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Top Real Estate Brokerage Firms in 2023

Last updated on December 2, 2022

Top Real Estate Brokerage Firms featured image

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As a real estate agent, you will want to work for a brokerage firm that will help you reach your professional goals. 

People naturally associate success with reputation and reliability. Hence, being with a real estate company that has built a name for itself will no doubt put you at an advantage. 

Also, apart from being able to represent a huge brand, several other perks, including world-class training, come with being an agent at one of the top brokerage firms.

If you’re a newly licensed real estate agent and still don’t know which company you want to work for, this article can help. 

Here, we’re listing and reviewing the top real estate brokerage firms this 2023. We’ll go through their perks, history, and more. 

So let’s get started!

The Top 5 Real Estate Brokerage Firms

We’ve rounded up the top 5 real estate brokerage firms of 2023:

Let’s get to know them more.

eXp Realty

Top Real Estate Brokerage Firms this 2022 eXp Realty

eXp Realty is a virtual brokerage firm that began in 2009. In a short span of time, it quickly became one of the country’s market leaders and was even named the number one independent brokerage in the 2020 REAL Trends 500 Report. 

eXp lands a spot in our top picks because of its outstanding company culture, competitive commission structure, and other passive income opportunities. 

eXp University, the company’s training platform, offers excellent education programs in a completely virtual environment. It features a lot of live-stream interactive classes that cover various topics such as real estate practices. It also has an on-demand library of pre-recorded learning materials that agents can access at their convenience.

eXp is highly autonomous. It gives its agents the freedom to choose their working hours, log in wherever, and hop on an online training course. Despite it being cloud-based, there is collaboration and teamwork within the company. Plus, agents receive the necessary coaching and mentorship they need to grow in their careers. 

Keller Williams

Top Real Estate Brokerage Firms this 2022 Keller Williams

Keller Williams Realty, co-founded by best-selling author and entrepreneur Gary Keller in the 1980s, is now one of the best brokerage firms in the US and around the globe. 

It is the world’s largest real estate franchise in terms of agent count, with over 180,000 employed agents in more than 1,000 offices across different continents. It is also the largest in the country by sales volume and units sold.

Keller Williams is known for being one of the most innovative companies in the industry. Instead of focusing its attention and efforts toward the brokerage, it treats its real estate agents with respect and empowers them to be the best in their careers. 

Co-founder Gary Keller believes that people are the most essential resources in the organization and so developed a business model that later paved the way to the company’s success.

With regards to training, Keller Williams has some of the best offerings for its agents. Its program called BOLD teaches new agents how to generate leads, use proper industry language, and build a sustainable real estate career. 

Keller Williams University, the company’s training platform, provides agents access to online classes and on-demand course streaming that guide them through every step of their careers. 


Top Real Estate Brokerage Firms this 2022 REMAX

RE/MAX is yet another nationally recognized brand whose operations also extend to Canada. The company is best known for its outstanding commission and fee structure that provides agents with maximum independence and flexibility. 

The company also has one of the best development and education programs available to real estate associates. Its platform, known as RE/MAX University, allows agents a variety of training formats through which they can access a plethora of learning resources. 

What’s more, RE/MAX University has classes that offer continuing education credits, special designations, and certifications. 

In terms of branding and marketing, RE/MAX helps agents get started by providing them with the necessary tools. Its Design Center, for instance, has available templates agents can utilize to create open house sheets, email campaigns, listing videos, etc… 

With RE/MAX, agents have the opportunity to move up to management or launch their own franchise.    

Coldwell Banker

Top Real Estate Brokerage Firms this 2022 Coldwell Banker

Founded in 1906, Coldwell Banker is the oldest real estate company in the nation. It is easily one of the most recognizable and reputable brands, making it a good pick for new real estate agents. 

Not only that, despite it being around for more than a century, Coldwell Banker continues to be up-to-date with current industry developments and technology. 

The company emphasizes agent development and education. It offers almost 100 training packages to associates and provides them with a wide variety of tools that help them advance their careers. Its platform, called CBU or Coldwell Banker University, brings customizable training. All an agent needs to do is ask. 

Coldwell Banker is a client-centric company, but it also takes good care of its employees. Apart from commission fees, real estate agents get to enjoy several benefits. The company offers a comprehensive benefit plan that includes medical, dental, disability, and life insurance, as well as a 401k plan, employee assistance, and paid vacation and sick days. 

Century 21

Top Real Estate Brokerage Firms this 2022 Century 21

Another brokerage firm that makes it to our list is Century21. It began in 1971 and has since become one of the leaders in the industry. Its unique strategies and marketing efforts rapidly accelerated the company’s growth. 

Agents who are lucky to be part of the Century21 family benefit the most from the company’s bold approach to branding. Century21 provides them tools to help get them started in the business and gives them the exposure they need to stand out in the competitive industry. 

Century21 University assists agents in building and growing their careers. It offers a variety of options such as classroom and live online instruction, social network groups, and video library access.   


It definitely pays to work for one of the top real estate brokerage firms. And these 5 companies are up there as the best contenders. 

Whichever you choose to work with, know that they will enable you to have tremendous growth opportunities, exceptional training, and high income earning potential. 

Good luck!

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