Serhant”.

Not only that, but he also authored a few books that help aspiring real estate agents close the high-ticket deals with minimal stress:

If these books sound right up your alley. Go check them out!

Barbara Corcoran

Top Real Estate Realtors on Instagram


If you want to see what drive, hustle, and a success-oriented mind can bring you, Barbara Corcoran is the one to check out. 

She founded and led her residential brokerage in New York at the early age of 23! Can you believe that? 

Her firm, the Corcoran Group, sold $66 million in 2011. Who knows how big her business has gotten since then?

She has also co-founded Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners, a group that invests in start-ups!

Madison Hildebrand

Top Real Estate Agents on Instagram


Madison Hildebrand is a luxury realtor and CEO of The Malibu Life, Inc. If you’re a realtor looking to make it big in Malibu, this is the guy to follow.

His Instagram feed is all about his recent travels, listing, fun with loved ones, and a few silly jokes to tickle your funny bones!

Seeing the life he lives will surely leave you wondering how it might feel to close top-dollar deals.

If this sounds more like your style, then go give him a follow!

Joyce Rey

Top Real Estate Agents on Instagram Joyce


If you want to see what $5 Billion in sales looks like, you’ve stumbled into the right account.

Sure, her account may not be as big as the ones we’ve mentioned above, but her top-dollar deals show how good she is at her career.

Her account is filled with elegant photos of luxurious interiors, lush gardens, and her picturesque travels with her loved ones.

Love looking at homes and mansions that scream elegance and royalty? Then Joyce is the one for you!

Some Secrets to “Blowing Up” on Instagram

So, why are these real estate agents so popular on a platform as big as Instagram? How did they do it? Is it hard? And what do I need to achieve similar results?

Don’t worry, we’re going to talk about that and more!

P. S. This does not involve buying fake followers or running a follow-for-follow train!

Let’s get started.

Put Your Face Forward

What is the first thing your ideal audience will see when they stumble upon your page? Your face! Or rather, your profile photo.

People don’t use Instagram to be sold to. They use it to get the inside scoop of a corporation, celebrity, friends, etc. All people want to be there is to be entertained.

They want to know who YOU are, not your company.

Be Human

Like we mentioned above: BE YOU

A lot of lives are edited and streamlined to show people only the good sides of life. But that’s not what loyal followers and potential buyers want.

What they want is someone authentic, relatable, and well, human.

So don’t forget to add a few fun posts in between your real estate-related content. Crack a few jokes, post a meme once in a while.

Come Up with a Clear and Fresh Bio

The next thing your audience will check out will be your bio.

You’re limited to only a few characters on IG bios, so make them count.

Say a line or two about what you do, and add something personal! That could be a hobby, favorite food, book, etc.!

Use emojis to add some color and character to your bio.

Get people curious to know more about you and what you have to offer.

For example, you can write:

(your name)

Part-time realtor, full-time fur parent

(link to your website/page)

Niche Down!

The goal here is to attract the right crowd to your profile. 

If your account is veered towards real estate and selling real estate, make content about that!

Add value posts on how to choose their ideal property, find their dream home, your wins, your losses, and slip on an icy lawn during an open house.

And use the right hashtags!

Niching down and tailoring your Instagram feed to that niche will help boost your posts so they show up in the scenes of the right people.

Add Calls to Action

Sometimes, you need to tell people what to do. So add a call to action.

Call to actions include:

  • DM me now!
  • Leave a like and follow!
  • Tag a friend!
  • Like and share!
  • Check us out for more tips!


Adding a CTA will tell your viewers and followers what they should do if they want to see more of you and your content.

Engage, Engage, Engage!

Unless you’re uber famous like the real estate Instagram stars we talked about above, you will have to engage with the people who comment under your posts.

Even a simple “thank you” or a laughing emoji at a funny comment will show your followers that you appreciate their presence and engagement in your posts.

Plus, interacting with your commenters will also boost your post because Instagram will see you as an active account that shares valuable information.

This tells the IG algorithm to boost your content, allowing more users to see and interact with whatever you are posting. 

You don’t need to follow these tips to a “t”. Of course, you can break a rule here and there. But these are the best ways to grow a loyal following on a platform like Instagram.

And the best part? All of these tips are free and easy to do!


The quickest and surest way to win in your career is to follow in the footsteps of the winners. Learn their techniques, adopt their mindset, and maybe even interact with their content from time to time.

Who knows? Maybe that short one-liner will get the attention of your favorite Instagram realtor!

Following top realtors on Instagram will also give you access to other professionals in the same field. That’s free networking!

And if you follow the tips we gave above, maybe in a few months’ time, you could be the next Ryan Serhant!

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