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How To Get A Real Estate License In Iowa

Last updated on November 15, 2022

How To Get A Real Estate License In Iowa

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Iowa might not get the same kind of coverage in the media as states like New York or California, but it’s always been one of the stalwart regions of America, that the rest of the country could rely on. I know a lot of people think Iowa and automatically think of a state that is focused on farming for its economy, but I also know in the last few decades Iowa has diversified a lot. Science, biotechnology, even bureaucracy are now all important parts of the Iowan way of life, and that’s meant that a diverse population has come to see the state as a place to live.

For some people in Iowa, this presents some real opportunities, especially professionally. And I’d like some of you to think about making the switch from a normal job, answering to a boss and collecting a monthly paycheck, and trying a new profession, by getting a real estate license in Iowa and entering the property industry. If you’re interested in finding out how to do this, keep reading!

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What It Takes To Start A Career In Real Estate In Iowa

First of all, I want to address the most important official requirement about obtaining a real estate license in Iowa. Unlike starting up a freelance business at home, or selling things on the Internet, you can’t just decide “I want to work in real estate,” set up a website, and then start looking for new clients and customers. That’s actually illegal. You need a real estate license in Iowa in order to legally operate in this industry.

The reasons why are very simple. If you yourself are a homeowner, you’re already well aware that homes are not cheap. For average Americans, it’s quite likely that there won’t be a more expensive purchase they’ll ever make in their lives, and they can’t simply withdraw the money from the bank and hand cash over for it. Because of the huge amounts of money involved, and stakes that are at play for Americans, the people who facilitate these financial transactions, and help people to find the properties involved in these transactions need to be licensed and regulated. This varies from state to state, so if you get a real estate license in Iowa, you can operate in real estate in Iowa, but you may not necessarily do so for California or New York. Unlike your driver’s license, which is issued in your home state but good across the country, your real estate license in Iowa is not guaranteed in other states. California, for example, does not recognize real estate licenses from anywhere outside its own state border.

What You Need In Order To Obtain A Real Estate License In Iowa

So if you’re thinking of getting a real estate license in Iowa, the first thing you’ll have to do is evaluate whether the real estate industry is one that’s right for you. In theory, everyone loves the idea of being their own boss, working their own hours, and having more control over their professional life. In reality, however, this often involves a lot of work and responsibility, sometimes more than people are willing to commit. More importantly, however, people who get a real estate license in Iowa and commit to this profession are giving up one thing; financial predictability.

Most full-time jobs with a monthly salary are “boring” precisely because of that salary. You are paid the same amount every month, possibly even with employee benefits like health or dental insurance, and time off for vacation. When you get a real estate license in Iowa and start working for yourself, you give all of that up. This may require some financial preparation. If you’re already in a job that pays well, but is unhappy with your current position, consider building up a cash reserve to live off of as you transition to a commission-based form of income. Other options include attempting to work part-time in both professions so that you still have some steady, reliable income that is supplemented by the work you do once you get your real estate license in Iowa and enter the industry.

Studying For Your Real Estate License In Iowa

Another important aspect of getting a real estate license in Iowa is finding the time to attend classes. This is critical for people without a lot of past business experience. There is a whole set of laws, regulations and financial practices that are expected of anyone that holds a real estate license in Iowa, and you will need to know these things. Fortunately, real estate schools exist to educate ambitious people who want to enter this workforce.

That does mean, however, that you’ll need to dedicate time. One option for people with the availability in their schedule goes the “traditional route” and attends a real estate school with others. This means having a normal lecture setting with an instructor, being able to ask questions and get answers. But, this also means regularly scheduled classes throughout the week, at fixed times, which can be very demanding for adults with existing professional or family obligations. However, some schools, such as Kaplan Real Estate Education, offer this in certain states for people that want this type of instruction.

If that’s not you, don’t worry! I know that not everyone can devote that kind of time, especially if it means even more lost time driving out to a classroom. There are alternatives! Many real estate schools are now online, which means you can learn at your own time, at your own pace, and in your own way. If you want to get your real estate license in Iowa by learning online, you have many choices.

Kaplan also has online classes, but if you prefer something that is a bit more mobile-friendly, there’s always The CE Shop, which works great on tablets and phones. For people that want added support while they study for their real estate license in Iowa, Colibri Real Estate is a good choice. They offer standard text instruction, but they also have higher tiers of service that allow students to interact with instructors and ask specific questions if that’s the type of instruction you want!

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