One of my favorite things about Florida is the weather. I know I’m not alone in that either, which is why it’s one of the most popular states in the country to move to, especially for those who have just retired in the cold northern states. The hot summers mean lots of fun in the sun, but when winter arrives, it still stays warm! It’s no wonder that people from all over the country and the world have made Florida their tourist destination, and in a lot of cases, their part-time residence as well.

For me professionally, that also means one thing; Florida has a very active real estate market! And that means that people considering getting into the real estate profession in this state have a dynamic property market to jump into with a lot of residential and commercial potential. But you can only do this if you take the time, do things right, learn what the rules are, and attend a Florida real estate license course, so you can write your exam, pass, start working as a professional in what is always a very busy, very competitive industry. So how do you make sure you get the right education and pick a good Florida real estate license course? I’m going to cover that next, but first, let’s look at you.

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Risks & Rewards Of Getting Your Florida Real Estate License

What Is The Best Online Florida Real Estate License Course?Before you even think about which Florida real estate license course you should take, you should look into what kind of career and commitments come with the real estate profession. This is a job that requires being a self-starter, motivating yourself, organizing yourself, and being able to manage yourself because you are your own boss. It also means being able to handle a certain amount of financial uncertainty. Many monthly, salaried jobs lack freedom and independence because, in exchange for those freedoms, you get a salary, at a fixed amount, that you can rely on every single month. With real estate, you can make a huge amount of money in a single month, or none at all. It all depends on how well you perform.

Beyond that are the legal and professional requirements. As a professional working in real estate, you’re expected to do more than just working closely with people looking to buy or sell a property. You’ll also be the person that helps to facilitate the actual sales transactions, meaning huge amounts of money are at stake. That requires government regulation, which is why a Florida real estate license course is essential, in order to write and pass an exam, so that license can be issued. So what is the best online Florida real estate license course? There isn’t really ONE best option, so I’ve provided you with 3 of the real estate schools I think are best.

Top Rated Online Real Estate Training Courses

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Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express

How much information you get is important, but others put a premium on different levels of support. For people looking at a good support system, I think Real Estate Express is good for that type of Florida real estate license course. On the one hand, either for budgetary reasons or simply because you’re a fast reader, you may want a text-only version of your education and you can get that with this Florida real estate license course.

On the other hand, if you want to be able to email support with specific questions, or even specifically ask an instructor a question for clarification, this school offers that additional level of support, provided you’re willing to pay for it. Whether you want minimal support, or the extra help from the staff, with bonus materials for when you graduate, they’ve got it. They even have a “don’t pass, don’t pay” policy at the higher levels for your exam!

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Career Webschool

Career Web School

The basic material of a Florida real estate license course is going remain the same no matter where you go, since it has to meet state-approved regulations for passing the exam. This gives you the option to learn that Florida real estate license course in the way that best suits you. Even when you’ve already made up your mind that you’d like to take an online Florida real estate license course, there are few options. How are you going to consume that online content? Do you want to just read it on your laptop at the dining room table in the evenings? Lock yourself away in the home office with your desktop computer? Career Webschool is a school I like to recommend to people who want more options.

One of the best things about this school is they offer more than just the Florida real estate license course for sales. If you’re interested in home inspections or appraisals, those courses are offered. And if you’re the type who wants the flexibility to take the course on a smaller device, like a phone or tablet, they’ve optimized their courses for mobile platforms!

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Kaplan Real Estate

My final choice for the best online Florida real estate license course is Brightwood, which went by the name Kaplan Real Estate Education for many years and may still be recognized by some by that name and reputation. This is one of the older Florida real estate license course schools and not necessarily the cheapest. However, Brightwood does offer something in certain states that the other schools don’t.

This school, like Real Estate Express, has courses at different levels, including basic text. But if you prefer to have a more traditional, classroom-like experience, they offer that as well. In addition to a Florida real estate license course that can be presented as a recorded video of live sessions, Brightwood is one of the few real estate licensing instructors that also still have traditional physical locations for people that live within physical access of their buildings, and prefer an old-fashioned classroom instruction experience.

Each of these schools offers a quality Florida real estate license course that I’m very confident of. But of course, the real work has to be done by you. Once all the studying and assistance is complete, it’s still you that needs to write and pass that exam. And then how your career in real estate develops in the future is all about the choices you make.