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What Is The Best Online Real Estate School In California?

Last updated on November 14, 2022

Best Real Estate School In California

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One of the great things about American life is the freedom and choice we have. If you don’t like your employer, you can quit and get another job. If you don’t like your choice of subjects of concentration in university, you can switch majors. Even if you don’t like the relationship you’re in, you can end it and look for a more compatible partner. The same is true of your career. Even if you’re in the middle of another career, it’s never too late to start thinking about switching gears to another. Something as dynamic as real estate is viable for changing over to even though it does have some strict professional requirements and certifications. The way to do it is with an online real estate school in California.

An online real estate school in California is just another educational opportunity multimedia advantage of the Internet and the multimedia capabilities of today’s computing devices. In the past, people that wanted to advance themselves in a new profession would either have to put their current careers on hold entirely, and go back to school, or squeeze in the time every night to attend a night school class. Today, the Internet means that people looking for more professional development can do so without needing to commute to classes or commit to a fixed schedule of study.

An online real estate school in California, like other online courses, has the advantage of allowing people to work at their own pace, and even in their own preferred style of study.

But this raises the question of which of the choices available is actually the best online real estate school in California? Fortunately for people looking to improve their prospects with a new career in real estate, there’s more than one answer to this question.

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Finding The Best Online Real Estate School In California Through Proper Research And Vetting

It’s important to understand not all online schools are created equal. While it’s true that every online real estate school in California is likely to provide a certain minimum amount of information required to write the licensing exam to pass and start dealing in real estate, the actual style and quality of these schools vary. Some may be good, some may be bad, and some may merely offer a different form of instruction or presentation. And what works for one person as a perfect online real estate school in California may not be suitable for another’s needs.

With that in mind, one of the key strategies for finding out what is the best online real estate school in California is first deciding what you, as a person investing in yourself, want to get out of the experience. Beyond the general goal of wanting to pass your licensing exam and be certified to start your real estate career, what kind of school experience do you want to have, and which online real estate school in California provides it?

This is where research comes in. Reading websites like this very one you’re on now is a good step, since in-depth reviews of the various schools arm you with better information to make your choice. You can look at Colibri Real Estate, The CE Shop, or 360 Training, and others that are reviewed here. The most important thing however is to make sure that courses that are offered at these online schools actually have an online real estate school in California component. Different states have different requirements, so make sure the school you’re looking at actually provides the education you need to work in the California real estate industry.

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Staying Up To Date

Another key component that the best online real estate school in California will have for you is “currency.” Real estate was actually one of the pioneering topics first taught and certified online. It was a natural fit since, unlike other topics such as plumbing or television production, there was no specialized equipment required, or physical evaluations required, only pure knowledge.

However, because of the age of some of these programs, not every online real estate school in California is necessarily caught up with all the changes and developments in the California real estate industry. Because some basic knowledge hasn’t changed in years, some of these schools offer courses which might be considered sub-standard by modern evaluators because some of their information is behind the times. Schools like Rockwell Institute and Colibri Real Estate have kept their programs current, so they are good choices if you want to make sure you’re getting relevant information from your online real estate school in California.


Pass Rates And Guarantees

Another factor that the best online real estate school in California will have is a good pass rate. Keep in mind that a pass rate is not necessarily a be-all, end-all testament of a school’s quality in that sometimes students simply aren’t ready for real estate school but enter it anyway. However, schools like Rockwell Institute have a pass rate over 76%, which is a significant figure over industry standards.

Other schools, like Colibri Real Estate have a 79% pass rate, which is already exceptional. On top of this, however, higher tiers of their courses provide guarantees for students that do not pass their licensing exam on their first try. This means that if you should take their course and even go through their premium services like their exam prep master, and still not pass your test, then you will be refunded the money you spent on the course. This is assuming, of course, that you were trying to the best of your ability to get your license and start practicing as a real estate agent.

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Best Is Subjective

Everyone has a different way of learning, a different way of processing information, and, ultimately, a different idea of what works best. That’s why the reality of finding the best online course for real estate is more about knowing what your needs are first, then looking at which schools are most compatible with that.

Take the time to look at each school carefully. Look at their pricing, look at the materials they offer, the supplemental features and perks they offer, and their method of instruction. Look at what other students have to say about their experience with the school through user reviews and other websites. And be realistic about your own ability to commit. An online school gives you much more flexibility about how you go about learning to make real estate transactions, but this does not mean that it will be short or easy. You can’t become licensed to sell real estate in California in just a couple of hours, so you will still need to put in the time and effort. Online schools just make it easier to work that time into your life.

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